2021/02/21 19:32 No sickness and starvation!U.S. sex workers call for reopening of business after nearly a year

The sex worker

The sex worker “Xiao Xiao” (see picture) said that all sex workers in Nevada have licenses. If they choose to switch careers, the new employer’s net worth investigation will find out their sex work licenses, which makes it difficult for them during the epidemic Seek another job. (Associated Press)

2021/02/21 19:32

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Nevada, located in the Great West of the United States, is the only state in the United States that has open sex transactions, but since the outbreak of the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) outbreak, legal sex trading venues have been ordered to close For nearly a year, the income of sex workers has been greatly affected, and relevant practitioners also advocated that the sex industry should reopen its operations in the same way as other “close contact industries.”

According to a report by the Associated Press, Alice Little, a sex worker who works in a brothel at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, said in an interview that her income had fallen by 95% in the past year. Make money only by online virtual dating and uploading sensational videos to the subscription platform “OnlyFans”.

Xiaoxiao also said that sex workers in Nevada must have a license to legally work, which makes it difficult for them to find another job during the epidemic, because new employers will find out their sex work licenses when they conduct a net worth investigation. Make them rejected.

Another sex worker named “Allissa Starr” (Allissa Starr) revealed that some colleagues took the risk of contracting the epidemic and continued to provide sex trading services illegally during the epidemic. She moved to Pennsylvania on the east coast of the United States to live with her family, saving rent and receiving unemployment compensation, but her income was only 10% of the original. Xingxing said that although she opened a beauty studio, if the brothel in Nevada reopened for business, she would still go back to work for one week every month.

Another brothel, Mustang Ranch, had a license for escorts and was still able to manage it during the epidemic. However, the number of girls willing to pick up customers dropped sharply because many sex workers were uneasy about working in places without brothel security. . Lance Gilman, the owner of “Wild Horse Farm”, also petitioned the state government, suggesting that sex workers should be allowed to wear masks and gloves in private places for “contactless dating.”

“Xiao Xiao” said that Nevada allows dentists, massage parlors, tattoo shops and other industries to operate under the epidemic. When customers come to the door, the two parties are only one arm away from each other. She said, “You can go to the dentist and let others’ Put your finger in your mouth; you can go to the tattoo shop to pierce your face. Of course you don’t wear a mask at these times.”

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The sex worker

The sex worker “Xingxing” (pictured) revealed that some sex workers illegally provide sex transactions at the risk of contracting the epidemic, “They are just making money in their own way.” (Associated Press)

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