2021.02.19.  35,695 Read 63.9 million won Ford Ranger Raptor, is it expensive?  Auto Tribune 80

2021.02.19. 35,695 Read 63.9 million won Ford Ranger Raptor, is it expensive? Auto Tribune 80

[오토트리뷴=양봉수 기자] The Ford Ranger Raptor’s price is 63.9 million won, which is 14.9 million won more expensive than the Wild Track of 49 million won. For this reason, consumers who have considered purchasing a Ford Ranger are becoming more concerned between Wild Track and Raptor.

The Ford Ranger Raptor’s powertrain is the same as the Wild Track. Unfortunately, the prediction that the 2.3 gasoline turbo engine sold in the U.S. would be installed was broken, and since the Ranger Raptor is not sold in the U.S., the Raptor was also equipped with a two-liter four-cylinder diesel engine with the South African production model. The 2 liter diesel engine has a maximum output of 213 horsepower, which is lower than that of a gasoline turbo engine, but the maximum torque is 51 kg.m, which is quite sufficient.

The 10-speed automatic transmission is the same with the engine, but fuel economy differs due to the larger body and A/T tires. The Ranger Wild Track’s fuel efficiency is 10km/l on a compound basis, while the Ranger Raptor’s fuel efficiency is 8.9km/l, which has been certified as low as 1.1km/l. Of course, there is a difference between the city center and the high speed, recording 8.4km/l and 9.5km/l respectively.

With the performance suspension installed, the payload is lower compared to the Ranger Wildtrack. However, in off-road driving, Fox Shock has a 46.6mm piston and position-sensitive damper, which improves the shock absorbing capacity of the front wheel by 32% and the rear wheel by 18% compared to the general model. It has a total height of 283mm, which is 56mm higher than the Ranger Wild Track, and includes a 2.3mm high-tensile steel undercover.

In addition, various terrain modes including Baja mode, which enables high-speed driving even off-road, and a rollover prevention system, are equipped with 285/70R17 AT tires, and an off-road-specific design is applied to the side steps.

However, there are additional features such as sports seats and passenger height adjustment, but there are many that are deleted or reduced, such as adaptive cruise control, front sensor, ambient light, and dashboard display.

In addition, the towing performance has also been lowered to 2.5 tons instead of 3.5 tons, so it is less practical than the Ranger Wild Track for normal operation or for towing, so it seems necessary to choose a suitable lifestyle.

Meanwhile, The Ford Ranger Wildtrack and Raptor, which are sold in Korea, are models that are not sold in the North American market and were developed by Ford Australia and are being produced and sold in South Africa and Thailand.


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