2021.02.18.  Read 208,114 What Happens When You Buy A Used Bentley That Goes Up at Avante Prices Fast Pick 78

2021.02.18. Read 208,114 What Happens When You Buy A Used Bentley That Goes Up at Avante Prices Fast Pick 78

Last 4Monthly online community This is all wrongThere was a post titled. The author of this article became a hot topic by sharing the review of buying a used Bentley..

According to the article 2Years ago, The author is 80000 km I bought a used Bentley without accident.. As soon as he bought it, he went to a Bentley workshop, and he repaired all of them at the official center. 1400He said it cost 10,000 won..

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After that, the author had an accident where the car was scratched, and the car was left to the center.. He’s a gun 6Waited for repairs for over a week and the rental fee 1800I had to pay about 10,000 won. He expensive repairs, Ride, Bentley concluded with an example of parts that are broken frequently, saying that it is for decoration, not for a burning car..

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The Bentley Maybach, called a dream car by many car enthusiasts, World with Rolls Royce 3It is considered one of the largest cars. If you look at the used car market, used Bentleys that are quite old 2You can see that it is up to 10 million won. A car vector He said that there is a high possibility that he will regret soon after buying prematurely used imported cars that are vaguely inexpensive..

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The reason is that the maintenance cost of automobiles is much higher than that of ordinary automobiles, and there is a chronic disease.. If you buy a car first, you have to pay the car tax. Used displacement 5,998cc In the case of the old Bentley Flying Spur 50% Annual automobile tax with reduction 779,740You have to pay the won.

Also in the case of car insurance premiums The car insurance premium is very negligible as the Bentley is old and the car is expensive.. if 20In the late teens 30He said that if an employee in the early teens buys this car, the insurance premium alone could cost more than 10 million won if they add their own car insurance.

Besides, Bentley said there were surprisingly few chronic diseases.. The first is the lower arm, and it is known that the lower arm does not last long because the vehicle is too heavy.. 12The exhaust temperature sensor of a cylinder engine is also well known as a chronic disease..

There 2Discoloration of double laminated glass applied to heat is also known as a chronic disease that naturally occurs over time. 4Dog price only 800It amounts to 10,000 won..

Batch source = bongtire

The cost of replacing consumables such as engine oil, which must be replaced periodically, is much more expensive than that of ordinary cars.. If you go to an official Bentley service center, only the price of engine oil replacement, including labor. 100It’s a little over 10,000 won. So, most of the Bentleys that are out of warranty go to private companies, but they still have engine oil and oil filters., If you change the air cleaner filter 3~40You have to pay around 10,000 won.

Batch source = instagram@dok2gonzo

An automotive expert One thing I want to ask for is to buy a second car, not a daily car. Old Imports are more likely to take a lot of hands, When repairs are made, some parts are out of stock, so the repair period often takes as little as a few weeks to as long as a month.. There is a high risk of leaving a car you ride in a daily car for more than a month for maintenance..I said.

So, netizens If something like a Bentley can’t be pulled out with a new car, it’s hard to bear the maintenance cost even if it’s used as a used one”, “I buy it for ornamental purposes, and I don’t buy it or ride it very occasionally.”, “In the event of an accident, it is much more profitable to be prepared to scrap the car and not take your own car.”, “But before I die, I want to become a Bentley owner.Back reaction.

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