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				"Design is really crazy" Official leaked new K8 life-level autopost 303

2021.02.18. 93,195 reads "Design is really crazy" Official leaked new K8 life-level autopost 303

(Photo = K8 KING CULB)

Kia K8 exterior design that changed its name and shouted “Overthrow Grandeur” was revealed. As it is a model that has received numerous consumers’ attention since the days when it was wearing a thick camouflage membrane, netizens are showing a hot reaction to the design release.

Can the Kia K8 surpass the Grandeur, which has made a big change in its marketability to overcome the high wall of a domestic semi-large sedan? This time, Kia’s ambitious K8 sales are expected to be really sharpened and prepared. Today’s AutoPost Issue Plus takes a step further into the Kia K8 design story, which has undergone a major change.

Written Joonyoung Park Editor

Diamond inspired
Grille and frameless bumper
Impressive front panel design

The K7 successor model, which was released through Kia’s official press release on the 17th, wore a new name tag, K8. The K8 is the first semi-large sedan introduced by Kia, which has declared its transformation into a mobility company that provides space for customers’ lives and inspiration. It is also the first new car to apply the newly changed Kia emblem.

The design has undergone a huge change. The larger grille than its predecessor, the K7 Premier, harmonizes with frameless bumpers without borders. According to Kia’s official announcement, it was inspired by diamonds to embody the movement of light in a jewel-like pattern. One of the highlights is the bumper element, which is positioned in a rhombus pattern.

While inheriting the tradition of the Kia Sedan
K8’s personality
Side design

The side portion seems to boast the stretched shape of a typical sedan, but the closer to the C-pillar, the silhouette is closer to that of a sleek coupe-type sedan. The chrome bar at the lower side of the side, which was continued from the first generation K7, inherited the tradition and applied to the K8, and the character line is very thick, slightly different from the Kia sedans.

Thanks to this, it presents a more distinct image. Thanks to the elongated character line, you can enjoy the effect of looking longer. As it is a front-wheel drive sedan, it did not show a smooth proportion close to the rear wheel, but I feel that it has sufficiently implemented the level of grandeur that fits the class of a semi-large sedan. The gorgeous new wheel design and flag-type side mirrors are also one of the striking elements.

The likes and dislikes greatly diverged
The back design
It faced a major change

Unlike the existing K7 Premier, where likes and dislikes were greatly divided, the design completely changed. The design elements of the Kia sedan family look, which was first introduced through the new K5, were applied to the K8 to some extent. The tail lamp, which gives the impression that it extends along the character line, is straight and has a wider body width to maximize the visible effect.

The trunk lid that extends from the C-pillar line that continues from the roof line is designed with a feeling reminiscent of a small lip spoiler, making it even more sporty. It is an element that was not found in the Granger. The newly applied Kia emblem also stands out on the rear.

Compared to The New Grandeur
The reaction to the K8 exterior design is
Generally positive

What was the reaction of netizens to the K8, which faced a huge design change? Compared to the time when Hyundai The New Grandeur was unveiled in 2019, it was relatively quiet compared to the time when there were huge likes and dislikes. The atmosphere that is receiving favorable reviews rather than criticism is also quite different from Grandeur.

Netizens who have confirmed the K8 design, “The whole front part has a Jaguar feel”, “The side line seems to be sporty, not like a semi-large sedan”, “The new emblem also goes well”, “Much better than the rhombus Granger”, ” With the flag-type side mirror, it is more luxurious than IG,” “It looks very long,” and “The drawing design is innovative.”

As for the front design
The likes and dislikes are severely divided

Of course, it wasn’t just positive reactions. The design of the front that has changed radically was divided into likes and dislikes, “I think of Mondeo in the front”, “The back is gorgeous, but the front is regrettable because I gave less power”, “The Kia design always feels 2% unfortunately”, ” There were also reactions such as “It seems that the diamond was recycled”, “The Giapan catfish was born”, and “It seems that the grille feels a lot different depending on the color, but it’s not so good.”

It is expected that the likes and dislikes of the K8’s front design, which applied a unique design that was difficult to see in any car, will continue to diverge. Since the point of view on design is a part that is divided according to the taste of consumers, it is left to their own judgment.

(Photo = K8 KING CULB)

K8 longer than G80
It also has the most advanced specifications.

In fact, more important than design is whether the K8 will be able to surpass the Grandeur by sales. Kia raised the car class of the semi-large sedan to a whopping 5,015mm. The 4,990mm Grandeur is, of course, longer than the 4,995mm Genesis G80. However, since the K8 is a front-wheel drive model, the wheelbase is expected to be located between the Grandeur and the G80.

Although detailed specifications applied to the K8 have not been officially disclosed, information on the powertrain applied through emission and noise certification data has been disclosed. Gasoline engines are powered by 2.5 and 3.5 naturally aspirated, LPI engines with 3.5 naturally aspirated, and hybrid 1.6 gasoline turbo engines. In addition, it was confirmed through spy shot that various specifications suitable for luxury cars, such as the Meridian premium sound system and double laminated sound insulation glass, are applied.

(Photo = K8 KING CULB)

If you only see the reaction of netizens before launch
Enough for the grandeur
The prospect of surpassing

It seems that the K8 will be able to contain the Grandeur sufficiently if we see the reaction of netizens before the official release. This is because the Granger is now in the third year after the facelift model was released, and the K8 was born as a larger and more luxurious model than the Granger by applying the 3rd generation platform. Netizens are also showing reactions such as “K8 will be overpowered until the new Grandeur comes out”, “Let’s grab a Granger now”, and “I think it’s worth living”.

However, reactions are lined up, saying, “I am already worried about how much the price will increase because it has become larger and more luxurious than the existing model.” Kia also announced in an official press release that it will be equipped with interior space, driving performance, and advanced driving assistance technology that are suitable for the new car name K8. In the end, the price hike is expected to be a key point.

(Photo = K8 KING CULB)

The basic specification is 35 million won
Full option is 50 million won
Is expected to surpass

Many netizens are expecting the K8 price, but in general, Hyundai-Kia Motors proceeds with a full change and raises the price of each trim from 100 to 2 million won. However, as the name of the K8 has been changed and the car class itself has been slightly increased, there is a possibility that the price of the K8 will increase by more than 3 million won, considering that the increase is large.

Considering that the current K7 Premier has a 2.5 basic specification price of KRW 3305 million and a 3.0 full option price of 46.2 million, the K8’s basic specification can exceed KRW 35 million, and the full option model is expected to exceed KRW 50 million. . Since the G80 standard specification price is 53.99 million won, I think the full option will be priced at a similar price line. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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