2021.02.18.  21,249 read Cadillac launches entry-level luxury SUV'XT4'…  55.3 million won Auto issue 52

2021.02.18. 21,249 read Cadillac launches entry-level luxury SUV’XT4’… 55.3 million won Auto issue 52

Cadillac officially launched a new entry-level SUV’XT4′ in Korea and started selling it in earnest.

Expressing Cadillac’s youthful brand identity, the XT4 features a unique design, relaxed performance, diverse connectivity-based technologies, and best-in-class space and safety. Cadillac plans to strengthen its positioning as the flagship brand of’Young American Luxury’ completed through the XT4, a new definition of entry-level luxury SUV.

Looking at the design of the XT4 first, the front part is a glossy black mesh grille with the emblem, front and rear glossy black fascia inserts, and Cadillac’s signature daytime running lights harmoniously positioned to complete the first impression of the confident XT4.

At the rear, the only Cadillac SUV design has a vertical L-shaped lighting signature to emphasize the uniqueness of the XT4. In addition, the roof rails, window surround moldings and bodyside moldings that visually connect the front and rear parts are all treated in glossy black, and express the character of the XT4 with the special design of the 20-inch alloy wheel that provides the largest size in its class.

In particular, Cadillac’s’Cut-and-sewn’ strategy maximizes the strength of luxurious materials by finishing the interior by craftsmen, while the carbon fiber trim and white ambient lighting enhance the luxury of the XT4 interior. Emphasis.

Satisfaction with the indoor experience through the XT4 is completed through a large space. The legroom of the second row space is 1,004mm and the headroom is 970mm and the shoulder room is 1,400mm, each providing the highest level of space in its class, minimizing concerns about the spatiality of entry-level luxury SUVs. In addition, it provides a load space that exceeds the segment of 637 liters by default and 1,385 liters when folded in two rows to maximize space utilization.

In addition, the first row driver’s seat and passenger seat massage seats, which are the only ones in the same class, added comfort during long-distance driving, and an Air Ionizer, heated first and ventilated seats for a comfortable boarding environment, and heated second row seats were also installed as standard. Plus, the Boss Center Point Surround Sound System with 13 premium speakers scattered throughout and active noise cancellation via 4 microphones adds to the enjoyment of all occupants.

In addition, the only rear camera mirror in its class widens the rear view by more than 300% when driving, and supports functions such as reduction/expansion, vertical angle adjustment, and brightness adjustment to ensure optimal rear view according to driver’s needs.

In particular, the automatic parking function that automatically detects the space and helps you park through the four ultrasonic sensors placed on the left and right sides and the front/rear Park Assist ultrasonic sensors, and the HD surround that provides front and rear parking guidelines. Vision maximizes convenience even in difficult parking situations.

In addition, wireless charging, NFC pairing with improved mobile connectivity, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are supported to enhance the convenience of smartphone use for consumers familiar with digital devices.

The Cadillac XT4 has an efficient and powerful performance that meets the needs of young customers pursuing a broad luxury life. Equipped with a 2.0-liter direct injection gasoline twin-scroll turbo engine, it exhibits a maximum output of 238 horsepower and a maximum torque of 35.7 kg·m, paired with the best-in-class automatic 9-speed transmission.

In particular, the XT4 is equipped with an active sports chassis and CDC (Continuous Damping Control) suspension applied to Cadillac’s large SUV XT6, effectively controlling immediate road reaction while providing more agile movement in cornering. In addition, the twin-clutch all-wheel drive system is installed to freely adjust the distribution of driving power to the four-sided wheels, and it helps to prevent loss of grip on the road in any driving situation such as off-road, snowy roads, and rain, adding to the confidence of driving.

The XT4 offers best-in-class specifications in terms of safety. Eight best-in-class airbags strategically placed throughout the room, including a body structure designed to effectively dissipate impact energy, using high-tensile steel-based materials for each pillar, side rail, floor, and joints, and head, side and knee protection. Keeps occupants safe even in collision situations.

In addition, the XT4 has an advanced adaptive cruise control system (ACC), collision warning and automatic braking system, a safety alert seat that warns of dangerous situations through vibration, and front and rear automatic braking systems including pedestrian detection and braking. , Blind spot warning and lane keeping assistance systems, turn signals when driving at night, and cornering lamps that illuminate a wide field of view in the direction of the steering, and other technologies that prioritize safety are installed.

The Cadillac XT4 is released in Korea as a single’Sport’ trim with a full option applied to the top-level trim in North America, and the sales price is 55.3 million won.


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