2021.02.17.  56,781 read Kia K8 officially released...  Grandeur is depressing, Chabot Magazine 97

2021.02.17. 56,781 read Kia K8 officially released… Grandeur is depressing, Chabot Magazine 97

Audi Prologue Concept

Kia K7 successor K8 has been unveiled. Forecast, spill, Not a spy shot, CG, or composite photo. It is officially released.

KiacarIs the successor to the semi-large sedan K7, which is the code name GL3.K-pal K8) and revealed the exterior design.

K5 pop Body length over 5 metersBased on
Kia’s new design identityIt is characterized by reflecting *.
*To be released later

Ford mondeo

The front part is Kia’s first aluminum KN emblem.

The borderless bumper integrated radiator grille Parametric Jewel I implemented the appearance of the light moving along the pattern.

Jaguar XJ

The body length of the new k8 is It is 5015mm.

For reference, the existing K7 is 4995mm,
Managing Director’s Courage Hyundai Grandeur (long wheel base) is 4990mm.

Located next to the radiator grill and under the headlamps are daytime running lights and turn indicators.

Elegant and dynamic in harmony with the body volume around the wheel The side string is Inspired by the way luxury yachts run on the water.

It rises to the rear lamp along the lower part of the door, and the chrome decoration that continues
It is in exquisite contrast to the chrome decoration that stretches straight at the bottom of the side window.

Kia officials Rear K8 The logo reveals its presence as the first model to show the new Kia with the same material and design as the Kia emblem.And

New car name K8An indoor space suitable for, Driving performance, Advanced driving assistance technology will be released sequentially in the future.Said.
Ah, I’m dizzy

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