2021.02.17.  14,473 read Ferrari also jumps in SUV market, Furosange appears in 2022 Daily Car 61

2021.02.17. 14,473 read Ferrari also jumps in SUV market, Furosange appears in 2022 Daily Car 61

Ferrari Furosange (Photo Motor Authority)

[데일리카 임상현 기자] Ferrari launches the high-performance SUV market in 2022. Ferrari, which has been testing the Maserati Levante body from last year, concealing design leaks, will be equipped with a V6 engine, Ferrari’s flagship V8 twin turbo, and an electrified powertrain.

With the end of production of the GTC4, the Purosangue, which will take over the four-seater Ferrari Baton, is the first SUV model Ferrari makes and enters the high-performance SUV market from Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin.

As a latecomer, after completing the basic design and entering the final inspection stage for the current release, Furosange is expected to have a design in a crossover shape different from that of the existing SUV based on Ferrari’s unique design with a front midship engine.

It is known that the Ferrari design team will apply cabinet-type doors used in the Mazda RX-8 and BMW i3 to the second row to enhance the design completeness of the Furosange, which combines the long bonnet and coupe style.

Ferrari Furosange (Photo Motor Authority)

Based on a new platform that will be used for the launch of the first electric vehicle nailed in 2030, the Furosange can be equipped with hybrid and plug-in hybrid systems. Adopt a connection method.

In addition, it is possible to implement an electronic four-wheel drive system due to the installation of an electric powertrain, and it is equipped with a large carbon ceramic brake system and torque vectoring that transmits optimal driving force to each wheel.

Ferrari is expected to unveil the Furosange for the first time in 2022 after improving the completeness of the Furosange after undergoing actual driving tests for about one year.

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