2021.02.17.  116,486 Read Kia K8 (GL3) exterior design image officially released, K7 full change successor confirmed as K8 AutoDesigner 463

2021.02.17. 116,486 Read Kia K8 (GL3) exterior design image officially released, K7 full change successor confirmed as K8 AutoDesigner 463

Kia Motors’ new car in the first half and changed Kia’s new logo, the first model to show the future direction, a new semi-large sedan ‘K8’The exterior design of the first was unveiled on February 17th. As a result, the name of Kia Motors’ semi-large sedan has also been confirmed to be changed from K7 to K8, and it is said to be the standard for Kia’s new sedan lineup.

The Kia K8 is the first model to open a new generation of Kia, and the brand’s first new aluminum emblem is applied, and a diamond-inspired pattern is applied to the large-sized bumper-integrated radiator grille without a frame to emphasize the luxurious and luxurious feel. In addition, on the left and right sides of the grill, the’Star Cloud Lighting’ daytime running lights and turn indicators of the same diamond pattern as the radiator grill created a mysterious and luxurious atmosphere as if the stars gathered.

The headlamps are sharper than the existing K7 Premier, and the hood character line, which has a stronger voluminous feel, creates a strong three-dimensional effect, and a diamond pattern is applied to the chrome garnish at the bottom of the bumper.

The body size is larger and the overall length exceeds 5m to reach 5,015mm, and it is said to have implemented a dynamic ratio like a coupe with a long hood, a short front overhang, and a roofline that extends gently to the trunk. On the side, the chrome decoration that follows the lower part of the door and connects with the rear lamp from the rear creates a sense of tension.

In the rear part, the rear lamp that extends long to the left and right to realize a stable posture is applied, and the end is applied to the bumper and fender, and the spoiler-shaped trunk lid that connects along the roofline to create a sleek and strong impression. The new Kia emblem and K8 logo were placed to emphasize the wide side and sense of stability.

The reversing light comes from the center of the bottom of the bumper, and the muffler tip is decorated with chrome. (There may be differences depending on the engine lineup.)

Following this appearance, Kia plans to sequentially unveil the interior space, driving performance using a new powertrain, and advanced driving assistance technologies, and is expected to meet the K7’s successor, the new semi-large sedan K8, as early as in March. According to the certification information, the new powertrain configuration is known to be Smartstream 3.5 gasoline, 2.5 gasoline, 1.6 turbo hybrid, and 3.5 Lpi.

Press release provided by Kia

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