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2021.02.16. 47,996 Read The release of Ioniq 5, which has disappeared from the side mirror, is imminent.. The attractive point is the CAR GUY 110


IONIQ 5 teaser released

On the 23rd of this month, Hyundai Motor Company will introduce the first model of Ioniq, an electric vehicle brand. The car name applies to the electric vehicle platform developed by Ionic 5 and Hyundai Motor Company. It is attracting attention as the first model preparing for the full-fledged electric vehicle era.

Ioniq 5 uses a 74kWh battery and reaches 511km when fully charged once based on WLTP. As the domestic Ministry of Environment certification standards are stricter than WLTP, the domestic certification mileage is expected to be around the mid-400km. A model with a 58kWh battery, which is smaller than the 74kWh battery, is also released. It is expected to be around 450km based on WLTP, and it is expected to be certified for a mileage of around 400km in Korea.

Ionic brand product lineup rendering image (Ioniq 6, Ioniq 7, Ioniq 5 from left)

The pure electric vehicle sold by Hyundai Motor Company was manufactured using the platform of the existing internal combustion engine model. For this reason, it was not possible to secure enough interior space compared to the body size, which is an advantage of electric vehicles. On the other hand, Ioniq 5, which is about to be released this time, is said to have secured ample interior space as it applied E-GMP, an electric vehicle exclusive platform developed by Hyundai Motor Company. The Ioniq 5 is 4640mm long, 1890mm wide, and 1600mm tall, similar to a semi-medium SUV, but its wheelbase is 3000mm, which is longer than Hyundai’s large SUV Palisade (wheelbase 2900mm). The advantages of electric vehicles are clearly revealed.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Indoor Teaser

The battery supports 350kWh fast charging. In addition, the electricity stored in the battery can be used by connecting external devices up to 24 kWh. It is expected that you will be able to enjoy comfortable leisure activities by using the electricity of the vehicle in the recent trend of car park or outdoor camping. In addition, the fact that the passenger seat in the first row is spread out at a maximum of 180 degrees is another attractive point of IONIC 5. It seems that it is possible to use a relaxed space with a lover or friend. In the first row, the center console that blocks the driver and passenger seats has been removed to ensure more space. Leg support is added to the first row seat to complete a more comfortable seating feel. Unlike the era of internal combustion engines, where the driving force was human, it is a characteristic that implies that vehicles will be the driving force in the electric vehicle era. In addition, eco-friendly materials were applied to most of the interior materials. Fabrics made by crushing recycled transparent plastic bottles and biomaterials extracted from sugar cane are typical.

IONIQ 5 teaser released

Ioniq 5 places the battery and electric motor under the vehicle. It is said that it secures high-speed driving stability and also provides a comfortable ride. It is reported that the handling performance was touched by applying the rear 5-link suspension and the integrated function drive axle. Hyundai Motor Company has revealed that the time it takes to reach 100 km/h from a standstill of a high-performance model applying the E-GMP platform is less than 3.5 seconds. However, it is unclear how much power performance the Ioniq 5 will have with CUV, not a sports car concept model.

In addition to the attractive points mentioned above, Ioniq 5 is equipped with new or latest technologies. First of all, the camera is located in this position. It is expected to have a shape similar to the e-tron that Audi launched in Korea last year. It is a method of displaying the image taken by the camera through a monitor located inside the vehicle. A 44-inch augmented reality head-up display is also expected to be applied. Firmware update through OTA, non-face-to-face charging service through CarPay, and HDA2, a highway driving assistance system, are all expected to be applied.

Ionic brand logo

The Ionic 5 is a pure electric car that Hyundai Motor Company introduced before the full-scale electric car era. Unlike the electric car model released by Hyundai Motor Company previously, it is characterized by applying a platform exclusively for electric vehicles and various new technologies. In addition, the expectations of Hyundai Motor Company are high as a model to be introduced through an electric vehicle brand. This is the point where attention is focused on whether Hyundai electric car, which was plagued by the Kona EV fire last year, will succeed in reviving with the Ioniq 5. On the other hand, IONIQ 5 will be released for the first time in the world through online on the 23rd.

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