2021.02.16.  33,019 Read'I've been waiting for 3 years...' Genesis's model design anatomy that has a lot of preferences and dislikes 76

2021.02.16. 33,019 Read’I’ve been waiting for 3 years…’ Genesis’s model design anatomy that has a lot of preferences and dislikes 76

“The creation of aspirations, a new beginning and a wish for positive change are contained.” Genesis introduces its brand with this phrase. In words such as creation and new beginnings in the phrase, we can see the will of Genesis, the latecomer of premium brands.

Genesis, Hyundai’s new luxury brand, has actually announced its presence with vehicles with related model names since 2008, but officially launched as an independent brand in 2015.

Since the launch of Genesis, Hyundai has recruited world-class talents such as Peter Schreier and Albert Beerman. By recruiting additional designers, we started our journey as a premium brand.

In 2016, Genesis launched the flagship sedan, which changed the model name from Equus to EQ900, and opened the first stage of the brand.In the same year, the second generation Genesis, which changed the model name to G80 and made some changes in design, built their own lineup. Started to go.

In 2017, Genesis launched a new G70, a D-segment, and unveiled the GV80 concept, which will be the basis of the brand’s first SUV, at the Newok Motor Show. It is safe to say that Genesis design started with the GV80 concept, because the brand identity of the crest grille, quad lamps, parabolic lines, and the interior design that visualizes the beauty of the blanks has clearly established itself from the model.

In 2018, the G90, which had undergone a full-chain payment facelift, was released.In the same year, the Essensia concept, a two-seater electric coupe, and the following year, the Mint concept model, an urban crossover, were unveiled. And in 2020, Genesis launches a whopping 4 models, including GV80, G80 full change, G70 facelift and GV70. The lineup has begun to expand in earnest.

If you take a look at Genesis’ design for a moment, Genesis introduces their design philosophy as’dynamic elegance’. It also explains that “the bold, progressive and most Korean element defines the brand design.”

The most essential element of the design that visually demonstrates this is the crest grille. Of course, the lamp design and character line mentioned above also play an important role, but this is because the radiator grille is the most prominent feature of the brand when it comes to automotive design.

Genesis has changed the name of the modern cascading grill to Crest Grill since its official launch in 2015, but in fact there has not been a big change in its shape. However, in the GV80 concept, the grille in the same inverted triangle shape as the shield shape in the brand emblem is presented, revealing the presence of a true crest grill.

Genesis describes the relationship between the shield shape in the emblem and the crest grille as “The Genesis Emblem, inspired by the insignia of the great family, evolved into a crest grille, expressing the authenticity of luxury.”

Another identity of Genesis, the quad lamp, was also born from the emblem. Genesis designers developed the emblem’s wing shape and devised a total of 4 rows of headlights, two rows per side, which allowed Genesis to complete its own front and rear design.

The brand identity is clearly reflected on the sides and interior as well. On the side, a long line, called the’parabolic line’, runs through the entire side, which connects the front and rear of the vehicle more dynamically.

Genesis expresses this as “The parabolic line that completes the perfect silhouette falls smoothly as it goes back and adds a beautiful sensibility like a classic car.”

If the exterior design has the’bold and progressive’ character mentioned above, the keyword’Korean’ is reflected in the interior. Genesis introduces their interior design as’the beauty of white space’ and interprets it as’perfect coexistence between people and advanced technology’.

When the GV80 concept was unveiled in 2017, Luke Donkerbolke, who was in charge of Genesis Design, explained the essential purpose of the aesthetic design of the margin, saying, “The interior design should not overwhelm the occupants, but provide a comfortable and comfortable feeling.”

Genesis, which applied the above-mentioned brand identity to the mass production model with the G90 in 2018, successfully launched the 3rd generation G80 in March 2020, successfully achieving the’Genesis’ of the existing lineup. It also successfully launched the GV80 ahead of this.

The G70 was the last model left for Genesis, who successfully transformed the existing flagship sedan and semi-large sedan into success. Launched before the brand identity was clearly established, the G70 was a model that had a design that was far from other lineups until mid-2020.

And Genesis will finally launch the new G70 in October 2020 through a 3-year Facelift. Compared to the G90 and G80, which emphasized a relatively profound image, the new G70 facelift was a model that would revive the brand with a sporty and dynamic sense.

Along with the new facelift model, Genesis unveiled an introduction video of the G70 by Lee Sang-yeop Lee, who is in charge of contemporary design. Genesis unveiled this video, and it can be said that it was to persuade consumers more effectively through the explanation of the designer who led the design.

At the introduction of the video, designer Lee Sang-yeop said, “Everyone can face lift, but this G70 face lift is completely reborn, unlike before,” and said, “We will capture the hearts of customers through stronger changes than ever before.”

His explanation starts with a new crest grill. He said, “The crest grille, which is placed in a lower position and wider than before, completes a sharper and more aggressive image.” In fact, this crest grille is positioned below the quad lamps, giving it a more sporty feel.

“The quad lamps made using advanced lighting technology are very thin,” he said. “The front fender panel with the headlights shows a more dynamic and sensual body than ever before.”

Moving to the side, he pointed to the air vent located at the bottom and said, “The air vent that is smaller than before is showing its original pure function and helping to improve aerodynamic performance.” The existing decorative characteristics of the air vent were rather reduced and more focused on the original function. In addition, he said, “The parabolic line that runs from the headlights to the rear along the belt line adds tension to the vehicle.”

At the rear, he mentions the new quadlamps. He said, “The quad lamps arranged in a diagonal line emphasize the sporty feel and convey the proud presence of the G70.” As he explained, you can see that the quad lamps, which have been emphasizing stability with a horizontal tone, are arranged diagonally.

Finally, he explained two details with the words “Luxury is determined by the last 2% detail”. The first is the G-Matrix pattern applied near the elliptical muffler, he explained, “This pattern extended to the side further emphasizes the muffler’s stance.”

The second is a diffuser with the same color as the car body, he said, “I completed a new look of the G70 through the subtlety of applying the same color as the car in the diffuser, the last detail of the car.” In the end, he ended the video with a comment, “Let’s start the G70s, which are all standing at the new starting line.”

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However, the reaction of the public to the G70 facelift design is somewhat contradictory to designer Lee Sang-yeop’s explanation. Although the G70 acquired Genesis’ own identity, there were reactions such as “The short tail light is awkward compared to the long headlight”, “The facelift is much prettier,” and it is unfortunate compared to the old design.

Although the G70 facelift sold a total of 1,224 units in December, when delivery began in earnest in terms of sales volume, it is still having difficulty convincing consumers in terms of design. I am looking forward to seeing if Genesis will be able to show off a more attractive design in the 2nd generation full change model. Thank you.

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