2021.02.16.  14,582 read Porsche does not build factory in China...  “People hate it!”  Road test 52

2021.02.16. 14,582 read Porsche does not build factory in China… “People hate it!” Road test 52

27just2,162versus. This is Porsche’s global sales last year.. In the middle 8just8,968Sold the unit in China. China has a significant share of it.. With the recent appearance of the electric sports sedan Taycan, There were opinions that Porsche would build a factory in China.. But Porsche CEO Oliver Blume completely denied this.. The reason is pretty funny.

he is <Financial Times>Through the Porsche has no intention of building a factory in China. Because we Made in German(Germany)’ I intend to keep the imageSaying “’Made in ChinaThe debate over quality and premium still exists in Europe.He said. Simply to increase sales in China, the world’s largest market, The intention is not to degrade manufacturing quality through local production in China..

However, it does not mean that he will not build a factory in China forever.. Oliver Blume “10I don’t know what will happen in yearsAnd Depends on each country’s regulation and market volumeHe said. In other words, China’s huge scale EV If not only the Taycan but also Porsche’s successors do well in the market,, It is thought that local production in China can be reviewed in the future..

For reference, Porsche has invested enormous costs in the Zuffenhausen plant in Germany for the Taycan to build an electric vehicle production line.. The number of production units last year 2just15But, In the future, when the Taycan Cross Turismo, a derivative of the Taycan, appears, it will be difficult to manage with one Zuffenhausen plant.. Also next year, Macan EVI plan to release, Macan’s largest market is China..

Rather than lowering prices through local production in China German carTitle and high qualityPorsche Taycan wants to maintain its low-volume production method, Attracting attention to the future.

Written by Kang Joon-ki
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