2021/02/15 23:29 Popular voice actor pays homage to the Yasukuni Shrine, Xiaopin, insults Hua and wants her to “suicide and apology”!

Popular voice actress Ai Chino visited the Yasukuni Shrine on New Year's Eve and was criticized by Little Pink for

Popular voice actress Ai Chino visited the Yasukuni Shrine on New Year’s Eve and was criticized by Little Pink for “humiliating China.” (The picture is taken from Chino Aiyi IG)

2021/02/15 23:29

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]Ai Chino, a popular Japanese voice actress who has appeared in many well-known works such as “The Spirit of the Halberd”, “Sana of Shakugan”, “Detective Conan”, etc., because he visited “Yasukuni” on New Year’s Eve (11th) Shrine” broke China’s little pink line of reason again, jumped to accuse her of “humiliating China”, and some people even asked her to “suicide and apologize”!

On the 11th of this month, Ai Chino updated the 152nd Podcast video on her personal YouTube channel. The talk mentioned in the film that she had visited the Yasukuni Shrine and prayed that everything goes well this year. Since Class A war criminals of World War II were enshrined in the Yasukuni Shrine in 1978, the behavior of prominent Japanese officials in paying respects to the shrine became sensitive. If they visit the shrine as a private person, they will be regarded as freedom of belief and will not cause controversy. Although Chino Aii has no problem in visiting the Yasukuni Shrine itself, the choice of the time and the popularity of the visit still makes the big ticket and the little pink angry.

Chinese netizens have criticized, “All Chinese celebrate the New Year, and other voice actors are paying New Year’s greetings. Just go to the Lao Lao Shrine. You are really a good fellow.” “Sad, very capable voice actors, but this is the end of the story. The only way out for Mao Yi is Suicide and apologize!”, “There is enough shamelessness”, “Boy all her works!”

In addition, the Chinese film platform Bilibili (Bilibili for short “Station B”) recently exclusively screened the Japanese anime “Rebirth without a Job: Real Skill in Another World”, but it was questioned by netizens of insulting women and ruining the three views. The bigger station B finally got off the shelves and apologized. Ai Chino happens to be the voice actor of one of the main animations, “Silufyette”.

The news of the Chinese little pink tart cutting Maoye’s love doctor was also spread on the Internet in Taiwan. Netizens were mad, “What’s wrong with it? The glass is broken with laughter, and the heart is broken.” “If there is a kind, report all the works she has participated in.” It’s off the shelf, I laughed at them.” “Boycott all the works of Aiyi Chino off the shelf. Little Pink probably has nothing to watch.” “Please boycott the shelf as long as China has Chinese products.”

And Little Pink asked Chino Aiyi to

And Little Pink asked Chino Aiyi to “suicide and apologize.” (The picture is taken from Weibo)

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