2021/02/15 20:57 Trump’s impeachment case failed to pass Republican Senators: Trump’s wife becomes the biggest winner

Republican Senator Graham believes that Trump's wife Laila (left) is the biggest winner of Trump's impeachment case.  (AFP file photo)

Republican Senator Graham believes that Trump’s wife Laila (left) is the biggest winner of Trump’s impeachment case. (AFP file photo)

2021/02/15 20:57

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Although Trump’s impeachment was not passed, because North Carolina Republican Senator Burr (Richard Burr) voted in favor of the impeachment case, Burr was attacked by his fellow state congressmen and pro-Trump Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that Inbur voted in favor and Trump’s wife Lara Trump will be the biggest winner in the impeachment case.

According to the “Capitol Hill” report, according to last year’s polls, Trump’s wife Laila is the most popular Republican candidate since the current North Carolina Senator Bull stepped down. Republican Senator Graham stated in the “Sunday Fox News” that Inbul’s consent to vote almost certainly made Laila a future senator candidate for the constituency, assuming Laila is interested in running for the election. Graham added that he will definitely support Laila because she will represent “the future of the Republican Party.”

Bull’s statement the day before yesterday said: “Because credible evidence proves that Trump instigated rebellion and increased the number of crimes and wrongdoings, I voted for the impeachment case.”

Republicans in North Carolina condemned Bull for this. The Republican leader of the state said that the Republicans sent Bull into the Senate, hoping that he would protect the constitution. But Bull voted in the unconstitutional impeachment case. Republicans in the state said This was shocked and disappointed.

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