2021/02/15 18:45 Mixed with saline and mineral water!China has detected 21 cases of fake martial arts vaccines

Previously, Chinese sellers peddled fake martial arts vaccines online, and they specially named this vaccine

Previously, Chinese sellers peddled fake martial arts vaccines online, and they specially named this vaccine “Kerlaifu Novel Coronavirus Inactivated Vaccine (Vero Cell)”. (Flip photo on WeChat)

2021/02/15 18:45

[Compile Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The global pandemic of Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) has caused serious casualties and economic losses in various countries, but it has brought black-hearted business opportunities for Chinese profiteers to make plague money. Chinese state media “Xinhua News Agency” quoted data from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the 15th. As of January 10, China’s national prosecutors have detected 21 criminal cases involving armed lung vaccines, including the use of saline, mineral water, smuggling overseas, and Collect money to attract customers to participate in emergency vaccination, etc.

The report pointed out that in the early days of the Wufei vaccine market, individual criminals were motivated by profiteering. They made huge profits by manufacturing and selling fake vaccines, speculating at high prices, illegally operating in violation of national regulations, and conducting group vaccination without authorization, which seriously disrupted the order of epidemic prevention and endangered public health safety. .

In addition to the introduction of fake vaccines into the market, the cracked cases also included high-priced sales by criminals, entrusting village doctors to vaccinate buyers in residences and cars; high-priced arrangements for unqualified personnel to participate in emergency vaccination plans in hospitals, and advertisements through WeChat groups Recruiting customers, forging vaccination documents; some criminals even smuggled fake vaccines abroad.

Among the 4 typical cases of lung vaccine crimes that have been exposed recently, the most noticeable is undoubtedly the use of saline and mineral water. According to reports, the suspect first searched the Internet to confirm the injection and packaging of the vaccine, and then purchased prefilled syringes, used saline and mineral water as materials in the hotel room, and began to make fake vaccines, even looking for relatives and friends. Friends help speed up the production of fake vaccines. In the end, this group of people manufactured and sold about 58,000 doses of fake vaccines and made a profit of about 18 million yuan (about 78.31 million Taiwan dollars).

After 2010, vaccine fatalities and disability incidents occurred frequently in China. From 2010 to 2018, there were no fewer than 8 mass vaccine incidents caused by fake and virulent vaccines.

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China media previously broadcast the police's fight against fake vaccines.  (Flip from WeChat)

China media previously broadcast the police’s fight against fake vaccines. (Flip from WeChat)

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