2021/02/15 18:32 Earthquake exposure!Wakayama City Council’s lamp fell and nearly hit the mayor

“NHK” exposed the monitor screen in the forum when the earthquake occurred on Twitter. (The picture is taken from Twitter “@nhk_news”)

2021/02/15 18:32

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]An earthquake of magnitude 4.1 occurred in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan at 1:28 pm today (15), with a focal depth of only 10 kilometers, which is an extremely shallow earthquake. The maximum magnitude is 4 measured in Wakayama City. According to the “Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK)” report, when the earthquake occurred, Wakayama City in Wakayama Prefecture was holding a city council. After it began to shake, the electric light on the ceiling above the chairperson’s seat also fell, causing commotion in the forum. No one was injured.

“Japan Broadcasting Association” also revealed on Twitter that when the earthquake occurred, the monitor screen in the conference hall showed that the conference was convening in the conference hall at that time. When Mayor Ohana Masaki was presiding in front of the stage, the earthquake struck suddenly, and some more. The light fell off immediately after shaking and almost hit the mayor, which was quite thrilling.

The earthquake lasted about 5 seconds. After the screen was exposed, many netizens left messages and replies, “The shock of shaking is amazing”, “Really dangerous”, “This is more like an explosion site than an earthquake”, ” It’s horrible. Fortunately, no one was injured.” “Even if the building can survive the earthquake, this lamp is really terrible.” “It’s a disaster for the mayor.”

Full text of “@nhk_news” Twitter

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