2021.02.15.  12,873 read Kia Niro, neither an SUV nor a hatchback... The car that I want to recommend to beginners, Olyde 58

2021.02.15. 12,873 read Kia Niro, neither an SUV nor a hatchback… The car that I want to recommend to beginners, Olyde 58

‘Kia Niro’, not an SUV or hatchback
The beginning of a dedicated hybrid SUV

There is a segment in the automotive market that divides the class of vehicles. Generally, it is divided into light, small, semi-medium, medium, and large, and depending on the shape of the vehicle, there are sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks. The fuels used range from gasoline, diesel, LPG and even hot electric vehicles today.

The car we are introducing today is Kia’s Niro. It’s too low to be an SUV, and it’s a little dreamy to be a hatchback, so it’s difficult to determine the exact segment. In addition, the powertrain is special from hybrid to EV. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Niro is special, not me or me, and why he is good as a newcomer or second car.

Target is the hot small SUV market
Identity is unclear but satisfaction is high

The biggest advantage of the Niro is that it is a hybrid vehicle. In the same era as the Hyundai Ioniq, it was launched with a similar system, but it was aimed at the popular hatchback and SUV form compared to the sedan type Ioniq.

In fact, the target model was also a small SUV like Tivoli, but it looks like the most SUV among these vehicles, and it does not have a trunk line close to a’hot hatch’ when it comes to hatchbacks, so the identity of this vehicle is somewhat unclear.

Unbeatable lifetime battery warranty
Became the best vehicle with steady sales

At the time of launch, Niro began to attract consumers’ attention with the enormous benefits of a lifetime battery warranty and a 10 year 200,000 km hybrid warranty. In addition, in case of dissatisfaction with the vehicle, it was possible to replace it with another vehicle within 30 days, and the used car price was also unprecedented by guaranteeing 62% of the price for up to 3 years.

The result was quite successful. Although there were some reflective benefits from Ionic’s defeat, aggressive marketing and cost-effectiveness led to consumer demand. At one time, due to the shortage of battery supply, it was difficult to find an exhibit car at any Kia Motors store with waiting days for more than a month.

Niro hybrid price
Starting at 24.2 million won

The engine is an electric motor with a Kappa 1.6 Atkinson cycle engine, and the transmission is a hybrid-only six-speed DCT. The system output is 141 horsepower (hp), but the zero-back is excellent at 10.8 seconds, and the combined fuel economy is 19.5 km/l.

The reason why the Kia Niro is such a decent car can be found not only in the battery and hybrid warranty period found in other vehicles, but also in its low price. The Niro Hybrid currently on the market can be selected from at least 24.2 million won.

First-timers in society, a good car as a second car
Kia Niro 2nd generation model release notice

Even if you look at used cars, there is an advantage that you can choose a vehicle that still has a warranty of up to 10 million won. Besides, high fuel economy is a bonus. Now come and see, why does the Kia Niro look so good? A car like a schoolboy without any waste. If you think about fuel economy, how about a reasonable hybrid car that is not ashamed of even the small 16-inch wheels?

Niro’s second-generation model (SG2), following the early Niro and the later The New Niro, will be released soon after the concept car Havaniro, so it would be nice to look forward to it.

Written by / Olyde
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