2021.02.14.  2,405 read Hidden features of automatic transmission that we did not know and overlooked CAR GO STUDIOS 1

2021.02.14. 2,405 read Hidden features of automatic transmission that we did not know and overlooked CAR GO STUDIOS 1

How well are you familiar with the various features in your car? Of course, it may be difficult for the driver to know all the functions, as a car has a complex structure and numerous functions.
However, among them, there are many cases where the button is in a difficult position to help with driving, or the size of the button is small so that most drivers do not know it and cannot use it until the vehicle is scrapped.
So, among these hidden functions, let’s look at the hidden functions of the automatic transmission.

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Among the vehicles with some old automatic transmissions, you can find the switch in the red circle in the picture. It is one of the buttons that quite a lot of people pass by without even knowing it exists because it is hidden.
This switch says O/D OFF, but if you press it,’O/D OFF’ lights up on the instrument panel as above. What does this switch do and when is it used?

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III What does O/D (overdrive) mean?
People who have used the O/D OFF button say, “It’s a booster button.” Or they jokingly testify, “If you press this switch, the power goes up like a car flies.”

But to start with, this is half right and half wrong. O/D OFFIs ‘Over Drive Off’ (Over Drive OFF)of Literally Overdrive Button to turn offis.

here Over DriveIs ‘Automatic speed increase device’Is in English. A vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission Under the circumstances, the rotational speed of the propulsion shaft must be higher than the rotational speed of the engine to reduce fuel consumption and noise, and to run at high speed without difficulty thisIn order to increase the number of revolutions of the propulsion shaft, ‘Second transmission for speed increase’Use. This is called overdrive. (Based on the 4th gearbox, the secondary transmission for increased speed, that is, overdrive means 4th gear, which is a constant speed gear.)
Normally, overdrive is always activated (ON), enabling stable high-speed driving with constant speed gear.

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III What is the role and usage of O/D OFF?
It’s a vehicle with a four-speed automatic transmission. Let’s take an example. This car If you are driving at high speed with the highest number of gears, 4th gear, when you are overtaking or need constant power, such as on a hill, if you turn off overdrive, you can shift down to 1st gear and shift to 3rd gear only. O/D OFF is the device that increases the output when power is needed. In simple terms, you can think of this as a power mode, and some vehicles have a power stamp instead of O/D OFF.

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Here, the question may be asked, “If that’s the case, don’t you dare to use O/D OFF and kick-down?” It is mainly used to show momentary power by lowering it by one stage, and both methods have the advantage of being able to generate power.

Also, not only when you need strong power, As explained earlier, if you turn off overdrive, it lowers the first stage. The engine brake effect in high-speed situations will appear.
However, if you continue to use it, the fuel consumption increases rapidly due to the high RPM, so it may adversely affect fuel economy, so care must be taken to use it at an appropriate time.

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On the other hand, unless it is an old vehicle, there is almost no overdrive OFF button on a vehicle on the market these days. There is no need to have a button to turn off the overdrive because it is equipped with a paddle shift on the back of the steering wheel or a manual combined automatic transmission that can replace the O/D OFF button.

If you have this button on your car, now that you know how to use it, use it to suit your situation. It’s a button that I’m using, but it’s a waste if I don’t use it and leave it alone

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