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In the past, Toyota Corolla shook the world, but now its light is fading. Hyundai Avante is the leading candidate who is challenging the presidency.. Not only in the domestic market, but also in the U.S. for generations to come.. If Korea has Avante, Germany has Volkswagen Jetta.. It is a standard Volkswagen model that makes real cars that are faithful to the basics.. Recently, it is appealing to consumers with aggressive prices in the domestic market.. Accordingly, the editorial department summoned two models for consumers who would be worried about the same price although the powertrain was different..

Written | editorial department Photo | Jaehyuk Choi


It is the same in that it is a semi-medium sedan responsible for the popularization of the brand., Their impressions are completely different. It’s not just because they have different origins in Germany and Korea.. Both are targeting the global market, and they have to fight a fierce battle, especially in the North American market.. SUVIs said to have become more popular and traditional sedans are losing their position., Sedans are still in existence in this class.. Sedan SUVThere is also a realistic reason that it is sold at a lower price..

Zeta is typical 3Had the form of a box sedan. Engine at a glance when viewed from the side, Auditorium, I can distinguish the trunk. I tried to smooth it out in my own way,, Nevertheless, I feel the angle set. The main parts such as headlamps and grille have been greatly refined because it is not a European-style jetta that we have encountered before, but is for the North American market, The bumper also looks a little crude. Nevertheless, it retains the design language of Volkswagen..

The line starting from the headlamp and crossing the bottom of the window and the line starting from the front fender to the tail lamp are in parallel.. The body is folded once to create a clear line, and there is an area at the bottom of the side that penetrates into the body, making it less boring.. The roof line falls straight into the trunk, The trunk line is alive too. The classic look of a sedan that has been seen in a long time is amazing.. There is a slightly stylish tail lamp drawing a triangle at the bottom..

Avante too 3Although it’s a box sedan, The feeling is completely different. The engine is clearly distinguished from the side, but, The boundary between the auditorium and the trunk is ambiguous.. CThis is because the line falling from the top of the filler runs right in front of the trunk lid.. So not a sedan ‘4Door coupeThe feeling closer to you comes stronger. Although the angle was deliberately erected based on a triangle, the design that feels sharp and aerodynamic is fresh even now, after quite a while after its release..

A few triangles meet on the side and reverse ‘Z’I’m drawing a ruler, This makes the strength and dynamics feel stronger.. The lowered grille meets the thin and sharply trimmed headlamps to create a forward-looking posture.. The rear is HI combined the red line and the tail lamp, At least, I don’t think I know the existence of this car from behind.. Overall, there is no flaw, The modern emblem on the grill feels too big. It would have been nice if I reduced it a little more.

Even at night, the first impression I felt does not change much.. ‘CThe Zeta, which has a daytime running light shining in a shape of a ruler, has a large headlamp and a turn indicator that brightly shines in it.. The presence may not feel great,, But I don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about because I can’t see it.. Unlike its form, the tail lamp LEDYou can recognize the existence of Zeta even from behind.. We considered practicality first and put a little fashion on top of it..

Avante makes a sharp impression even at night.. Daytime running lights trimmed into sharp eyebrows, When night comes, the headlamps that are going shine pretty brightly.. The turn indicators that are usually hidden inside the grill reveal their presence in the dark at night.. Rear H The line emits a vivid red color at night, In addition to the tail lamp, there is a separate brake lamp on the windshield, so there is no need to detect braking.. Avante’s strong presence remains at night.

Written by Hyunkyu Cho

Let’s open the door of Jetta and Avante and go inside.. The material used in the interior is the highest level of Avante.. The material used for the zeta is not too short when considering the grade.. However, the fabric material of Avante was so-called God’s hand.. It was used in various places such as door trim and seat, but it matches well with the existing material and has a much more cozy and luxurious feeling.. Anyway, the interior decoration skills of Hyundai Motor Company are highly complete enough to be admired.. Jetta is calm and conservative, and if it feels empty somewhere, Avante conveys a colorful, future-oriented and fruitful feeling..

The biggest reason for this feeling is the difference in the design of the ventilator.. First, the Zeta’s has a slightly tacky design.. In particular, the design of the ventilator of the center fascia 15I am disappointed that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a design that was only seen in cars of years ago.. Fortunately, the square vents in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat are quite heavy and calm.. It’s also perfect for attaching a smartphone cradle.. Unlike the Jetta, Avante’s vent design is very sophisticated.. Ventilation openings were naturally arranged along the chrome line from the center fascia to the passenger seat.. It looks good without compromising the overall design harmony. If you pick the most favorite part of Avante’s interior, this is the vent..

The instrument panel is an analogue Zeta, Avante used full digital. The Jetta’s dashboard is located quite deep compared to the Avante.. Direct comparison is difficult because the two dashboards are different,, The Jetta is naturally comfortable for drivers. Avante’s dashboard display feels more protruding than necessary.. Besides, the plastic decoration of the unknown intent on the left side of the instrument panel is still questionable.. It looks like a wireless charging magnetic, but it doesn’t do anything..

Now let’s compare the displays located in the center of the dashboard.. The design of the display is also prettier in the Avante, but the Zeta’s display is more visible while driving.. This arises from differences in driver-centric design approaches.. The Avante feels that the entire space is wrapped around the driver through the plastic guides in the center tunnel, but the Jetta is because the display and air conditioning devices are more towards the driver than the Avante..

The steering wheel design also clearly shows the difference between the conservative Zeta and the progressive Avante.. Zeta’s is normal 3Spoke type and Avante has a unique design 4It is a spoke type. Avante of the steering wheel Onecity, 10The area where the finger in the direction of the eye is caught is protruded considerably, while the Zeta is smooth.. The Avante’s steering wheel is more advantageous in sports driving with both hands grasping and turning around..

As for the seat seating, the Avante is soft and the Jetta is hard.. The side bolster has a more swollen Avante at a glance.. Thanks to this, Avante feels more wrapped around the driver’s body.. The seat position was lower for the Avante.. Depending on the driver’s propensity, you may like the high seat position., You may like the lower ones, so it’s hard to judge what’s superior. If you prefer comfortable driving with high visibility, you will like the Jetta more., If you prefer sporty driving with a low position, you’ll love the Avante..

2The two spaces are almost the same, but the Avante is a little more spacious and pleasant.. But the Zeta CIt has a slightly better openness than Avante by using quarter glass for the filler.. Headroom has more space for Zeta due to the nature of the design.. It’s regrettable if you fall out 2The heating function of the heat was included in both cars.. 2The fierce game of heat is the oil of the air vent·It is decided by nothing. Unfortunately, the Zeta 2There is no heat vent. It seems to be an option that was deliberately left out to gain price competitiveness.. This option is an important part of domestic consumers, so Avante took more points..

The appearance of the car is also important, but the driver has much more time to look inside the car than the outside.. The Avante interior has a strong eye-catching power, but you will certainly not get tired of looking at the Zeta’s for a long time.. It was a fight between splendor and passivity, and as I said earlier, Avante’s interior was more attractive..

Written by Ahn Jin-wook

Match flower, It’s performance time. First let’s look at the hardware. Volkswagen Jetta 4Cylinder 1.4ℓ It’s a turbo engine. Output 150horsepower, Torque 25.5kg mHave the power of. This power is Aisin 8However, the front wheel is rolled through an automatic transmission.. Hyundai Avante is a hybrid. Output 105horsepower, Torque 15.0kg mWith the power of 4Cylinder 1.6ℓ System output by adding electric motor to engine instead of turbine 137horsepower, Torque 27.0kg mI have the power of. The transmission is 6However, it has a dual clutch unit.. The empty vehicle weight is even though the Avante is a hybrid 1330kgRather zeta as 1404kg Lighter than.

Actually running, there is no regret for both of them. Considering the genre and segment, the output is sufficient in the public road.. You can easily pass by following the normal traffic flow. The power doesn’t run even when I try to get up on the highway.. In terms of numbers, the Zeta has a high output and the Avante has a strong torque.. The car is light and the torque is a little thicker, so the haptic acceleration is better for Avante.. High-performance trim speeds up so you won’t miss it. On the other hand, engine response and rotational texture should raise the Zeta’s hand.. 4The cylinder engine is quietly set, so it’s really smooth.. Don’t get nervous while heading to the high rotation zone. The Avante is quiet with the help of an electric motor at low speeds, but when the accelerator pedal is pressed all the way, the sound of the engine’s struggle is transmitted to the cabin room intact..

The performance of the transmission is good for both.. The Jetta previously used a dual clutch and replaced it with a torque converter type, but it did not lose any shift speed.. Rather, durability is a welcome thing for consumers as the current transmission is ahead.. The dual clutch on the Avante shouldn’t be considered a dual clutch on a sports car.. Since there is a logic that prioritizes efficiency, it does not show the direct connection and fast shifting speed unique to the dual clutch unit.. That’s not enough to be frustrating, so I can agree.

The suspension is light for the jetta, Avante tuned heavily. The Jetta has a strong Japanese car, not a German car.. Avante is chasing a European car setting. Different styles, just change according to your tendency, Can’t judge what’s better. The Jetta seems to be in a compact car with a light footstep, and the Avante is conveyed with a sense of luxury with heavy movement.. Personally, I like the Zeta setting.. It is easy to induce a desire to bully. Just because you’re soft doesn’t mean your cornering skills are behind.. Of course, the left and right rolling is less in the Avante, but the cornering limit is similar.. Degree of understeer, Either one is not far ahead of both entry and exit speeds.

Finally, let’s look at the brake performance. The condition is good for Zeta. Because they are wearing winter tires. Moreover, the braking performance of European cars is stronger than that of domestic cars.. An unexpected result came out. The Avante was slightly shorter than the Jetta due to the braking distance.. I didn’t feel like the Jetta’s brake system was lacking, but the result was Avante.. You’re right to say that Avante’s is better.. The breaksteer or nosedive was not severe, and the Zeta lasted a little longer when there was a series of strong braking at high speeds.. When braking while riding a corner, the body rolls inward, and both the Zeta and Avante caught up well..



Zeta is more attracted. First of all, I don’t think I will get tired of looking at it for a long time because there is no big feature. The interior is also more colorful in Avante, but a simple layout is better considering that it will be owned for a long time.. The biggest reason for choosing the Zeta is the driving feel.. It is good because the hand taste transmitted by the steering wheel is light. This is secretly fun. Also, although there is no stimulating factor, it seems that the current condition will be maintained even after a long ride.. past DSGWhen the mileage accumulated, the owner’s wallet had to be opened, but now there is no need to do so..


When I first started this comparison, I thought the Zeta would have the upper hand.. But the Jetta couldn’t show what he expected. The solid ride from Germany was diluted by the American personality and the interior wasn’t attractive either.. On the other hand, Avante, who did not expect much, showed both firmness and softness.. It is a hybrid model that prioritizes fuel economy, but also has performance.. Durability can be an issue,, The Avante Hybrid’s powertrain has been verified for a long time with other models..


It is true that the Zeta from Germany had a lot of expectations.. However, when I actually dealt with it, it was difficult to find the parts that Avante lacked even compared to the Zeta.. Department of Interior Design UIThe convenience of the Avante was better.. Besides, the price of Avante is cheaper.. The cost-effectiveness of the low price is a big attraction for someone who is disappointed with a penny like me.. Obviously, brand value is also important, but Avante liked the car itself more.. In this confrontation, I carefully shout Avante’s victory..

Length×width×Height 4701×1798×1458mm | Wheel base 2684mm
Engine type I4 Turbo, Gasoline | Displacement 1395cc | Output 150ps
Torque 25.5kg m | Transmission 8Only automatic | Driving method FWD
Combined fuel economy 13.4km/ℓ | price 2951Ten thousand won

Length×width×Height 4650×1825×1420mm | Wheel base 2720mm
Engine type I4+E, Gasoline | Displacement 1580cc | Output 105ps
Torque 15.0kg m | Transmission 6only DCT | Total output 141ps
Driving method FWD | Combined fuel economy 19.5km/ℓ | price 2814Ten thousand won

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