2021.02.12.  4,665 Read The Charm Through the Century, 2021 Indian Scout Monthly Motorbike 6

2021.02.12. 4,665 Read The Charm Through the Century, 2021 Indian Scout Monthly Motorbike 6


The 2021 lineup of Indian Scouts is more competitive than ever, with 100 years of history as well as young and dynamic energy.

For Indians, scouts are a model with history and the pride of a brand. When the Indian Chief Series was drawing the Indian image, the dynamism of the brand’s image was disappearing. The most significant move in the Indian Motorcycles, which was relaunched by the Polaris Group, was the resurrection of this Scout. The Scouting success proved the value of the Indian motorcycle brand, while the Polaris group was wondering if it could save Indian motorcycles, and the Polaris group drastically cleared up Victory and focused on the Indians.

God’s hand

The Scout, which was newly introduced in 2015, chose a water-cooled engine rather than air-cooled. The engine that had the cooling fin that was considered the formula for a traditional cruiser disappeared was selected to make use of the beauty of the water-cooled engine with a finish that added cutting. In the early days, there was a controversy over sensitivity, but he overcame the familiarity with novelty as a weapon. As a result, the engine played a big role in the popularity of the Scout series. This is because the cruiser’s character at low speed and the character of sports bike at high speed are simultaneously contained in one engine, giving a variety of fun. And with the Euro 5 situation in 2021, the choice shines. The scout of the water-cooled engine was not difficult to obtain Euro 5 certification, which allowed them to start selling one step faster than their competitors.

Scout Barber and Twenty

The most basic of the Scout series, the Scout emphasizes the power of a twin engine with 100 horsepower and the traditional charm that goes through the century with a combination of classic and elegant painting and chrome. The Scout Barber, on the other hand, is a tough yet stylish model equipped with short-cut fenders, bar and mirrors, and block patterned Pirelli MT60RS tires on the body painted in black. Since its first release in 2018, it has enjoyed high popularity so that reservations have been pushed back until now. And Barber Twenty, a model born to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Scouting in 2020, got a more beautiful silhouette with a single seat floating in the air like the Scout that first appeared in 1920. The combination of compact headlight nacelle, Semi-Ape hanger handlebar, and bar end mirror is great. What all Scouts have in common is that the low and long silhouette creates a nice style, and the low seat height (675mm for Scouts) is quite good. Thanks to this, there are few restrictions on the height of the rider and it is easy to handle, so even beginners can adapt without difficulty.



various color

The 2021 lineup includes Scout Maroon Metallic, Scout Barber Maroon Metallic Smoke, and Alumina Jade Smoke Colors. In addition, last year, Barber Twenty’s production was reduced due to the coronavirus, which disrupted supply. Such trendy and sophisticated color options have been added, and the range of choices has become wider. Why don’t you enjoy the 2021 Scout and the charm that goes through the centuries and centuries?

Written Hyunyong Yang
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