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				"Wow it's really coming out" Domestic cars, scheduled to be released in the first half, car zoom 47

2021.02.10. 59,818 reads "Wow it’s really coming out" Domestic cars, scheduled to be released in the first half, car zoom 47

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As soon as the new year came, many new models were released.. But you shouldn’t be satisfied here. Because more new cars will be poured out.. Coronavirus especially last year19 It seems that the regret is being solved this year because the release schedule was not properly digested due to the situation..

In particular, domestic car brands are sharpening knives.. Even if you just hear the name, bold models are about to be released., We are preparing to target consumers’ wallets while going through major changes.. Then, let’s take a look at what models are domestic cars that will appear in the first half of the year when the release is imminent..

Can we alleviate concerns about electric vehicles??
Ionic 5, 2month 16Public

Ioniq has a lot of talk and a lot of masks from before launch 5Is finally released. Immediately 2month 16To work. Ionic 5Is the first model launched by Ioniq, Hyundai Motor’s electric vehicle brand.. The overall design is a pony 45Created for the anniversary 45 EV Move the concept car as it is, Headlamps and rear lamps with accented squares.

Because it is a new electric vehicle, a new platform is also applied.. Hyundai’s electric vehicle platform, E-GMPBattery performance is applied, distance driven, Even athletic performance is significantly improved compared to existing electric vehicles.. As the recent fire incident on Kona Electric occurred again, consumers are concerned., Ionic 5I am looking forward to seeing what kind of image will show in the future..

Source-YouTube channel’Gatcha’

I changed all the names
K8, 3Coming in March

Was it hungry for Grandeur, a symbol of success, to succeed?? K7Also, a new model that has undergone full change will be introduced.. Even the design and size as well as the name K8It is a figure that has been devoted enough to change it to. Hyundai 3Existing by applying generation platform K7With a larger body K8to be.

Here, the radiator grille on the front is large enough to cover the entire front, Various details overwhelm the Sonata, K5Design will be applied everywhere. There is also news that it applies to four-wheel drive.. It is expected that Kia Motors’ new logo will be affixed for the first time, adding its symbolism.. K8silver 3Will be released in May, I am curious about the outcome of whether I can catch the Grandeur..

Source-YouTube channel’Gatcha’

Can I be like Avante??
K3 Face lift, 4Coming in March

The days when Avante was called triangular, K3Began to rebound. However, Hyundai Motor Company quickly introduced a new Avante through model change, which was a huge hit.. K3The sporty design was applied to the extent that it was not noticeable, and it began to record a high sales volume, befitting the old name of Avante..

Therefore K3He also announced a facelift and pulled out the knife.. New K3Is currently on sale K5Is expected to inherit the identity of. ZType daytime running lights are applied, A rear lamp that extends horizontally in a dotted line is applied.. As for the power train, the existing lineup is maintained, Like Avante, hybrid lineup is expected to be added.. New K3Is 4Will be released in May.

Source-YouTube channel’Gatcha’

Cost performance flagship sedan
K9, 5Coming in March

People who have ridden say that this car is the best price-performance ratio ever, A car that few people have ever used, Cars that are more popular in the used car market than new cars, Kia’s flagship sedan K9I go through this face lift. It’s been a while since Full-chain payment face liftGo through.

K8Likewise, the radiator grill on the front is, under, left, All right are expanded. In particular, it is expected to apply an angled design to equip the flagship sedan’s dignity.. Changes in the rear part increase design freedom as the license plate in the trunk moves toward the bumper.. But there are also eyes of doubt.. K7this K8Changed to K9It is an opinion that it is necessary to arrange the position and. New K9silver 5Will be released in May.

Source-YouTube channel’Gatcha’

Let’s get the name back
Sportage, 6Coming in March

Small underneath SUVHit by, Medium from above SUVQuasi-medium pressed against SUV, Sportage goes through full change. In addition, as sibling model and rival Tucson recently released a new model and achieved good results, Sportage is accelerating further change..

The design of the new Sportage is expected to undergo radical changes.. Kia Motors’ first introduced at Sorento SUV Family look is more bold and sharply transplanted to Sportage.. Here, the same power train as Tucson is applied to even a hybrid model.. As the new Tucson rebounded through full change, Whether Sporty can regain its former glory, 6The result comes out in May.

Source-YouTube channel’Gatcha’

Interest is the best tea of ​​the first half
Staria, To be released in the first half

I think it is the model that received the most attention among the new cars released in the first half of this year.. Hyundai’s Starex is set to appear in a new shape by tearing everything apart.. The name is also changed from Starex to Staria.. The most eye-catching part of the revealed spy shot is the extremely shortened bonnet.. With soaring A Features a filler.

In addition, all of Staria’s windows are much larger than the previous model, giving passengers a cool sense of openness.. It is designed to carry more luggage by applying a square rear part.. In particular, many consumers are expecting the appearance of Staria because the four-wheel drive, which was regretted because it was not applied at the carnival, is applied to Staria. Starria will be released in the first half of the year..

The car with the best performance?
Avante N, To be released in the first half

Hyundai Motor Company’s high-performance brand NIs being actively approached to consumers by porting them to existing models.. Among them, to Avante NTo be reborn as a sportier model. Because of this For the model where high performance is most appropriate NYou are putting in”, “Avantewa NSeems to go well withIs leading the reaction.

Avante NSilver veloster NSame as 2.0 With a turbo engine 6However, with manual transmission 8only DCT You can choose either. This results in the highest output 276horsepower, Torque 36kg.mSeems to demonstrate the performance of. Here NYou can even see the interior where the signature color of is applied everywhere.. Avante NIs expected to be released in the first half.

Spur the uptrend
QM6 Diesel to be released in the first half

Except for the overwhelming Sorento, Medium-sized with the highest popularity SUVWhat is? Unlike expected, not Santa Fe QM6All. QM6Is a competitive medium SUVIt is considered as a cost-effective model with a much lower price compared to the lower-level models, Tucson and Sportage, and is receiving many choices..

Also, the only LPG Engine SUVIs blowing a name. In order to continue this upward trend, Renault Samsung QM6To re-add the diesel lineup. Still domestic consumers SUVBecause there is a lot of demand to put a diesel engine on the. To the diesel lineup QM6I am looking forward to seeing if I will be able to challenge Sorento.. QM6 Diesel lineup is expected to be released in the first half..

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