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Which maker has the most iconic design elements in the long automotive history? I think there are candidates that each think of in mind. Several makers come to mind, but I think anyone can understand this answer.

There are even people who claim to be big fans of this maker, Kidney It’s the BMW of the grill.

Boasting a long tradition, BMW is an automobile company with many attractive parts. Skeletal history, Kidney The excellent design represented by the grille, an attitude that is not afraid of innovation, and a sharp and attractive driving feeling. This is why there are many people who hate BMW, but the company itself admits it.

However, such a BMW is suffering from design recently. This is because of the new 2nd generation 4 series. The nostrils are too big. Not like BMW. Who designed it, it is truly originality.

Such public opinion is being filled with dissatisfaction with the overall design of BMW beyond the 4 Series. Koreans are at the center of this controversy. Designed the 4 series Seungmo Lim I am a designer.

It’s great to be able to create your own designs at a young age, and even at a major car company like BMW.

Seungmo Lim Designers started their first steps at Hongik University. Transportation design After graduating from a bachelor’s degree, To Pforzheim went.

Art Center in the US, RCA in the UK, and To Pforzheim In total, three educational institutions are among the best in automotive design. authoritative It’s schools. Seungmo Lim Designer Pforzheim I worked as a BMW intern while I was in school, and after that I got a master’s degree and immediately joined the BMW headquarters.

Seungmo Lim The designer is an exterior designer who is in charge of the exterior, and after joining the company, he is involved in the design of various models, but the full-scale design is from the 7th generation M5. This is the M5, not the 5 series.

Seungmo Lim The next work, the BMW Vision Next 100, is the designer’s name in earnest. Concept (Vision Next 100 Concept). The release timing is later in the M5, but in terms of the project work order, the M5 is faster.

The Vision Next 100, as its name implies, is a model that marks the future of BMW. As important as the name It is considerable. It was on a heavy mission to show everyone the capabilities and future vision of BMW.

Such an important model Seungmo Lim The designer made it really cool. The lifelike design of fenders and wheels has been highly praised by consumers as well as the industry. It was a great success that grabbed both experts and the public. It is easy to be unconventional, but it is not easy to be cool at the same time. Designers and models with such great success are rare.

The recent BMW design controversy, called the Nutria Grill, didn’t start overnight. The beginning of a long controversy Seungmo Lim Designer’s next project, i Vision Dynamics Concept(i Vision Dynamics Concept). this The concept is The future of the upcoming BMW i brand conceptIt was Ka.

Now this Concept Connecting i4 concept It came out, and a mass-produced car is expected soon. I-vision dynamics Concept The reason for the controversy is that the grille was a design that was never seen in BMW until now.

Some of the grill shapes were vertical, but the biggest reason for the severe criticism Kidney The grill was connected. There were even comments that reminiscent of Kia’s tiger nose grill. There was a bit of controversy over the grill, concept The review itself was okay. conceptEverything up to the car Watching There are not many people, and Because it’s a concept This is also because experimental designs are acceptable.

However, the small controversy begins to grow. 2018 with ix3 Vision iNext concepts As they came out one after another, there was an uproar. Criticism continued as the grill, which was thought to have been tried experimentally, ran out one after another.

Especially ix3 It was a concept It was a design that would just come out as a mass-produced car, so the wavelength was bigger. From then on,’In BMW, electric cars Connecting everything No!’ As the words were spoken, there were tremendous criticisms from all over the world. It was an ironic situation that consumers valued BMW’s heritage more than BMW.

Ix3 eventually released, perhaps because of the subsequent severe reviews Mass production ix, and the recently released i4 Up to the concept All were revealed in the shape of a conventional BMW grill. Everything Seungmo Lim It’s not the designer’s fault. Although the design that connected the nose was the first to be presented, the ix3 and iNext are the work of other designers.

And finally, of the 4 series concept The model will be unveiled in Frankfurt in 2019. Surprisingly 4 series The concept is It wasn’t as bad as the mass-production 4 series that was released now. Of course, there were many criticisms at the time, but this criticism was much stronger abroad than in Korea. Mass production model department It’s almost the same design, but why Is it like that?

On a large scale, it is almost the same design, but on a detailed look, there are quite a few different corners. Such subtle differences often make the whole feeling quite different. conceptCars have far fewer restrictions than mass-produced vehicles. The design freedom is much higher.

conceptThe typical features of the car are almost no budget constraints, no need to think about mass production, and since it is not a car that will run on the road, there is no need to follow safety regulations. When this happens, it’s much sharper Entering edges You can do a living design. Since only one is made, it can be finished almost like a jewel. In the end, these factors conceptIt makes a big difference in the design of the car.

4 series conceptThe biggest factor that makes the difference between Kawa and mass-produced cars is the headlamp. Most of the criticisms coming out right now are grills conceptWhen I was car, that grill was the same. Why did you hear much more criticism when you came to a mass-produced car?

Design requires fine and subtle coordination in order for everything to fit harmoniously. At that time, it was a shocking huge vertical Kidney Headlamp, bonnet, and air intake designs are included to assist the grill. Than the mass production model It had a much more intense and sharp, heterogeneous design.

When looking at the thickness of the headlamp, it is much thinner than a mass-produced vehicle. If you look closely, it is even exposed right away without a plastic cover. Even if it’s buried in the grill and doesn’t get much attention, it’s actually as exceptional as the grill.

To look unconventional, you have to support everything around you. It is in a similar context with high fashion. Unique and new design coordinates more elaborately It should be. That way, you can look new and fresh and show off high quality. When worn with ordinary clothes, it just looks overly bounced and weird.

conceptAfter leaving the car, the only thing left in the mass-produced car is an unconventional grill. The other elements around it are the impressions that have melted away. Another mass-produced car Headlamp It is too thick and too easy to see. conceptIt is thought to be the reason for much more severe criticism than Ka.

Seungmo Lim Designer Pforzheim From graduation works to’Vision Next 100′ and’i Vision Dynamics’, all of the representative works are vertical grills.

then Seungmo Lim Has the designer brought the vertical grill craze for BMW? I think there are quite a few shares, but I can’t say I made it that way. Seungmo Lim In addition to the projects that the designer was in charge of, there are already vertical grills like ix, and before that, Concept diagram Because there was definitely.

This car is ‘3.0 CSL homage Concept. And, unfortunately, the designer who designed this car is also Korean. Right now, he is a designer Kang Won-gyu from BMW to Kia Motors.

Whether it was a coincidence, designer Kang Won-gyu was the first generation 4 series Concept I even did a design. In the end, the design of the 4 Series was born in the hands of Korean designers, both the first and second generation.

Looking at the circumstances, it seems that the BMW design team spent a long time planning the vertical grille, and it is said that it is. Domago currently in charge of BMW design Dukek’s I mean. With vertical grill Let’s look at the core of the interview for the new 4 Series.

“The biggest goal of this 4 Series was to differentiate it from the 3 Series. This is because the first generation differs from the 3 series only in the roof line. Since the 3 Series and 4 Series have different uses, the customer base is completely different. Since the 4 Series is a two-door coupe, it instilled more speciality and personality for the customer base. That’s the result of the 2nd Generation 4 Series.”

“The vertical grill is a design that comes from the process of adding freshness to the BMW Design Heritage. There is a lot of controversy right now, but I think it will be accepted within 2-3 years. When it comes to car design, proportion is the most important. Looking at the size and area of ​​the grill, the vertical grill of the 4 series That It’s not on the big side.” Listening to this, I think the grill may be bigger in the future.

Another interesting thing about the interview is that in the design process of the 4 series, the usual Kidney He said that there was also a cyan with a grill applied. He said that when he did this, the 4 Series just looked like a small 8 Series and was not adopted. But small 8 series side The evaluation might have been much better than now. In summary, this 4 series is said to have been designed like this to give the 4 series uniqueness.

So, was the intention of the BMW design team well conveyed? Unfortunately, both domestic and overseas reactions are only cold. And here, an unusually bad evaluation of a designer ignited public opinion.

This designer is a former retired As a BMW designer He also designed the first generation X5, and worked at numerous manufacturers, including McLaren, Ferrari, Mini, and Maserati, and made many hits. Because he is a person with more public confidence than anyone else, the wavelength is even greater.

It’s very uncommon for designers to evaluate other designers’ work. It’s like the custom of the industry. In particular, it is a corporation that does not evaluate other people’s designs even more in an official position, but this designer made an unusual personal evaluation of whether it was because he retired. I said it very carefully, but it wasn’t a good review either.

“The grill doesn’t suit you too much. It seems that it was designed by another company because it was so popping alone and did not match the design around it. I don’t like the license plate covering the grill. The car and license plate are inseparable elements. If you’re a designer, you need to design with license plates in mind. A design that looks more ugly because it is covered by a license plate is not a good design.”

“The side or the back is not bad. It feels like a car these days, but it’s not a BMW-like design. If you cover the logo, you don’t know if it’s another brand car. Why Dare BMW Hope Meister kick I can’t understand whether it takes a more sub-brand feel by throwing away the same unique design elements.” It can be summed up to a degree. As a designer who worked directly on the BMW design team, I feel the weight of the comments.

With such evaluations coming out, designs are burning more overseas. The recent ix was also not very well evaluated, so is there a problem with the direction of the overall BMW design? Is even coming out.

Surprisingly, it is not the first time that such controversy has occurred in BMW design. Anyone interested in design will know Chris Bangle. He has been leading the design of BMW for nearly 10 years since 2000, and after that, he is a world-class designer who has been connected with Samsung.

Chris Bangle’s designs have received far more opposition and criticism than they do now. He changed all of the old angled BMWs to show a rounder and three-dimensional design for the first time. But being different from others is always criticized.

Bangle’s design has been criticized enormously by designers in the industry, but it has begun to be reevaluated over time and is now considered to have made a mark in the history of automotive design as well as BMW.

The designers mentioned earlier also gave a fairly positive evaluation of the change itself. When it comes to design, the status quo is like a retreat, he says. This is a word that penetrates the design industry, which if it doesn’t change all the time. Could the evaluation of the 4 Series change over time? We will see if the evaluation will change after launch.

The worst 4 series of Korean designer’s works, domestic and foreign reactions
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