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This is a test drive for the BMW midsize SUV X5 model.

The BMW X5 is the fourth generation model and is codenamed G05.

Kidney grill is more bold Active Astream GrillInside the furnace, the shutter opens and closes according to conditions.

Inline 6-cylinder diesel turbo
265 horsepower
Top speed 230km/h
Zero back approx. 6.5 seconds
Steptronic Sports Automatic 8-speed

Length 4,935mm
Width 2,004mm
Height 1,752mm
Wheelbase 2974mm

German homepage inch conversion The figures may differ from the domestic type approval.

Front wheel 275-40-20
Rear wheel 305-40-20

The quarter cluster line is pretty cool, and the side character line is also impressive.

The diffuser is also neat on the stable rear side.

The tailgate that opens up and down has a large open size and high utilization. Separate space is arranged up to the floor, so it can be used more efficiently.

Of course, they are all powered by electricity.

While maintaining the unique line of the X5, which was good before, full change was very well done, focusing on details.

Is the interior space a signal of BMW’s change? It is spacious and luxurious, and it seems to be redefining BMW’s own style.

The seat memory is all auto for 2 windows. The control panel is positioned so that it can be operated very comfortably. The leather texture used as interior is also good.

The map pocket wants to give a good score in terms of size and composition. The finish is also neat.

The seat including the 4way lumber support felt good from the first time I sat down.

The simple-looking backrest holds the body better than I thought, and both leather and cushions were very satisfying.

The pedal is a sports type that is a mixture of metal and rubber.

If you pull the bonnet twice, you just need to lift it from the front without any additional manipulation.

The light switch has turned into a rotary type.

There is a hidden storage space at the bottom (it is a space that is highly utilized).

The tilting & telescopic is electrically operated.

The sporty interior gives a good sense of sportiness to an SUV’s level without reluctance. In addition, the leather texture was considerably improved compared to the previous generations.

Harman Kardon surround sound system is applied.

The driver-centric asymmetric cockpit is reminiscent of an aircraft cockpit.

Most of all, the full digital cluster and infotainment panel give you a strong sense of the future.

The steering with the airbag finished in leather has a good leather texture and satisfactory grip. However, I thought that a slightly thicker grip could be a bit burdensome for female drivers.

The full digital type cluster seems to have a little bit of Ido.

The Smart Cruise Control, which is set up at the touch of a button, is also like a BMW that is strong in electronic equipment. The paddle shift was also large, so it was easy to use.

The cluster and infotainment panels are applied with a 12.3-inch high-resolution panel, and it was very comfortable because it even supported touch.

It seems that the traditional BMW audio controls remain the same (because it’s their own identity).

Smartphone wireless charging device is applied, and there are two cup holders.

The gear knob applied through collaboration with Swarovski was the best! Come to think of it, the iDrive lever is also cool^^

The start is a button type and is located on the left side of the gear knob.

Driving mode, parking brake and adaptive air suspension adjustable up to +-40mm are applied.

The armrest storage space is split left and right.

The passenger compartment is a bit unique, but it’s definitely an open type, but it feels like a sliding door. Besides, the flattening cover and inner space seem to be more comfortable to use.

Take a look at the back seats too! It was a little disappointing that there was no sun shade on the side view.

There was no shortage of both legroom and headroom with ample space.

It is still unfortunate to adjust the angle of the backrest, but the cushion and the leather texture itself are good, so it was not very uncomfortable.

Although it is a rear-wheel-based vehicle, the chin is not high, so the space utilization was also good.

When sitting, there is room for about two fists in your knees.

There is also an air vent inside the B pillar.

There are two mains in the center. Heated seat control and rear seat air conditioning are also well equipped.

The cup holder is folded in front of the armrest. The inner storage space was wide but low, so it seemed a little difficult to take a spare.

The match between the inline six-cylinder diesel turbo engine and the eighth gear was really good.

The snug ride like the BMW still leads to sharp handling and high driving stability.

The spacious and comfortable interior gives you the feeling that you are driving a bigger car than it actually is, but driving was not burdensome or uncomfortable.

This seems to have been the case because advanced driving and parking aids such as Driving Assistant Professional and Reversing Assistant are fully equipped.

Fuel efficiency of about 8km/l in 100% city driving and up to 13.8km/l in 80-100km/h cruising was also seen. The official fuel efficiency is known to be about 10.2km/l.

I was really curious about the BMW laser light that boasts a 500m visibility from above, but unfortunately, the test drive was a Full LED.

The light accelerative response delivered a heavy weight to zero back and six seconds. At the same time, the noise and vibration were also fairly well controlled. (I checked, it wasn’t even double-glazed sound insulation glass…)

Looking at the design, it seems that the BMW’s unique personality is well represented. It would be nice to have the exhaust sound a little more bold, but it also felt a little suppressed.

It seems that I was expecting too much because the M-Sports exhaust system was applied, but anyway, I think it would be better to set it more boldly.

As I keep seeing it, it seems that it is more suited to the city center. Of course, the height of the car can be adjusted, so if you lift it up, it also feels like a tough off-roader.

Thanks to the full-time four-wheel drive, the pretty good handling looked better.

I thought that over 100 million worth of value was enough for the momentary reaction in the sharp corner or the ability to withstand better than expected even in the strong corner.

It belongs to a luxury SUV, but secretly, competition is fierce in this market. X5 full change X30d xDrive M sportI felt like I had enough competitiveness.

X5 full change, the new X5 30d xDrive M sport,

I want to choose a luxury SUV The joy of running while being sensitive to cornering Active to high owners who never give up This is a recommended vehicle. More than BMW X5 30d xDrive M sport package Finish the test drive.

Thank you ^^

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