2021/02/10 23:40 Partial Choi!The United Nations exposes North Korea to hack into hundreds of millions of virtual assets to develop nuclear weapons

In a confidential report, the

In a confidential report, the “United Nations North Korea Expert Group” accused North Korean leader Kim Jong Un of sending hackers to invade financial institutions and virtual currency exchanges, stealing hundreds of millions of assets, and the proceeds were used to develop nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and activities. North Korean economy. (Reuters)

2021/02/10 23:40

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]The “UN Panel of Experts on North Korea” (UN Panel of Experts on North Korea), which monitors the sanctions and effectiveness of North Korea, accused North Korea of ​​using hackers to invade financial institutions and virtual currencies in a confidential report. The exchange stolen assets, and the proceeds were used to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. It also injected fresh water into North Korea’s economy that has stalled since last year’s Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) cut off its external links.

According to the “CNN” report, the report cited intelligence disclosed by an anonymous member of the United Nations, stating that North Korea’s hacker forces stole up to 316.4 million U.S. dollars (about 8.86 billion Taiwan dollars) in virtual assets from 2019 to November 2020. North Korea These funds are also used to continuously produce nuclear fission materials, maintain nuclear facilities, upgrade ballistic missile facilities, and seek overseas development of materials and technologies for these projects. An anonymous UN member state assessed that North Korea’s current technology can mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile, but it is not sure whether the missile can successfully return to the atmosphere after it is launched.

“CNN” obtained this confidential report through diplomatic channels. This report gathered information from UN member states, intelligence organizations, the media, and defectors. CNN pointed out that although the North Korean delegation to the United Nations did not respond to CNN’s questions, the confidential report is related to the national development plan announced by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last month. Kim Jong-un publicly stated at the North Korean Workers’ Party Congress last month that he would continue to develop nuclear, missile and other projects to penetrate hostile missile defense systems and deter the United States.

The United Nations and North Korea expert team also found that North Korea’s Wuhan pneumonia blockade policy has affected North Korea’s ability to obtain foreign exchange from overseas. Coal is one of North Korea’s most valuable exports. North Korea earned 370 million U.S. dollars (about 10.3 billion Taiwan dollars) from coal exports in 2019. However, starting in July last year, North Korea cut off confirmed cases of pneumonia imported from Wuhan. All external connections have also cut off the economic lifeline between North Korea and China, and coal exports have therefore stalled. Experts predict that if the epidemic does not improve, North Korea will rely more heavily on hacker forces to increase its treasury revenue.

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