2021/02/10 23:07 Choking Greece weighs oneself!Turkish strongman Edogen: Cyprus impossible to federalism

Turkish President Edogan (pictured) stated today that the issue of splitting Cyprus must be resolved with a

Turkish President Edogan (pictured) stated today that the issue of splitting Cyprus must be resolved with a “two-state” solution. (AFP)

2021/02/10 23:07

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again choked to Greece in his speech in Parliament today (10), saying that the Cyprus problem cannot be resolved by federalism, and the two proposed by Turkey The two-state accord is the only way out.

Cyprus is adjacent to Turkey. Historically, it was ruled by the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of Turkey, and the British. In 1960, it became independent from Britain. There are mainly two ethnic groups of Greek and Turkish origin on the island. Soon after independence, bloody clashes broke out due to constitutional issues, which attracted Turkish troops to intervene. In 1983, under the support of Turkey, the Turkish descent established the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” in the northern part of the island, which was only recognized by Turkey diplomatically, and Cyprus has been divided as a result.

The Associated Press reported that Edogen pointed out in the conversation that there is no other way but the two-state solution to solve the problem of the split of Cyprus, and said, “You accept or reject it. Federalism is not. may”.

The report pointed out that the timing of Edogen’s speech was a bit delicate, because the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has scheduled to convene representatives of the three protectorate nations of Cyprus, Britain, Greece and Turkey next month. Come to a meeting to try to resume the dialogue between them and seek to bring the island back to unity.

In his conversation, Aydogan also mentioned Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who accused Mitsotakis of disrupting the dialogue between Greece and Turkey in an attempt to reduce tension and creating confrontations. So he asked Mizotakis to “measure his own weight”, “If they really seek peace, then don’t challenge me”, “If you don’t know how heavy you are, your behavior is “turning over the table.” “”.

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