2021.02.10.  20,368 Read Reasons to put 900,000 won LEDs in Carnival, Can vs Full Option Difference Copyence 28

2021.02.10. 20,368 Read Reasons to put 900,000 won LEDs in Carnival, Can vs Full Option Difference Copyence 28

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4There is a separate option of style in the Generation Carnival.. It’s an option. It’s good to add everything, but the price 70~90As it amounts to 10,000 won, I have no choice but to worry.. What will change if you add carnival style options?? We looked at the difference in the appearance of a carnival depending on the style option..

Configure style options for style and safety

4The presence of a generational carnival begins with a lamp.. LED DRLConnects the headlamp and grill,’Z’The figure bent in shape conveys a strong impression.. Rear LED If you look closely at the rear combination lamp graphics, DRL You can see that it matches the shape. In addition, the lamp graphic was arranged horizontally to make the vehicle look wider.. However, to complete this stunning carnival look, you need to add style options at the time of purchase..

The main component of the style option is LED Lights. Style options are projection by default LED Headlamp, front LED Turn signal lamp, LED Pogram, LED It consists of a rear combination lamp, According to the seater 19Inch tire&Wheel is added. This is the brightness of the lights and the internal graphics, It has a lot of influence on external aspects such as wheel size and design..

Style options configuration, 7-seater, 9-seater, 11-seater are all different?

Carnival style options are common across all trims.. However, there are some differences in composition depending on the seater..

Why 7-seater, 19-inch tires & wheels are missing

first 7Seater is on the front trim 235/55R19 Sized tire&Wheels are standard. Thus separate tires&Wheel options are not available, The four kinds of LED Lights(Projection LED Headlamp, front LED Turn signal lamp, LED Pogram, LED Rear combination lamp)Consists only of. Accordingly, the price 70In ten thousand won 9It becomes slightly cheaper compared to seater.

Carnival 7-seater basic trim configuration (Noblesse)

The most popular 9-seater, surely the appearance!

On the other hand, 9Seater’s tire&The wheel is all trim 18Are unified in inches. therefore 9Applying style options to seater 235/55R19 tire&An additional wheel is added, Price 2010,000 won rise. Prestige for your reference, Goodyear tires at Noblesse, Continental tires are applied in the signature.

18 inch wheels

Unfortunately, there is no 11 seater?

But unfortunately 11Style options cannot be selected in seater. 11In the case of a seater, it is included as a ride and is often used for business rather than passenger use.. Because of the sales volume, The selection rate is also low, It is estimated that differentiation is also necessary..

Realistic pros and cons of choosing style items

This style option is carnival 7Seungwa 9It brings many changes to the appearance of the seater.. But when there are advantages, there are also disadvantages.. Here are some practical advantages and disadvantages of applying style options..

The real advantage of adding style options is K5Same as when. LED The design satisfaction is high thanks to the graphic inside the lamp revived by lighting and the front turn signal lamp.. Also LED Excellent brightness from lighting and driving stability provided by large wheels are good examples..

(Left): Style O / (Right): Style X

Disadvantages are also similar. Somewhat burdensome 70~90Option price of 10,000 won, This is the rise in cost when replacing parts such as lamps and tires.. Fortunately, the government approved standard fuel efficiency standards 18Inches and 19Inch tire&There is no known difference in fuel economy of the wheel.

The difference between 700,000 and 900,000 won is shown in real-life

How about seeing these differences in real life?? For quick understanding, Copyence prepared due diligence on the appearance difference according to the presence or absence of style items.. For reference, the carnival with style options 7Seater, Vehicles without a style option 9Be a seater.

Isn’t there a surprisingly big difference? LED headlamp

In fact K5As in the case, the difference in headlamps according to style options is not very large.. Especially at the carnival LED Headlamps are applied as standard, so even the color between lamps is the same.. The other thing is the design or cover inside the lamp..

Style X

Style O

Carnival also hasn’t changed much,, If you put them in one place and compare them, the differences are quite noticeable.. First of all, for vehicles without style options DRLAll parts except MFR Type. Because the inside of the lamp is opaque, The boundaries between ramps are also not clear..

Style X

Style O

However, applying the style option makes the boundary between the lamps sharper.. On the bulb type turn indicator LED Turn signals and LED As the positioning lamp comes in, two lines are added, The two projection lamps also shine independently. In addition, the high beam is also changed to the two-leg projection type, delivering a sense of unity..

(Left): Style X / (Right): Style O

Change the impression of the front, turn signal lamp

The turn signal lamp is the part where the value is best revealed in the front part.. For vehicles without style options, bulb-type turn signals are applied.. The location is LED DRLThe bottom of.

(Left): Style O / (Right): Style X

But when I apply the style option LED DRL The whole will serve as a turn signal lamp.. Also, the location of the existing turn indicators LED Turn signal lamp is added. This is noticeable when the turn signal lamp is activated..

(Left): Style O / (Right): Style X

The part I regret most if I don’t include a style option, the rear combination lamp

In the front part, if the turn signal lamp is worth the option,, On the rear, a rear combination lamp provides an optional value.. Especially in style options LED The rear combination lamp is chosen by carnival owners. LoveIt is also a function.

(Left): Style X / (Right): Style O

First, let’s look at the car that lacks the style option.. Front even on vehicles without style options DRL Unique graphics are alive. However, when you turn on the lamp, the light from the bulb only leaks out following the drawn graphic., The boundaries are not clear. In addition, the graphic part connecting the left and right is cut off, so the presence is less.. When you hit the brakes, the bulb glows a little more red..

Style X

Style O

On the other hand, Vehicles with style options have very clear lines on the rear combination lamps.. In addition, the graphic extends from the end of the body to the center, so the design element is excellent.. When you step on the brake, LED Dozens of lights shine brightly.

(Right): Style O / (Left): Style X

Big wheels are great for big cars!

As mentioned earlier, the wheel size 9This story is only for the style option of Seung. if so 9How will the wheel change when adding style options in the seater??

In fact, if you’re not interested in carnival, it may be difficult to tell the difference between the design of the two wheels.. The reason is the basic type 18Because the design of the inch wheel is also luxurious enough.. in reality 4Generation of carnival 18Although the inch wheel is a basic type, aluminum and cutting design are applied.. The shape that extends from the center of the wheel is also luxurious..

Style X

Style X

if so 19How about inches? 19The inch wheel is also made of aluminum and the cutting method is applied as it is.. Just cut the section more sharply, A finesse was added to the central part.. More luxurious 19Inch side or, There is not much difference in design.

Style O

Style O

Carnival clearly showed the difference in appearance according to style options.. Especially LED The gap between the rear combination lamp and the front turn signal lamp was very large.. However, from a realistic point of view, it is also a part that is not easy to know unless you are an owner of a car or a carnival. In other words, Style options provide safety and driving stability at night, It can be seen that the user’s preference is close to the added item.. If you are planning to buy a carnival, budget and taste, It is recommended to carefully examine the design differences and make a decision..

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