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				"Will it come out like this?" A new car design that is terrible to see again Autopost 153

2021.02.10. 187,652 read "Will it come out like this?" A new car design that is terrible to see again Autopost 153

(Photo = Youtube Gatcha)

It is a new car design that is predicted to be released that is difficult to see through as much as a human mind. The manufacturer reveals various teasers and gives hints on the design, but it is only possible to know exactly what design the new car will be released with. Nowadays, there are many netizens who are drawing predictions in anticipation of new car designs, and they are attracting public attention.

Most of the predicted maps drawn by them show a large distance from the mass-produced car, but some predicted maps can be seen to draw a design that is almost accurate to the point that “I think it’s like drawing a new car directly.” Today’s AutoPost Issue Plus will take another step into the story of the expected new car release.

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(Photo = KOAECA.RU)

From roughly drawn as a hobby
Almost similar to a production car
There is also an estimate

If there is a car that no one is interested in, there may not be much news, but most of the new cars that are attracting the public’s attention, regardless of domestic cars, imported cars, various forecasts are disclosed before launch. There are some predictions that are roughly drawn at the level of a hobby, and there are cases where a professional designer draws a high level of predictions through analysis with their own philosophy.

Nowadays, there are also designers who specialize in drawing only new car forecasts and gaining recognition. Checking the picture of the test car covered with the thick camouflage film, analyzing the hidden lines, and looking at the videos detailing the process of drawing the predicted map, you only think that it is “great”.

(Photo = Carscoops)

With actual mass production car design
Depending on the difference, some users
It is also called’Gourmet Restaurant’

It is not only domestic netizens to draw an estimate for domestic cars. Domestic cars with high interest from overseas users also show predictions from foreign media as shown in the photo and try to guess new car designs. The picture shows that the front panel design of Hyundai Motors’ new Tucson is expected to have a high quality similar to that of mass production Tucson.

There are also many predicted maps that are completely different from the mass production type, but it is a fun thing for netizens to see it. Some users who can draw a new car forecast well are responding enthusiastically, saying, “Estimated restaurant”. Today, let’s look at the new car forecasts drawn by various users both at home and abroad.

(Photo = KOAECA.RU)

“Can I catch the S class like this?”
New BMW 7 Series

KOAECA, a Russian automobile media, is well known for showing various new car forecasts. Recently, the 2022 model new BMW 7 series forecast was released, and evaluations continue to show that the distinction between the headlamp and the DRL is well expressed.

If you look at the BMW 7 Series test car that is currently undergoing road testing with a very thick camouflage membrane, you can see that a huge kidney grill is located in the center as expected, and the headlamp is located at a relatively low place. Therefore, it can be said that the predictions made good use of those parts, but seeing that design likes and dislikes are already severely divided, worrying ahead of expectations is whether it will be possible to check the S class.

(Photo = KOAECA.RU)

“Is Superman’s grill applied again?”
The new Genesis G90

KOAECA also draws a lot of forecasts for Hyundai-Kia Motors. When it comes to the accuracy of the prediction, it has not been evaluated so well, but it is at the level of being used as a reference material. Recently, the Genesis Next Generation G90 forecast was drawn, and the large crest grill on the front and the connected headlamps were well expressed. It seems that this part is emphasized because it has been confirmed that the actual mass-produced car will also be equipped with a crest grill called Superman grill.

The bonnet shape that extends to the side fender is also well expressed. The side line and the unique C-pillar line are also positively reflecting the appearance found in the test car. However, since the exact design of the rear part is not yet known, the existing G90 design is applied as it is. As for the G90, I’m actually worried about the design rather than expecting the 7 Series.

(Photo = KOAECA.RU)

“This time I catch the GLE Coupe”
Genesis GV80 Coupe

Recently, the news that the GV80 coupe-type model will appear through the Genesis GV80 Café received attention. It is rumored that the GV80 Coupe will appear as a model to keep the GLE in check, and it will be the sports version of the GV80.

If you look at the predicted map drawn by KOAECA, you can see that the roof part was transformed into a coupe type from the existing GV80. The design of the roof part was changed while inheriting the existing GV80 design, but the design is not so awkward than I thought, so I am more excited about how the GV80 coupe will come out. Will Genesis’ first coupe SUV hold the Mercedes?

(Photo = Youtube Gatcha)

“This is enough to boost the carnival”
Hyundai Staria

Production will start in March, and interest in the successor Starria of Hyundai Starex, which will be released soon, is also hot. The projected map is the work of YouTuber GOTCHA, who continuously uploads new car forecasts through YouTube. Using the recently revealed part of the exterior design, a starria forecast was drawn.

Although the size of the wide side window is expected, it can be seen that it is quite overwhelming, and about half of the design of the front part is the grill. The headlamps are located at both ends of the grill, and it has been confirmed that the daytime running lights are illuminated on a date above the headlamps. The design of the rear part is almost in line with the expectation as the actual car picture that has already exposed the camouflage membrane has been leaked.

(Photo = Youtube Gatcha)

“Kia’s will to start anew”
Sportage, K8

YouTuber GOTCHA is also drawing the Kia new Sportage and K8 predictions. Both vehicles are expected to come out of a situation where it is difficult to predict the exact design because only the test car surrounding the thick camouflage membrane is being captured. Both vehicles are models that will be the main pillars of Kia’s new changes.

Sportage is expected to show an unprecedented design that gives a fresh shock as much as Hyundai Tucson, and the K8 also announced high-end, saying that it would capture the Grandeur, so it is expected how much product it will have. Netizens who confirmed the sportage predictions showed disbelief about the design, but most of the K8 continued to respond that they were expected to say “grand” and “cool”.

(Photo = KOAECA.RU, Youtube Gatcha)

Even if it is completely different from the actual car,
There were cases that were almost the same

If so, how much is the accuracy of the projections? In fact, it is always good to keep in mind that the predicted map is only an estimate, and that it may be completely different from the actual mass-produced car, and it is good to just enjoy it.

Nevertheless, the works of some artists who successively draw a high level of prediction that is almost 100% consistent with the actual car are, “Isn’t this enough to see the actual car?” It seems like it is being released to promote it.” It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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