2021.02.09.  74,513 read options Imported car Kolon Motors 55, which costs 64.3 million won, which is called the real'cost performance'

2021.02.09. 74,513 read options Imported car Kolon Motors 55, which costs 64.3 million won, which is called the real’cost performance’

Hello, this is BMW Kolon Motors.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the BMW models that have changed options in January. Let’s take a look at which models have enhanced marketability with new options.

This is the news of the 5 Series option change that was reborn as a facelift model in October 2020 and is loved by you.

First of all, this is an optional change to the 520i model, which is loved as a cost-effective model, and the 523d ​​model, which provides more powerful performance and superior fuel economy with a mild hybrid system.

Four-zone air conditioning is applied from the existing two-zone air conditioning to provide a comfortable indoor space for rear passengers.

In the case of the 530i model, the parking assistant function has been updated to the parking assistant plus function.For customers who have difficulty parking, a parking assist system that enables reverse parking and a surround view function that shows a top-down display have been added.

In addition, advanced options such as laser light and soft closing are additionally installed.

For the 5 Series, the price of the vehicle has increased by 70~2.6 million won through the above option change. For detailed price consultation, please refer to the link at the bottom of the text.

This is news of an option change for the 6 Series model, which has a solid support layer as a family car along with the 5 Series.

Soft closing features, only available on the previous 640i models, have also been added to the 620d and 630i. Soft closing is applied to all the doors of the vehicle and automatically closes the door even if the door is slightly closed. It is a very convenient function as a family car used with a child with relatively weak power.

It is also one of the options that many consumers are satisfied with as you can feel the luxury.

On the other hand, in the case of the 640i model, a laser light function has been added, and there is an increase in the price of 8 to 1.2 million won for all models of the 6 series.

This is the news of the Mild Hybrid system on the 8-series model, which represents the essence of BMW’s premium sports sedan.

The 840d model, which will be applied after production in November 2020, is equipped with a 48V mild hybrid system, so you can feel not only superior performance but also high fuel efficiency.

You can experience the advanced technology of the mild hybrid system in any driving situation, from output assistance through E-boost, charging through regenerative braking when decelerating, and coasting mode.

We hope you will experience the improved fuel economy and performance through the powerful 840d engine performance and mild hybrid system.

The optional enhanced model of the BMW X3M Competition, which will be applied from production in November 2020, has been added with functions for the convenience of the rear seats.

The tilt adjustment function of the second row seat and the sun blind function to block the sunlight have been added. In case of tilt adjustment, the tilt can be adjusted within the range of 6 degrees in front and 5 degrees in the rear. In addition, sun blinds have been added together, and these two functions are provided to provide a convenient boarding environment for rear passengers.

With this, the X3, which boasts a convenient boarding environment and excellent space utilization. Even in the X3M Competition model, which is harmonized with BMW’s powerful performance M, the rear seat utilization has been greatly increased, providing convenience without lacking as a family car.

BMW’s compact SUV, the X1, has come to you with a new interior trim.

The interior of the X1 M Sport Package features the existing aluminum hexagon interior & matte blue highlights.

This new interior has been transformed into a sporty yet luxurious interior with brushed aluminum interior & pearl chrome highlights applied.

The X1 consists of a diesel 18d model and a gasoline 20i model, so you can choose the model you want.

Since the addition of the remote start function of the 3 series sedan and touring models, there have been many customers who inquired because remote start was not activated on some models.On January 21, 21, the service will be applied collectively through the remote software update. is.

Joining the Connected Store is essential for remote start-up and remote software operation, so take advantage of the service through the BMW Connected Drive site.

Please note that we plan to support the purchase of remote start function through the Connected Store for the 20 year model 3 Series Touring models excluding the 21 year model.

So far, we have looked at the options enhanced models for January 2021. We visited customers with a wide range of merchandise to suit their needs and preferences. For more detailed specifications and vehicle prices, please visit the nearest Kolon Motors exhibition center.

Kolon Motors BMW Bundang Exhibition Center

2, Seohyeon-ro 429beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do


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