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2021.02.09. 71,937 read Kia Motors CV, unveiled in March!… Motor graph of 29 trillion investment in 5 years 104


Kia Motors held’CEO Investor Day’ online on the 9th. On this day, Kia Motors unveiled the three core businesses of Plan S, detailed strategies, and mid- to long-term financial and investment targets to shareholders, analysts, and credit rating agency managers.

Kia Motors’ mid- to long-term strategy plan S, which was unveiled last year, contains the contents of expanding brand innovation and profitability through the transition to the electric vehicle business system and providing eco-friendly mobility solutions.

To this end, it will continue to change in all fields from this year’s mission to logos, designs and business models. First of all, it plans to sell 1.6 million eco-friendly cars annually in 2030 and increase the proportion of eco-friendly cars to 40% of the total sales. In particular, EVs announced the goal of becoming a global electric vehicle leading brand through annual sales of more than 880,000 units in 2030.

Kia Motors is strengthening its electric vehicle lineup in earnest, starting with’CV’ this year. The exclusive electric vehicle CV, which is scheduled to be released for the first time in the world in March, will be equipped with HDA 2, which corresponds to the second stage of autonomous driving, and the third stage of autonomous driving technology HDP (Highway Driving Pilot) will be applied to the electric vehicle to be released in 2023.

According to Kia Motors, CV has merchandise such as 500km or more of driving distance when charged once, 100km of driving distance when charging for 4 minutes, and acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3 seconds. After the release in March, the official launch in Korea is scheduled for July.

In order to accelerate the transition to electrification, it plans to build a full lineup with 4 derivative electric vehicles by composing 7 exclusive electric vehicles by 2026, one year earlier than the previous plan.

In the area of ​​B2G mobility business, which is growing rapidly in connection with eco-friendly policies, it will introduce a subscription and sharing service based on electric vehicles. In addition, KiaSubscr-iption, a subscription service program, will be launched in major European markets within this year, based on the experience of operating the subscription service program Kia Flex introduced in Korea.

In the next-generation core business areas such as autonomous driving, hydrogen technology, and urban aviation mobility (UAM), we will continue to advance technologies and accumulate related capabilities. Kia Motors plans to make a total investment of 29 trillion won by 2025. Rather than reducing the investment in the existing business sector by KRW 1 trillion, it plans to invest more than KRW 10 trillion in the future business sector by investing it in strengthening the competitiveness of core future technologies such as autonomous driving, hydrogen, and UAM.

Meanwhile, Kia Motors announced its goal to sell 2922,000 units in the global market this year, up 12% from the previous year, and achieve a global market share of 3.7%. Starting with the K7 complete change model and the K3 marketability improvement model in 1Q, the Sportage completely change model and the K9 marketability improvement model in the second quarter will be released. In the third quarter, the brand’s first dedicated electric vehicle CV and a European strategic vehicle seed marketability improvement model will be introduced.

Kia Motors President Ho-Sung Song said, “We are proclaiming this year as the first year of Kia’s revolution in which a new logo, new design, and new mission are applied,” and “Now, we will establish ourselves as a brand that provides innovative mobility experiences to customers beyond manufacturing and selling cars. “I said.

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