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				"Does it really come out like this?" Hyundai Motor's new SUV design leaked Automobile Korea 78

2021.02.09. 36,442 reads "Does it really come out like this?" Hyundai Motor’s new SUV design leaked Automobile Korea 78


[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Is Hyundai’s design going backwards?? It is easier to find a model that does not have a design controversy among the recently released Hyundai cars.. That’s why consumers carried a design they didn’t want,, even The brand’s design identity is also confusingThere is even a reaction called.

This situation continues even with new cars that are about to be released.. Recently, the design of the new entry-level crossover model, Bion, was unveiled.. But it’s still a bad reaction. What kind of design is being applied, so is the bad reaction coming out??

Design controversy occurred
Hyundai’s latest cars

All of Hyundai’s recently launched new cars have a design controversy.. Avante, Sonata, Granger, Kona, Tucson, Santa Fe, It is a variety of models such as Palisade.. All of them are models that have radically changed from the existing Hyundai Motors’ design stance..

Also, from before that time, there were many opinions that consumers pointed out about Hyundai Motor’s family look.. After establishing their own identity, they have to express it as a family look., All different, Because every time the model changes, it keeps changing..

Down to sales
It is counted as a cause

In particular, as the design controversy continues, it is regarded as the cause of the decline in sales volume.. 2020Year Kia is better than HyundaiAnd is closing the gap with Hyundai Motor Company.. In particular, models with a decline in sales are the Sonata, The problem is even greater because it is a model that plays an important role in a brand like Santa Fe..

Sonata 2019Year 65,242Had sold a stand. But 2020Year 48,067The sales volume fell as soon as possible.. Santa Fe 2019Year 86,198Had sold a stand. But 2020In years old models 28,233versus, The new model 29,345Fell down. It’s a model with a name, but it’s a face-down appearance..

Hyundai’s new
Entry level crossover

In an uneasy situation, Hyundai Motor Company SUVIn Bion’s design was revealed. Bion is an entry-level crossover model newly launched by Hyundai Motor to target the European market.. small type SUVIt is also a model that has not been seen before as it is smaller than the Incona..

Looking at the recently captured spy shot, the interior of the room is new i20Resemble. 4 Spoke steering wheel and 10,25Inch full digital cluster, 10.25Inch infotainment touch screen is applied. Power train 1.2 On gasoline 48V It is expected to show an economical appearance with a mild hybrid installed..


Bold design
Bion applied

In addition to various spy shots, Bion’s design predictions were also disclosed in overseas media.. First, the front part of Hyundai SUV Headlamps and daytime running lights were separated as in the lineup.. Thin daytime running lights are located between the large radiator grille and the hood..

The rear lamps on the rear are detailed with arrows., It is a design connecting both sides horizontally. As it is a crossover model here, Hyundai Motor’s Sensual Sportiness Design Keynote is applied to show a bold and sporty design like the new Avante..

“Hyundai Motors
I make it catfish”

What was the reaction of netizens who saw Bion’s design?? “It really comes out like this?”, “It was so ugly?”, “Hyundai turns all new cars into catfish”, “Another catfish design?”, “How do you do that design”, “Hyundai doesn’t listen to consumers at all?” Criticism of the design was followed..

together Recently, Hyundai car designers really need to reflect a lot”, “Thanks to the design, the sales volume is so low, why aren’t we improving it??”, “The design is not good, but the defects keep popping up.?”, “Glad it’s a European modelCriticism of Hyundai Motor’s policies continued..

Although the domestic reaction is not good
Will it be okay in Europe?

It is Bion, which has been receiving bad reactions from domestic consumers even before launch.. However, what will Bion look like in the European market, which is the opposite of the domestic market?? It could be a huge success unexpectedly.

But as I was concerned, If you record poor sales due to design,, Hyundai should improve quickly. In particular, the opinions of consumers must be well reflected.. After all, because it is the consumers who buy the product..

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