2021.02.09.  29,405 read Starex successor Staria predictions, Design Blockfordy for generations 78

2021.02.09. 29,405 read Starex successor Staria predictions, Design Blockfordy for generations 78

The launch of Staria, the successor to Starex, which can be reborn as Hyundai’s new family car, perhaps a luxury minivan, is getting closer. Unlike the appearances that have been shown so far, the exterior and interior structures are also unveiled in 14 years under a new name, so everyone feels new.

Even nowadays ahead of release, various spy shots are being posted on the web, and you can look at the design assortment to some extent through the predictions based on them.

Future-oriented design several generations ahead

First of all, Staria can be seen as a very forward-looking design that is several generations ahead. There are a lot of likes and dislikes in the part where Hyundai’s unique design color stands out.

In particular, it has the greatest impact from the front. Headlamps are configured in a separate form like the major SUV lineups of Hyundai Motors such as Kona and Palisade. It is judged that the daytime running lights with a very slim structure and the main headlamps at the bottom are reflected. And the combination with the wide radiator grill completes the front part that looks like a movie or game.

Photo Source: YouTube Gatcha (https://youtu.be/b4flgL-nQ2k)

This is the starria forecast of YouTube’Gatcha’. This is an estimate completed based on the spy shots exposed until recently, and it is close enough to be comparable to the official rendering.

The combination of three air vents, daytime running lights and a short and flat bonnet reflected along the slim line shows a futuristic image. As the current model Starex is a car only for commercial use, the color and personality of the design could not be found, but this full-change model Staria is expected to be a modern minivan with a distinct design comparable to that of a carnival.

Reflects the dot LED tail lamp seen from IONIC 5
Box-type structure that maximizes space utilization

The rear part is constructed in a box structure to enhance the usability and practicality of the space. Among the recent Staria spy shots, a separate bulkhead was found inside, and it is said that it will also serve as a commercial van model. Therefore, there may be some for the convenience of the number of passengers, but it is confirmed that we are still paying attention to loading for commercial use.

Photo Source: YouTube Gatcha (https://youtu.be/ol6frluDxTk)

This is an expected view of the rear of Staria. According to the exposed spy shot, it is confirmed that the tail lamp reflects the dot-type LED. In addition, the turn signal is reflected in a sequential structure, so you can now see performances that were seen in Stingers and K9s in Staria.

And the wiper to be applied to the rear glass is reflected as a hidden type located on the spoiler side, the same as the recently released 4th generation Tucson.

As it is a spacious model, the windows are also very cool. It is safe to assume that it occupies a little more weight than the door if it is purely tall. It seems that the feeling of openness on boarding will be considerable, There are some questions about safety when there is a collision or a large load inside.

Launch of diesel and LPi, gasoline is likely to be exported only

It is said to be equipped with a 2.2L diesel engine, a 3.5L gasoline engine, and a Smartstream LPi engine. Among them, there is news that the gasoline model is not available in Korea.

It is produced based on Hyundai Motor’s 3rd generation platform, and is changed from the existing rear wheel to the front wheel. Depending on the option, you can select all-wheel drive, and the suspension will also be equipped with multi-links to improve ride comfort.

The release is expected in May of this year.

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