2021.02.09.  2,537 read Asked to bother?  Why not put water instead of car washer fluid!  Pick Plus 4

2021.02.09. 2,537 read Asked to bother? Why not put water instead of car washer fluid! Pick Plus 4

As you drive with numerous cars according to various signal systems and traffic flows,, It is very important to have a forward view when driving.. Driving with an unobtainable forward vision is the same as driving with blindfolds, so it may cause damage to yourself as well as other drivers..

In spring and autumn There are many factors that contaminate the windshield or obstruct the view due to snow and rain in summer and winter along with various fine dust including yellow dust.. At this time, the driver sprays washer fluid with the vehicle’s wiper operation to clear the front view..

Car washer fluid,
A necessity for securing the front view!

The washer fluid in the car is alcohol(ethanol)This main ingredient, a detergent, plays the role of a kind of cleaner that cleans the windshield of the vehicle.I’m doing. In addition to simple cleaning, it also prevents freezing of the windshield of the vehicle in winter.Because it plays an important role in doing so, it can be said that the washer fluid along with the wiper is one of the representative consumables of automobiles that need periodic inspection and replenishment..

Unlike other automobile oils, washer fluid can be easily refilled if you know the location of the inlet.. And Not only online shopping malls, but also car goods corners in large supermarkets near your home, or even convenience stores, have car washer fluids., Because it is a very easy to purchase product, it is the most easily exchangeable item among the consumables of automobiles..

But among some drivers, Especially Bottled water or tap water is used instead of washer liquid due to frequent use of washer liquid in spring or summerSome people do. Very easy to get around, Just because it’s annoying, you think that you can wash off dirt or contaminants with water enough, so you can use tap water or bottled water instead of washer liquid.And.

In winter, when cold waves persist,
What happens when you add water instead of washer fluid

Of course, the weather in the video does not freeze most of the spring, summer, It may be possible in the fall, but what happens when water is added instead of washer fluid in the winter season when the weather drops below freezing., Our Pick Plus On the day after a record cold wave in 19 years, I experimented with a scrapped car..

The midday temperature on the day of the experiment is also below zero 8-10The weather surpassed the degree, and before the full-scale experiment, the washer fluid that had been in the test vehicle was forcibly sprayed to exhaust all of it.. After that, the washer fluid inlet was filled with regular tap water and the vehicle was kept outdoors until the next day when sub-zero weather continued..

Everything related to the washer fluid dispensing device froze.

The result of checking the condition of the test vehicle the next day The tap water in the inlet is completely frozen and the volume has also increased.Was. The freezing point of water 0From degrees and below zero 10In the outdoors beyond the road It was left unattended for 24 hours, so it could be considered a natural result.

I tried to operate the washer fluid spraying device, thinking that it was only frozen near the inlet, Only the wiper works, no water spray. And for a more detailed check, I separated from the hose constituting the washer fluid spraying device to the main tank, and checked the cross-sectional view using a saw.. Where water has entered(With washer fluid supply pump)Was frozen very hard, so the washer fluid was not sprayed, and the function of the device was completely lost.I was able to confirm one result.

3 reasons you shouldn’t add water instead of washer fluid

1. High repair cost burden

If you add water instead of ethanol washer solution and leave it for winter, As in the previous experiment result, from the main washer liquid tank, Even the supply pump is frozen, making operation impossibleWill. In addition, when the water freezes, the volume increases as well. There is an unforeseen situation, such as cracking or damage, which is a huge repair cost.Is likely to lead to.

2. Obstruction of front view in winter due to low freezing point

Even if the main washer fluid tank or utility pump is not frozen and sprayed, if it is used in sub-zero weather, there is a problem in securing the front view, and there is a possibility of an accident as well as a major obstacle to driving.. Freezing point 0If water from degrees Celsius is evenly sprayed on the windshield of a vehicle in winter, it will instantly freeze due to subzero temperatures and wind. I can throw it away.

Also, unlike conventional ethanol washer liquid, tap water or mineral water is pure water that does not contain alcohol or surfactant components. The ability to clean all kinds of dirt and oils is also relatively poor..

3. Influx of Legionella causing acute pneumonia

There is another reason why you should not use water instead of washer fluid even in summer, not winter.. If water is used because it does not freeze in summer, The heat emitted by the engine and the high summer temperatures The water inside the washer fluid tankA very suitable environment for’legionella’Is said to be equipped with.

High fever when infected with Legionella bacteria, You may get acute pneumonia with symptoms such as chills, and it is fatal to the elderly with relatively weak bronchi..

According to a survey and published by the UK Health Department in the past,, Of Legionella infections in England and Wales. 20%Was related to the use of water instead of car washer fluid.. A car that used water 5public OneLegionella bacteria were detected in most cases, and other vehicles that did not use water confirmed that no bacteria were found.Said that.

Water instead of washer fluid,
Not only for me but also for others
It can cause damage.

It may be a washer liquid that is thought of only as a kind of cleaner that wipes the windshield of a vehicle, but it helps to secure visibility and safe driving by helping to clean various contaminants that naturally adhere to driving.. Alcohol, water, Surfactants, Ethanol washer solution composed of rust inhibitor has a much lower freezing point than water, so it can be used even in cold winter.is.

Despite the fact that it can be easily purchased around, the act of adding water instead of washer liquid just because it is bothersome will not only freeze all of the wiper-related devices and make them useless, but also adversely affect the body Note that there isPlease be sure to purchase and use a commercially available ethanol-based washer liquid. It would be desirable.

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