2021.02.09.  21,784 read Kia to launch 7 electric vehicles by 2026…  CV released in July The Drive 69

2021.02.09. 21,784 read Kia to launch 7 electric vehicles by 2026… CV released in July The Drive 69

Hunger 9Through th online channel ‘CEO Investor DayTo hold Plan Sof 3Major business and strategy, Announced mid-to-long term financial and investment goals.

Hunger Plan S Strategy 3Divided into major business, We prepared detailed action plans for each project..

First of all, Kia is coming to accelerate the transition to electrification. 2026Dedicated electric car 7Derivative electric vehicle by launching a dog 4Gun with bell 11It is planning to build a lineup of two electric vehicles..

Also, a dedicated electric vehicle to be launched this year CVTo strengthen the exclusive electric vehicle lineup. 3Dedicated electric vehicle to be unveiled for the first time in the world in January CVAutonomous driving 2Corresponding to the stage HDA2Will be installed, coming 2023Autonomous driving for electric vehicles to be released in 2012 3Step technology HDPIs planned to be applied.

CVIs OneDriving distance for one charge 500 km More than, 4Driving distance when charging minutes 100 km secure, Zero back 3It has commercial properties such as candles, 7It was scheduled to be released in the domestic market in May..

Next, Kia is purpose-based mobility(PBV) In the market 2022The first model in the year PBV01Is planning to release, coming 2030Year annual 100Achieve ten thousand sales PBV Global sales in the market OneExpressed ambition to achieve the above.

Lastly, it announced that it will expand the customer group of the mobility business and diversify services to respond to demand by period.. priority B2C In the mobility business area, Kia meets urban environmental regulations, Expanding services in the point-type mobility market where growth is expected.

Also B2G In the mobility business area, we will introduce an electric vehicle-based subscription and sharing service.. 2030year 7In the business area expected to expand to 10,000 units, Kia plans to lead the market by providing customized electric vehicle total solutions..

Hunger 2025Total up to year 29It is expected to invest KRW trillion. Investment in the existing business OneInstead of reducing trillion won, it is self-driving, Hydrogen, UAM To strengthen core future technology competitiveness, In the future business 10Plan to invest more than trillion won.

Meanwhile, Kia Motors compared to the previous year 12% Stretched 292just 2000Sell ​​stand, Share in the global automotive market 3.7%Stated the goal to achieve. Especially Onequarter K7 Completely change model and K3 Starting with the marketability improvement model, 2With the new version of Quarter Sportage K9Launching a model for improving the marketability of 3Dedicated electric car in the quarter CVAnd the European strategic vehicle seed model to improve marketability..

Kia Motors President Ho-sung Song New logo, New design, This year, when the new mission was applied, will be declared the first year of Kia’s transformation.While Kia will go beyond manufacturing and selling cars to become a brand that provides customers with innovative mobility experiences.Said.

Reporter Hansoo Shin

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