2021.02.09.  16,908 Read 2021 Volkswagen Passat GT test drive, more efficient sedan Pas 36 at lower price

2021.02.09. 16,908 Read 2021 Volkswagen Passat GT test drive, more efficient sedan Pas 36 at lower price

Volkswagen Passat GT! Compete with the domestic midsize sedan at a lower price on the fuel efficiency of the unique TDi engine?

The Passat GT 2.0 TDi Precity vehicle introduced in this test drive is provided by Volkswagen Korea.
Until the middle of last year, Volkswagen had sold two or three cars in Korea. Tiguan and Touareg, which are popular not only around the world, but also in Korea, are also called Arteon, a beautiful sedan. In addition, there are Passat GTs, which have been discontinued during the year change process or recertification period.

In this situation, we often encountered situations where cars were not available at the sales floor. In particular, the gap for the Passat GT was quite long. Volkswagen Korea is also aware of the importance of diversifying car models, but the introduction of new cars has shown a prudent attitude, which can be said to be a trauma to a series of situations that took place several years ago.

2021 Volkswagen Passat GT

Volkswagen Korea is also aware of the importance of diversifying car models, but the introduction of new cars has shown a prudent attitude, which can be said to be a trauma to a series of situations that took place several years ago. But from last year, I started hearing news of several new car introductions. The representative ones are the seventh generation of teelock and golf. The former was a short ride at a domestic launch event a while ago, but the first time I saw it was 5 years ago. In the latter case, I even witnessed a domestic test car last summer.

The Jetta and Passat GT received relatively less attention before the introduction, but in the case of the former, the price was lower than expected, and the first introduction was sold out early. Passat GT is also a car that is expected to compete with domestic cars of the same class under the banner of popularization of imported cars.

Passat has been loved as a best-selling car for over 50 years since its debut in 1973. Whether it’s public or private, it can be said to be a family of businessmen who have inferior dignity and economic feasibility for any purpose or with anyone. The Passat GT, which re-entered Korea this time, is a facelift of a model that was introduced in Korea in 2018, and this time it is a European type. It has undergone several interior changes and is more polished inside and out than the previous model.

Volkswagen Passat GT headlights and taillights

The front of the vehicle feels smarter as the headlights change. The LED matrix headlights, which Volkswagen calls IQ lights, are equipped with a dynamic light assist function. This is a function that moves the steering angle and headlamp irradiation angle equally when turning at a curved length or intersection. It also includes a function that automatically adjusts the use of high beams and the angle of headlight irradiation according to the movement of an oncoming vehicle from the opposite direction of the road.

The interior of the 2021 Volkswagen Passat GT

This time, let’s look at the interior. One of the characteristics of Volkswagen is the leather seats with the horizontal stripes pattern. However, the new cockpit and dashboard designs that were first applied to Touareg were also applied to the Passat GT. This is the result of incorporating Audi’s cool horizontal layout into a compact existing Volkswagen design. The dial in the air conditioning unit under the center fascia has been replaced with a button UI.

Passat GT’s main dash

In the center display, which has been enlarged to 9.2 inches, MIB3 is installed instead of the existing Discovery for the first time in Volkswagen, which provides voice recognition control and wireless app connect functions. In particular, in the latter case, you can use it to connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly. In addition, from Passat GT, a Korean-style navigation system that uses mapper data instead of the existing Genie map has been planted.

10.25-inch digital cockpit with active info display (left) Mapis map on 9.2-inch center display (high) Wireless connected

Gesture recognition included in Volkswagen Discovery Pro

The voice recognition function has also been enhanced, and from the Passat GT, you can control the voice for key functions such as navigation, telephone, and radio with’Hi Volkswagen’. Also, some gesture recognition is possible. The Passat GT is equipped with a second-generation active info display,’Digital Cockpit’. In addition, the instrument clusters have been replaced with 10.25-inch full digital, regardless of trim.

The brown wood grain, which previously seemed a little clichéd, was removed, and gray wood grain and aluminum-like finishing materials were applied. In addition, the analog clock located in the middle of the front center air vent was removed, and the Passat logo was placed there.

Passat GT 2nd row knee space 177cm (left) 2nd row center air vent and heating wire control switch

The new Passat GT consists of a total of three lineups: the front-wheel drive model ‘2.0 TDI Premium’ and the ‘2.0 TDI Prestige’, and the four-wheel drive ‘2.0 TDI Prestige 4 Motion’. All three have the same powertrain with a 2.0 TDI engine with a 7-speed DSG bite, which provides a maximum output of 190 hp at engine speeds between 3500 and 4000 rpm and a maximum torque of 40.8 kg·m between 1900 and 3300 rpm.

Volkswagen Passat GT’s air conditioner control unit and wireless smartphone linkage function

‘Travel Assist’ installed on the new Passat GT for the first time in Volkswagen is one of the core technologies of’IQ.Drive’. On well-maintained national highways such as expressways, it helps to maintain the speed and lane by considering the distance to the vehicle in front, and provides comfortable and comfortable driving even in the event of traffic or congestion. This function utilizes all of the vehicle’s front camera, radar sensor, and ultrasonic sensor in the section from departure to 210 km/h by simply touching the Travel Assist button on the steering wheel, such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane assist, and side assist. Assists the driver by incorporating a driving assistance system.

For test rides, Kumho Tires Onetercraft 235/45 R18 98V tires are installed.

The TDi engine has a reputation for fuel efficiency in the low speed range and high acceleration and maneuverability in the high speed range. However, the characteristic of being frustrated with the driver’s demand for acceleration from driving in the city at less than 60 kilometers per hour remains. It is a characteristic that I feel of course for me who are familiar with the TDi engine, but it is true that it feels frustrating to many consumers. However, it turns into a sprinter when running at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour in a car-only environment, showing a pretty cool acceleration. On the other hand, the Passat and Passat GT with TFSi gasoline turbo engines of less than 2 liters, although not introduced in Korea, show mild acceleration from the beginning.

In my case, I experienced this with the Passat 1.8 liter TFSi before the diesel gate. However, at present, indirect experience is only possible with an Audi A4 of a similar weight. This is a quadruple, but for reference, I am going to test drive the Audi A4 45TFSi sooner or later.

Volkswagen 2.0 TDi diesel engine

One of the reasons cars with Volkswagen’s TDi engines continue to sell despite their likes and dislikes about the engine’s setup and dislike of diesel engines is because of its high economy. The combined fuel economy of the new Passat GT with this engine is 14.9 kilometers per liter on the 2.0 TDI front-wheel model and 14 kilometers per liter with 2.0 TDI four motion. In everyday driving around the city, the actual fuel efficiency is similar to that of the official fuel economy, but when you drive on the highway, it goes over 20 kilometers per liter in that section. Therefore, the cumulative fuel economy is also noticeably higher.

Active info display

The vehicle size of the 2021 Volkswagen Passat GT is 4775 millimeters long, 1830 millimeters wide, and 1460 millimeters tall, which is 75 millimeters longer and 30 millimeters wider than the previously sold Jetta at the end of last year.

Cargo box of the Volkswagen Passat GT

Since we mentioned the size of the vehicle, let’s look at the loading box. The trunk of the Volkswagen Passat GT is 546 liters based on VDA, which is more than 70 liters larger than Korean mid-sized cars such as Hyundai Sonata and Kia Motors K5. Moreover, when both rows are folded, the space increases to 1152 liters. Instead, the boarding space is rather narrow compared to domestic cars of the same class. That doesn’t mean it’s narrow. For example, there are two rows of knee space and overhead space, but it is not excessive and has a high level of practicality. The openness is also high, and the second row ride experience is also high compared to the physical figure.

The sale price of the new Passat GT has not been confirmed yet, but it is said that it will be temporarily adjusted based on the premium model 44.9 million won, the prestige model 49.9 million won, and the prestige 4 motion model 53.9 million won based on 5.0 percent individual consumption tax. Although the power train is different and there are differences in detailed specifications and convenience specifications, a symbolic comparison shows that the second car can compete in price with Hyundai’s Grandeur. Since the Granger 2.5 gasoline model costs between 3294 and 41.8 million won, you can purchase the Passat GT front-wheel drive premium model by adding 3.81 million won from the calligraphy trim price based on face value. Compared to the time when consumers on the Granger TG looked for the Volkswagen Jetta five years ago, it’s a great deal.

-The Passat GT 2.0 TDi Precity vehicle introduced in this test drive is provided by Volkswagen Korea.

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