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2021.02.09. 16,034 read Hyundai Motor Sonata N Line Test Drive… How does it feel to experience 290 horsepower? Kabilif 101


Hyundai Motor Company is also releasing models with added sports characteristics. These include high-performance N and N-line models, and these models are characterized by their strong heart and sporty appearance and interior specifications to differentiate them from general models.

Among these, I had the opportunity to test drive the Sonata N-line, a sedan that is not only excellent for its superior performance, but also for a family car, so I tried driving for a short time. The Hampton Gray color applied to the test drive provides a solid and forceful image.

The Sonata N Line creates a different image from Sensual with exclusive parts and design, and several air intake holes are applied at the bottom of the bumper. The black radiator grille adds a strong, high-performance image, and the N-line emblem sits at the top left of the grill. Daytime running lights that climb the hood line also add character.

The total length of the Sonata N Line is 4,900mm, width 1,860mm, and height 1,445mm, and the low and long side line due to the application of the 3rd generation platform is impressive. The wheelbase is 2,840mm, which also provides ample interior space.
The wheels are 19-inch N-line exclusive wheels, and the tires are 245/40 R19 size Pirelli Pjero all season tires.

The rear tail lamp is a connected type with a connected center, making the vehicle more stable and wider. LED type is applied to turn indicators, and dual double type mufflers are applied.

The interior design and layout of the Sonata N-Line is no different from the previous model, but it is characterized by a different appearance in terms of materials.

The interior color of the dark gray is accented with red throughout the interior, and the seat is a mixture of leather and Alcantara. Red stitching applied on the outside of the seat adds its character.

The N logo is applied to the upper part of the backrest of the leather and Alcantara mixed seats. The red stitching around the edge of the sheet is also noticeable.

Two rows of red stitching were applied to the door trim.

Red stitching is also applied to the steering wheel, and the N logo is applied to the bottom.

The rear seats are also a combination of leather and Alcantara. Manual sun curtains are also applied to the two-row windows. The feeling of sitting in the second row was able to confirm the legroom with plenty of room, and the headroom was also plenty.

I think that the best reason for consumers choosing the Sonata N line is the excellent engine performance. The Smartstream G2.5 T-GDi engine mounted on the Sonata N-Line delivers a maximum output of 290 hp and a maximum torque of 43.0 kg.m. The 8-speed DCT is applied to the transmission. The official fuel efficiency is combined 10.9km/L (city 9.4km/L, high speed 13.5km/L).

The feeling of starting the car directly was felt while idling, which was not possible with the 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine Sonata Sensual and K5 Turbo. Pull it out onto the road and try to drive according to the road flow. I usually run the K5 1.6 Turbo a lot, but I definitely feel that the ride is harder than the K5.

As it is a high-performance sports model, it is unavoidable for high-speed stability, but it feels like it responds a lot to the road surface. It is a common feeling that’the suspension is hard’.

The active sound design of the Sonata N-Line can be adjusted or turned off through vehicle settings in the infotainment system, but the difference in sound was not significant as far as driving with various settings.

The feeling of accelerating from a standstill is not a feeling of pushing from the back like a rear wheel roll, but the high power speeds up quickly. At constant engine speed, you can also hear the sound of the turbine spinning, which adds to the fun of driving. The’zero back’, which is the time it takes from standstill to accelerate to 100 km/h, is known as about 6.5 seconds.

The Bose audio system provides excellent sound quality, but it feels as if it is set mainly for high notes rather than bass.

The test drive course was a short return from Ilsan to Freedom Road, and it exhibits excellent acceleration even at medium and low speeds, and the rigid suspension shows its true value at high speeds. It is not anxious even at high speeds, and the expression “grabbing the road and running” is appropriately stable.

In the case of the DCT transmission, you may feel a little rumbling, but it is not a factor that bothers you to drive. It feels like it bounces off one beat late at full throttle, but I think it’s a good way to actively utilize downshift for this part.

In the case of the front seat, a dedicated bucket seat is applied, but because the body is tightly fitted to the seat, some people may feel uncomfortable. However, it appears to be a very suitable seat choice for winding or sports driving.

The electronic shift button is comfortable to use, but I couldn’t get rid of the idea that the electronic shift dial was more convenient.

The feeling of having a test drive for a short period of time is ridiculed as’catfish’ in the case of the Sonata exterior, but the N-line model was beautiful enough with the application of exclusive parts. The interior was also sporty by applying exclusive interior materials for the N line.

The performance is very good, but the engine sound is a regrettable part even though the active sound design is added, and it feels like it is just a roaring sound, which is seen as an unavoidable part. The suspension is on the hard side, but if you use it as a family car, I think it is a part to consider the feeling of the passengers. Bucket seats may complain of discomfort depending on the driver.

The Sonata N line price is KRW 355.3 million for premium, KRW 34.95 million for exclusive use, and KRW 36.42 million for inspiration. It is paying attention to whether Hyundai Motor’s high-performance mid-size sedan will make a great move.


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