2021.02.08.  47,237 read Tesla Beats Cadillac's All-Time Electric Vehicle Design The Dark Post 58

2021.02.08. 47,237 read Tesla Beats Cadillac’s All-Time Electric Vehicle Design The Dark Post 58

There were many surprising announcements at this year’s CES, which was the first to be held online due to corona. This is because, as the era of electric cars comes, the number of car brands that announce new models or new technologies at CES as if at a motor show continues to increase.

Do you think the formula of’cars in a motor show’ feels even, this trend is accelerating.

The car brand that stands out the most at CES can be said to be GM of the United States. Until now, with the advancement of new electric vehicle start-ups, I wondered if the major automakers that sold internal combustion engines couldn’t beat the Mac. However, they were keeping pace with the current of electric vehicles, even if they were slow.

Among them, GM wanted to get behind because there wasn’t much news for quite a while, but as the release was late, it was preparing more faithfully. Celestiq’s teaser, unveiled at CES, shows GM’s attitude toward the future electric vehicle market.

Celestic’s teaser was released as a video. As it was a teaser, I didn’t reveal everything about the car, but there were quite a few interesting details. The Celestic concept unveiled by Cadillac is a model that establishes the direction of Cadillac’s next-generation flagship-class sedan, and research has been conducted on how the direction of luxury should go differently from existing internal combustion engines in electric vehicles.

The most important detail in the teaser video is the smart glass roof. This new type of glass roof can control the transparency of the glass itself, unlike conventional mechanically open and close sunroofs.

Smart glass, which is made of a huge single-sided glass without a frame, is divided into four sides, so you can independently control only the transparency where you want with a button.

Celestic is developing a mass-produced vehicle with the goal of sales in 2023. It is four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and the driving distance is said to be about 480km. However, there is too little to be disclosed to evaluate GM’s future electric car only with the announced teaser.

For this, there is Cadillac Lyriq, where you can preview Celestic’s design cues.

The Cadillac Lyric is Celestic’s brother car. The same design theme, same frame, and powertrain share everything. The difference is that Celestic is a sedan and Lyric is an SUV. The Lyric, which was unveiled in August last year, is the second pure electric car in the GM group after the Chevrolet Volt and the first in the Cadillac brand.

Lyric’s design is a bit different from the existing Cadillacs, while on the other hand. Cadillac’s distinctive linear and high-tech feel remains, but it has been reborn with a much more sophisticated look. In other words, it is a design that can appeal to more people.

The current design basis of the Cadillac brand is’Art&Science’, which began in 1999. Art & Science, which was first introduced as the concept car Evoq, evolved more uniquely from the concept car Cien, and was able to make its presence more known to the world.

Cadillac’s new design, which has been completely changed, is the first place to save Cadillac, which was declining after the oil shock. Thanks to its unconventional design, Cadillac was able to wash away the stigma of being boring, old, old, and rideable cars of the past, and put on a new, high-performance luxury brand.

However, new designs that did not exist in the past are not always welcomed by everyone. Basically, because people tend to like things they are familiar with. The mass-production designs that came out after Cien were not as highly praised as the favorable reviews received from the concept.

Nevertheless, this unconventional art & science design language has been refined and improved over time, and is evaluated as the driving force behind Cadillac among the numerous American brands that have gone bankrupt and collapsed until now.

When designers first design a mass-production model with a new and changed design language, the designers themselves sometimes get confused. It’s because it’s a new directional design they’ve tried for the first time, and it’s not familiar to them. However, if the established design cue is repeated, the designer’s skill level increases, and the quality of the design gradually improves.

Looking at Lyric, the Cadillac design’s unique features have been changed to make it more acceptable to a wider audience without being diluted. At first, I can feel the maturity that Art & Science, which had strong likes and dislikes, and mixed evaluations, accumulated over the years.

Cadillac is an old nostalgic brand, especially for Americans. This is because it is a cultural and periodic icon with the golden age of the United States, the world’s only superpower.

At the time, the Cadillac was the best car with more luxury than a German car. There was no cost reduction, and everything was abundance itself. However, since the oil shock, Cadillac has never regained its former status, which has been so high. Now no one, even Americans, thinks the Cadillac is better than German cars.

Lyric makes me think that maybe he can reverse that evaluation. If you look at Lyric’s design, you can feel Cadillac’s unique American feel that cannot be found in German cars.

Unlike German cars, which have a strong sense of cold and rationality, American cars do not have a lot of rejection from consumers because all of the aforementioned brand history has been incorporated into heritage.

Even if the same decoration is attached to a German car, it is not considered suitable, but if it is attached to an American car, it is said that it is okay because it has been used for a long time. This is deeply related to the modern and minimalist Germany’s pursuit of concise design, represented by Bauhaus, and the American design trend, where there were many flashy and showy designs from the past.

This feeling can be felt in various places in Lyric’s exterior. The most representative part is the grill. Electric cars have few functions of the grill. That is why most of the designs are blocked. The design that goes into this part really has only a decorative meaning. That’s why the details here only seem more luxurious.

Lyric’s grill gives a grand and luxurious feel. The linear, symmetrical and geometric grill pattern reminds us of the colorful and rich Art Deco style created by the influence of industrialization.

The image is the interior of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, which are said to be representative art deco works. The Lyric, which reflects the combination of the latest science and technology and splendid abundance, which are the characteristics of electric vehicles and Art Deco styles, is thought to be the design that best suits the US and Cadillac.

The high-tech feeling peculiar to an electric vehicle in the interior also matches the American image. It will not be irrelevant at all that American startups, starting with Tesla, have a dominant position in the electric vehicle market. Once the image of the US leading the electric vehicle market is embedded, it will have a great influence on the future electric vehicle market. This is because once a fixed image does not change easily.

The time when the paradigm changes is also a good opportunity to reorganize the industry in the future. It is said that the estimated price of Lyric and Celestic mass-produced cars is over 200 million. It’s a price that you can’t even dream of with a previous Cadillac. Because no one gives Cadillac more than 200 million and photographs it.

However, it is interpreted that GM’s ambition and confidence in the new electric vehicle market are significant to come out with such an enormous price tag. Looking at the published specifications and designs, it seems that it is not just a vain confidence.

We are looking forward to seeing if Cadillac will be able to regain its former status over German cars with the new wind of electric cars.

Cadillac’s all-time electric car design looks like Tesla
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