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				"So, celebrity worries..." Celebrity car car zoom 19

2021.02.08. 38,578 read "So, celebrity worries…" Celebrity car car zoom 19

Any car enthusiast will dream of collecting cars that collect billions of cars.. As a matter of course, Car collection is not for everyone. Space to store your car and insurance premiums to keep you going, The reality is that even if you think about taxes, you are hesitant to buy a car..

As the number of celebrity watching entertainments has recently increased, celebrity cars have naturally started to attract attention.. In particular, a garage with a few supercars that was difficult to own was enough to envy car enthusiasts.. Today, I would like to learn about celebrities who are called self-proclaimed taching car collectors and their cars..

Porsche 2Dana
Shinhwa Kim Dong-wan

Kim Dong-wan a few years ago, Entertainment <I live alone>Appeared in the show and showed luxury cars.. The most striking among them is by far the Mercedes. SLS AMGin, This model is about 2Billion 5It is a top-class supercar worth 10 million won.. The Gullwing door opens up like a wing SLS AMGIs the biggest feature of, In Korea 30The rare value is high in Taiwan. But unfortunately SLS AMGIs currently discontinued.

Kim Dong-wan is a Porsche 2I own it, Immediately 2014Year Porsche 981 Boxster and Porsche 911 Carrera 4Sto be. Especially 2014Year 981 Baxter is the best performing model in the Baxter line.. The price is about 710 million won, If you apply the option, it is actually a car that costs billions of dollars.. 911 Carrera 4SIs about OneBillion 6A car of ten million won, 3L V6 It is a sports car that boasts a tremendous driving performance with a horizontally opposed twin turbo engine..

Here, Dongwan Kim is also a recent entertainment <On and off>Appeared in the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Wrangler Rubicon SUV It is the most widely known model of the famous Jeep.. Off-road featuring a crude and quaint exterior design similar to a military vehicle SUVIs also. Wrangler Rubicon costs about 5Be in the ten million won.

Kim Dong-wan is also known as the owner of Kia Stinger.. The Stinger is Kia’s high-end midsize sports sedan., The price is about 3,80010,000 won. Looking at the tiger nose grill and the window line of the rear door, Kia’s overall K5Gives an impression similar to. Speed ​​from stop 100km/hTo speed up 4.9It only takes seconds, It is also evaluated as a substitute for Porsche Panamera overseas..

Combined 16Billion

Celebrity celebrity, Big bang G-DRANGONThe Rottweiler of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4to be. Aventador is the successor to Murcielago, LP700-4Is the highest output 700Maximum torque on horsepower 70.3kg.mIt is a high-performance sports car that demonstrates. price is 6Billion won, G-DRANGONIt is known to drive a car that was originally pearl-colored, painted in matte black..

3Bentley Continental is approaching 100 million won GTIs G-DRANGONIs another rottweiler of. Kwon Ji-yong has 2Generation continental GTIn the Audi V8 4.0L It is characterized by the addition of a twin turbo engine.. Because of this, many consumers It has not only a stylish appearance, but also an excellent running power.It is also evaluated as. Also made to order 7He also owns a billion won Rolls-Royce Ghost.. Ghost is a large Rolls-Royce sedan, Output 593Maximum torque on horsepower 79.6kg.mIt is a high-performance sedan that demonstrates.

Hip hop SWAG

Rapper Beenzino is a Porsche large SUVIn Cayenne’s borrower. The Cayenne is the best-selling model in Porsche history, price is 8,800Start from 10,000 won. Panamera’s in Cayenne V8 The engine was installed to build a more powerful direct fuel injection system.. because of this SUVDespite this, it is a model with strong mobility and faster acceleration..

Besides, Beenzino also 2015Year audi R8Is also known to possess. R8Silver Audi Benz and BMWIt is a midship four-wheel drive sports car developed to capture the, The price is about 2Billion won. I chose Maserati Ghibli for the sedan.. Ghibli is Maserati’s semi-large sedan and the brand’s entry model.. V6 3.0L Equipped with a common rail diesel engine, it exhibits similar performance to the Quattroporte.. Ghibli’s price is about OneBillion 210 million won.

Benz mania tang
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation is well known as a representative car enthusiast in the entertainment industry., In particular, I use Benz habitually. The best known car is the Mercedes SLK200to be. SLK200silver C A class-based Mercedes-Benz compact roadster, The price is about 610 million won. Taeyeon’s car 3By generation, SLK First in the series 2.1L It is also a model with a diesel engine..

first SLK200When faced, it looks like a typical Mercedes sedan.. However, when the hard top is folded, the side and rear parts are connected in a straight line, giving a different feeling of refinement.. In addition, the design of the short rear part is characteristic compared to the long front part..

The dignity of the Asian Prince
Jang Geun Suk

As the original Prince of Asia, Jang Geun-suk rejects ordinary cars. Jang Geun Suk is the only Rolls-Royce Ghost in the world I love you editionIs the owner of. ‘I love you editionEun-Suk Jang is a German tuning brand DMCIt is a model made by direct request to, The rear spoiler attached to the end of the trunk stands out..

Jang Geun Suk 2It is also known to have a Maserati Gran Cabrio sports worth billion won.. Gran Cabrio is an open-top version of Gran Turismo., It is characterized by an explosive exhaust sound.. Also, Jang Geun-suk 2100 million won Porsche 911 Turbo SOwn. 911 Turbo SIs 911 It is also known as the model that boasts the highest output among the series.. 911 Turbo SOutput of 550Maximum torque on horsepower 66.3kg.mIt is a model optimized for races that demonstrate the performance of.

In addition to the celebrities mentioned above, there are countless celebrities who are known as car enthusiasts.. Jinpyo Kim, for example, is a famous Porsche collector in the entertainment industry, Actor Kim Gap-soo has been known as a Mercedes enthusiast. Chae-young Han is also famous as a car enthusiast, Porsche cayenne turbo S, Lamborghini Gallardo Maybach S It is known that he even owns a class..

The most useless worries in the world are celebrity worriesThere is a shit saying. Just looking at the cars we looked at today seems to be correct. On average per person 3Step by step, Ieast 3From 10 million won 6There is a variety of up to billion won The world they live inDeserve to be called. I wonder if readers have any of the cars mentioned above that they have had in mind.. If there is any difference, please feel free to leave a comment..

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