2021.02.08.  15,241 read 6 auto parts that are good enough to be genuine!  ABC tire 25

2021.02.08. 15,241 read 6 auto parts that are good enough to be genuine! ABC tire 25

6 auto parts that are good enough to be genuine!

Cars have to replace various consumables regularly, so maintenance costs are higher than expected. If you want to save a little, you can also choose aftermarket compatible parts rather than genuine parts. Of course, some parts do not require you to stick to genuine parts. However, there are some parts that are better to choose genuine. ABC Tires summarized six good auto parts.

Oil filter

Oil filter is a component with a large difference in price between genuine and compatible. However, excessively inexpensive products have a disadvantage that the filtration rate is slightly lower. Moreover, in the case of engine-related parts, performance is also performance, but it is most important to use proven products. In particular, it is recommended to use pure pure because there has been a lot of controversy regarding the filtration rate.

Engine oil

In the past, genuine engine oil had a strong low-cost image, and the quality was not really good. So car enthusiasts also preferred synthetic engine oils that are more expensive. In recent years, most car makers have joined hands with engine oil companies to considerably improve the quality of genuine products. The overall quality was leveled upward. Therefore, it is better to use genuine engine oil tuned to the performance you pursue for each car.

Brake pad

Brake pads are also parts directly related to safety. Like oil filters, there are a lot of compatible parts on the market, and they can be obtained cheaply on the Internet. However, it is said that there are a few people who complain of a sense of difference in driving sensation aside from performance. Particularly, the feeling and sound are a little different when applying the brakes. If you are a sensitive person, it is a good choice to use pure brake pads.

Car glass

Automotive glass is a fairly expensive part. So, if the glass is cracked, it needs to be replaced, but you will be troubled with unexpected costs. There are compatible products that are not genuine for automobile glass. The price difference is quite large. It is said that there is a difference in durability and stability when damaged from a genuine product. That’s why the price is cheap. I’m going to tint anyway, but I think it might be possible to use Class B, but the driving sensation also changes. Since it is not completely flat glass, there are also side effects of distortion on the surface or blurring of the field of view.

CVT Mission Oil

CVT Mission Oil is one of the parts that require very high performance. That’s why automakers and experts think of CVT mission oil as a component, not just a consumable. Therefore, some car makers recommend genuine parts, especially for CVT Mission Oil. If you have a problem while using a compatible product for no reason, you may get annoyed.

spark plug

In the past, it was one of the representative automotive tuning parts. In recent years, the life of parts has been so long, and a lot of technological developments have been made, so many car manufacturers use their own specifications. That’s why there are many car models that have only genuine products. If you change it once anyway, there is a high possibility of using it until it is scrapped, so we recommend genuine parts.

So far, even though the price is a bit expensive, we have looked for auto parts that are good to use genuine. On the one hand, I think it would be better for car makers to lower the price of genuine parts a little bit by common sense. Anyway, I think there is a need to get it expensive for mass production while producing automobiles anyway. So far, ABC Tire has delivered it.

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