2021.02.08.  121,214 Read The remarkable specs of the new Hyundai cars to be unveiled for the first time in the world on the 16th Automobile Korea 255

2021.02.08. 121,214 Read The remarkable specs of the new Hyundai cars to be unveiled for the first time in the world on the 16th Automobile Korea 255


[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] A new car with a lot of talk and a lot of ride, Ionic 5end 2month 16Will be released for the first time in the world. The real Ionic that has been covered in the thick stomach 5Will be revealed. Especially Ionic 5Is the first model launched by Ioniq, which was launched by Hyundai Motor as an exclusive brand for electric vehicles, so its meaning is different..

In addition, it is regarded as a model that will compete fiercely in the electric vehicle market where Tesla is dominant., The expectation is growing even more as it is planned to be fully applied to new high-tech technologies that were not found in existing Hyundai electric vehicles.. Then Ioniq to be released soon 5I took a closer look at what model is.

The design of the 45 EV concept car
It melts intact

First Ionic 5I looked at the design of. The recently released teaser image and the appearance in the trailer video 45 EV The concept car’s design is intact.. 45 EV The concept car is 2019First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, The launch of the Hyundai Pony’s iconic model 45A concept card created for the anniversary.

The overall silhouette is an angled design.. In addition, the headlamps and rear lamps also show a different appearance from the general internal combustion engine model by applying square details.. In addition, the crossover shape gives a more sporty and sophisticated image..

Similar size to Tucson
Longer wheelbase than a large SUV

Ionic 5The size of the battlefield 4,640mm, full width 1,890mm, Full height 1,600mmIt is expected to be similar to the new Tucson.. Semi-medium SUVThere is no big difference with. However, if you look at the spy shots released so far, you can see that the overall width is wider than that of general internal combustion engine models..

Especially Ionic 5Wheelbase of 3,000mmAs large SUVIn Palisade’s wheelbase 2,900mm, Semi-large sedan Grandeur wheelbase 2885mmLonger than. Hyundai’s electric vehicle platform, E-GMPIt was possible to have a long wheelbase due to the mounting of, This makes indoor habitability even better..

Two types of batteries and mileage
And Solar Loop

Especially E-GMP If the platform is applied, it is easy to arrange the battery.. Ionic 5Is 58 kWh, 73 kWh By installing two types of batteries 58kWh Model case OneMaximum at one charge 450 km Driving is possible. 73kWh The model is OneMaximum at one charge 550 kmCan run.

This mileage is further increased by adding a solar roof that can be charged with solar power.. Also, the first mass-produced electric vehicle 800V When using a super fast charger by introducing a charging system 18Within minutes 80% Rechargeable, 5Even if you charge only minutes 100 kmCan run.


Augmented Reality HUD and Side Mirror Camera System
Functions not previously seen

Ionic 5A new design, New platform, In addition to the new battery system, a large number of state-of-the-art functions are installed to differentiate it from existing electric vehicles.. Equipped with a wireless update system, navigation and some functions can be updated with software.. Also 44Inch augmented reality head-up display is applied to provide a variety of information to the driver..

In addition, a driving assistance function at the level of semi-autonomous driving on a highway HDA2Is also mounted. In particular, it is reborn as a more futuristic car by applying side mirrors composed of cameras, not composed of mirrors that were first introduced by Lexus and Audi..

50% of worries and concerns
50% expectation

Ionic 5What was the reaction of netizens to the news of the release of? “Ioniq like a Kona Electric fire 5I’m afraid that it might catch fire”, “Camera system side mirror function is something uneasy”, “The newly launched new car continues to have defects., Ionic 5It doesn’t seem to be different”, “I’ll buy it after some time after launchBack worries and concerns followed..

Contrary We hope that Hyundai will compete with Tesla”, “I want to buy if I set the right price”, “The design is really pretty”, “It seems to be one step closer to the future car”, “I hope that Hyundai will take over the electric vehicle marketBack ionic 5The expectations for.

Hyundai’s electric cars to be released in succession
Ioniq 5 can be measured

Ionic 5Is a very important model in Hyundai Motor Company.. It is the first model of Ioniq, an electric vehicle brand that they launched ambitiously., This is because it is a model that can predict in advance Hyundai’s electric vehicles that will be poured out in the future..

If ionic 5If it achieves good results, electric cars released later will also elicit a good response., Ionic 5If the company performs badly, there is a high probability that electric vehicles released later will also be adversely affected.. This is a very important model.

As a leader
Can you catch Tesla?

In addition, Ioniq must compete directly with Tesla, which is leading the way in the electric vehicle market with its overwhelming sales volume. 5All. Can Hyundai Motor, a latecomer, catch up with Tesla, which is enjoying the preemptive effect??

As the domestic market has created a favorable situation for Hyundai Motor Company, even the subsidy policy, I wonder what kind of image it will show in the future. In addition, the future will pay attention to whether Tesla can take its place in overseas markets..

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