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2021.02.07. 33,529 read Genesis GV70, the Good, the Bad, and the Strange Motorgraph 65


Since Genesis declared its independence as a luxury brand in 2015, various works have been underway. In particular, last year, GV80, 3rd generation G80, G70 facelift, and GV70 were introduced sequentially to expand the lineup and strengthen marketability. Among them, Genesis’ fifth new car GV70, unveiled at the end of last year, competes in the global market with BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan.

The initial response to GV70 is quite favorable. The reaction that’a really good new car came out’ is the main one. We examined in detail the major merchandise to see if we could fight against the rivals of the premium brands mentioned above.

Favorable appearance

The stylish GV70’s appearance is an obvious advantage. The two rows of strong LED guide lines and flashy lamp design, which started with the Genesis G90, the crest grille that is properly filled in the front part, and the elegant shape of the body are the characteristics of the current Genesis design. Of course, the freshness and differentiation of the design may be a little ambiguous, but the refined look you can expect from a car these days and the sportyness that you can feel in the dark are receiving quite good reviews.

In particular, the GV70 is sensitive to trends and offers several options to satisfy various tastes. By looking at the exterior color alone, you can choose one of 12, including 8 glossy (metallic) and 4 matte (matt), and the wheel can be selected from 18 inches to 21 inches depending on the individual option configuration. It is interpreted as part of that the unusual sports package was introduced during the launch process. The aggressive front and rear bumpers, the colorfully shaped wheels, the bottom of the bumper and the roof rack have added special features to the exterior.

Luxurious and relaxing interior

Satisfaction with the interior is also quite high. Compared to rivals, it is unrivaled in terms of the leather texture used throughout the interior as well as the overall luxury. When I looked at the GV70 alone, I couldn’t realize it much, but if you compare it one by one, you will reduce the difference.

Like the GV80, G80, etc., if you choose the Signature Design Selection 1 and 2 options, artificial leather is applied throughout the interior, including crash pads, and there are even more color options. For the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, which cannot be selected individually, a high-performance model must be selected in order to experience such interior luxury, and Porsche Macan must pay an additional cost of over 5 million won if the leather option is applied to that part.

It was also a bit of anxiety that he would lose money in the interior space due to its sleek design. Compared to the rivals, the interior space was well chosen. Comparing the sizes with the previously mentioned models, the GV70 has the longest overall length and wheelbase, and the Macan has the widest overall width. The X3 is about the same size as the GV70, and the Q5 has the same size as the Macan.

Another advantage is the unique rear seat shape. The lower part is pulled out long enough to fully support the thigh. However, the X3 is on the long side, and both the Q5 and Macan have a short lower seat. Because the indoor space is narrow, it is a kind of trick in the form of narrowing the seat, and it is a strategy that evokes the illusion of bodily sensation. He also packed all the trunk capacity. In the unfolded state, the GV70 is 622 liters, the X3 and Q5 are 550 liters, the Macan is 500 liters, and so on.

Defects everywhere

In the GV70 center console, a driving mode change dial, an integrated controller, and a shift dial were sequentially placed. This is the best build quality among Genesis released so far. The ambient light around the center console is nice, too, and I packed all of the simple storage spaces and cup holders.

However, the center console finish is poor. When you apply force, it shakes without a doubt, and noise is generated in the process. The center consoles of the aforementioned rivals are sturdy even if they are not flashy. If it were a car that was aiming for a premium, it should not have been made like this.

The air conditioning system is then composed of a dial that can control the temperature, a wind direction, a heated steering wheel, a touch display that controls the air cleaning mode, and a button for setting the auto, betting, window heating, and left and right sync.

The basic touch display feel is not bad. The problem arises when operating the left and right buttons. When you press the button, the whole air conditioner frame flutters. All the buttons appear to be separated, but they are united when touched. The level looks significantly lower than the rivals. It’s trivial, but it shouldn’t be overlooked that a car can look cheap if this quality of emotion is poor.

Forced mood lighting

If it is the concept of this car that emphasizes the mindset and flashy feeling, it is understood, but overall, compared to the decent one, it feels unnatural if only one place stands out. Suppose you wear a tailored suit that fits perfectly, and you have a nice haircut, but you wear limited edition fashion sneakers in intense colors. If you’re a celebrity with extraordinary visuals like Cha Eun-woo and Park Bo-gum, you’ll digest it, but it doesn’t fit easily.

When selecting the Signature Design Selection 2 option, the GV70 applies wave line mood lighting to the door trim and center tunnel, and layered edge mood lighting to the sports package. The wave line reminds of a pacemaker, and the layered edge reminds of a cherry adorned with ice cream like garnish. I added three-dimensional details, but it looks pretty crude. Rather, it would have been possible to focus on enhancing the luxury of the material as it applied the most expensive interior option. There’s a reason others don’t do that.

Invisible sports package

The first time I encountered the GV70 was last December. Sadly, the highly anticipated GV70 sports package was exhibited only at the Genesis Suji special pavilion on the day of the new car presentation, and cannot be confirmed anywhere else until early February.
In this regard, there is a story about what happened through a more rigorous inspection process. Genesis believes that it is definitely necessary as the quality controversy of the new car continued to rise last year.

However, I hope that customers will not keep waiting for the sports package to be released. It is advisable to provide accurate information so as not to aggravate consumer confusion.

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