2021.02.06.  43,271 Read What is Angelina Jolie's 3.8 billion won painting at auction?  Red Friday 14

2021.02.06. 43,271 Read What is Angelina Jolie’s 3.8 billion won painting at auction? Red Friday 14

Hollywood actor and human rights activist Angelina Jolie is known to have a painting at Christie’s auction on March 1.

Angelina Jolie’s painting was a gift from her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is also famous as an art lover. He is famous as a big-handed collector in the art world, as it is speculated that his unstoppable collection of art may have contributed to the divorce. Brad Pitt presented this painting to his wife Jolie in 2011. Exotic landscapes and peaceful atmosphere were characteristic landscape paintings.

The title of this picture is’The Tower of the Kutubia Mosque’. And the author of this painting is a more famous person. It was Winston Churchill, who commanded the British army as British Prime Minister during World War II. In fact, there are many people who only know Winston Churchill as a politician. He is a great writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature for his book based on his war experiences, and he was also an amateur painter who painted at least 500 paintings in his lifetime.

The Tower of the Kutubia Mosque is the only painting Winston Churchill painted during World War II. It is said to have been drawn immediately after the 3rd War Guidance Conference (Casablanca Conference) in 1943. The conference, which lasted from January 14 to 24, brought together the United States, Britain and other allies to plan a war. After the meeting, then Prime Minister Churchill invited US President Roosevelt to visit Marrakech. Impressed by the landscape of Marrakech, Prime Minister Churchill painted a picture of the city and presented it as a gift to President Roosevelt in a gesture of friendship.

Later, the painting was purchased by Brad Pitt through several owners. And it’s given to Angelina Jolie as a gift. Brad Pitt bought Winston Churchill’s paintings and gave them to Angelina Jolie for a reason.

Angelina Jolie released the tattoos’TOIL’ and’TEARS’ on the inside of her arm while filming the 2008 movie . This is the word used by Prime Minister Churchill in 1940 in his parliamentary speech before the formation of a new government:’We have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. It is derived from the famous phrase’. Also, I thought that the movie was related to justice, so I said that I tried to focus on tattoos as well. He also showed off his special love for this verse and Winston Churchill’s thoughts, saying,’Generally, when I film a new movie, I erase my old tattoos and go into filming, but I added tattoos.’

And 10 years later, in March 2021, this painting is scheduled to be auctioned off Christie. This painting is estimated to form a price range of $2.1 million to $3.4 million, and about 2.36 billion to 3.82 billion won with our money.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Winston Churchill’s work has been auctioned off. ‘Chartwell’s Goldfish Pond’ drawn by Churchill was a whopping 1.8 million dollars, and it was a big topic with our money for about 3131 billion won. If the’Kutubia Mosque’s Tower’ released this time will exceed this price, it is of interest to me. How much value can Winston Churchill’s only paintings during World War II be recognized?

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