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There is a story that snow also comes in spring. So it threatens traffic safety while drivers are at ease.. The most dangerous is a snow accident,, As dangerous as this Securing eye-catching vision’. As if you could not see the front due to heavy rain in summer In winter, it is often difficult to see due to heavy snowfall..

In this case, drivers are Safety measuresTo drive safely. Safety measures here, Means turning on fog lights or turning on emergency lights.

Ⓒ Hyundai Motor Company

Car fog lights are often located near the bumper under the headlamps.. If the fog lights are installed high, This is because the brightness of the lighting causes glare and adversely affects safe driving..

Usually the fog lights are in front Front fog lightsAnd behind Rear fog lightsLights up like this. Or, there are separate buttons so that only the rear fog lights are operated separately..

Usage is simple. Activated by turning the fog light switch on the left headlight lever behind the steering wheel.. ( Hyundai Motor Standard) Also, some imported cars can be turned on/off by operating the switch next to the steering wheel..

Fog lights are designed to spread light. Because of the fog, heavy rain, It is useful when you cannot see well, such as heavy snow.. To be precise, it is effective to let nearby drivers know the location of my car.. In other words, the purpose to inform the surroundings is stronger than the concept of illuminating the front..

For this reason, fog lights PermeabilityThis is high. Spreads far through bad weather and transmits light to other drivers. In the case of general headlamps, the light transmittance is weak,, ratio, There is a risk that it cannot penetrate particles composed of moisture in fog lights, but rather obstructs the view..

In this way, considering the characteristics of fog lights, the irradiation angle is regulated not to exceed the top of the illumination angle of the headlight.. And the lighting color should be yellow or white, and the brightness should not exceed the headlight. 940~10,000cd(candela)Must be.

For reference, the minimum amount of light from the headlight is 15,000cdIt is clearly separated so that each lighting device can perform its role..

Some cars are shipped without fog lights. A high-performance sports car is a prime example., Removed the fog lights that should be on the bumper to optimize air resistance.. Taking this into account, the performance is guaranteed enough for the headlight to act as a fog light,, Not as effective as pure fog lights.. As mentioned earlier, because of the light transmittance and the irradiation angle..

On the other hand, there are also things to be aware of when using fog lights..

This is because turning on the fog light on a clear day interferes with the vision of nearby drivers due to the strong spread of the light.. Especially in the case of rear fog, Even more so, the red and intense lighting of some imported cars is bright enough to hurt your eyes, It’s a level that makes driving itself difficult..

Therefore, always drive with the fog lights turned off..

Nowadays LEDDaytime running light equipped with(DRL, Daytime Running Lights)Become common, In the case of domestic cars, fog lights are disappearing..

DRLIs a lighting device originated in Northern Europe with long nights.. It was introduced after it was proved that the headlights were always turned on and turned on during the day because of the always dark road environment, and it was proven to have the effect of reducing accidents..

Looking at the statistics of overseas traffic accidents,, DRL Maximum after application 44%It has been confirmed that it is effective in reducing accidents.. In addition, the reduction in traffic accidents saves repair costs. 69%I can now save.

DRLOriginated in Northern Europe, Canada, Mainly in developed countries such as the United States DRLBegan to be applied and our country 2015year DRL It has become mandatory.

infancy DRLSilver is a regular light bulb, so it consumes a lot of power and has a short lifespan.. But LEDAs power efficiency and light life were resolved with the advent of the product, it spread all over the world, making it the most common lighting device seen today..

Especially DRLAlso acts as a fog light. DRLTo make up LED The light of the lighting is strong, It’s enough to easily check the vehicle even in bad weather.. However, you should be careful DRLThere are drivers who do not turn on their headlights while driving at night because of the brightness of, In this case, it is highly likely that it is difficult for nearby drivers to notice it, so special attention is required..

If your vehicle has an auto light control function, it is recommended that you place the headlight switch in that position to turn it on automatically when the blade is dark..

On the other hand, in bad weather, emergency lights may be used instead of fog lights.. Turn indicators too LEDIs replaced with a strong light, It is suitable to inform nearby drivers.. In particular, in the case of domestic cars, the reason for using emergency lights is that there is generally no fog lights..

Emergency lights have to slow down quickly or, This is a lighting function used in emergency situations, such as checking an accident ahead.. In the case of Korea, concessions along with the original purpose, It is also used to send messages such as apology..

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, strong lights flicker on both sides, making it easier for nearby drivers to notice even in bad weather..

Fog lights and emergency lights, And DRLIs the most basic lighting device that exists for traffic safety(Lights)is. As mentioned earlier, these are very simple functions, but there are many cases where they are not used in the right place and cause a dangerous situation..

I hope this content will help you drive safely by referring to the related content..

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