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2021.02.05. 75,007 read The reverse launch price of imported cars, which I thought would come out at a record-breaking cost-performance ratio, Automobil Korea 110


[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Ford shot this year 6It has been announced that the new car of the species will be put into the domestic market.. Explorer Platinum, Ranger wild track, Ranger raptor, Expedition, Bronco, Mainly, such as a navigator SUV It is mainly composed of. Because of this, it was Ford that made a good impression by being evaluated that it properly grasps what domestic consumers want..

Especially the ranger Domestic introduction is urgentEnough to say, It was the most demanding model.. Many consumers expected the news of the release afterwards.. So Ford is hastily adjusting the release schedule, I recently told a story about the price.. However, the reaction of consumers who heard this price was shocking.. What kind of price would it have caused such a reaction??

Which showed a steady rise
Pickup truck market

In the domestic automobile market, pickup trucks were recognized as simple cargo trucks.. But 2020Things have changed a lot in years.. corona19 Camping that can be done with a small number of people such as family and friends as the situation gets longer without knowing the end, Leisure activities such as tea breaks are on the rise..

This makes Rexton Sports, Rexton Sports Car, Pickup trucks like Colorado became popular.. In the midst of a steady rise, the launch of from Jeep to Gladiator has expanded the options even further.. Accordingly, consumers asked Ford, a famous pickup truck, to launch the Ranger in Korea..

Wild Track, Raptor Two
Ford to be featured

After long thoughts, Ford will officially launch the Ranger in the domestic market this year.. 2020Since the second half of the year, it has already passed the certification process, raising expectations.. The ranger is called a pickup truck textbook. F-150Is the younger brother of, Wild track, Two Raptor models will be introduced to the domestic market..

First, the Wild Track is a pickup truck suitable for on-road.. Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver’s driving assistance system, such as forward collision avoidance, is installed and used for more various purposes.. Here 2.0L With a bi-turbo diesel engine 10However, the maximum output due to the automatic transmission engaged 213horsepower, Torque 51.0,kg.mPerformance of.

Unlike the Wild Track, the Raptor is a model that focuses on off-road.. From the design to a slightly more aggressive design, the wild track and the image are taken differently.. In addition, it is equipped with a dedicated suspension so that it can run well even on rugged off-road terrain. 78mm Higher.

In addition, the lower part of the vehicle is reinforced and side rails are installed on the sides.. In addition, the terrain management system is used to secure grip and stability suitable for off-road driving.. In particular, by applying the Baja mode, an off-road racing mode, high-speed driving is possible even off-road., A rollover prevention system is also added..

Ranger’s price
Was released

Amid the expectations of many domestic consumers, the Ranger is currently executing a pre-contract.. According to Ford’s dealership, the price of Wild Track is 4,990Ten thousand won, Raptor’s price is 6,390Expect to put a price tag of 10,000 won..

Rexton Sports Guy 2,419From 10,000 won 3,440Ten thousand won, Rexton Sports Khani 2,795From 10,000 won 3,690Ten thousand won, Colorado Autumn 3,830From 10,000 won 4,649Shows a price of 10,000 won. Compared to this, it is a fairly high ranger price.. Gladiator was also a good response at the time of appearance, 6,990From 10,000 won 7,070The high price of 10,000 won attracted attention..

“Is Korea still a hogu?”
Disappointed Consumer Response

What was the reaction of consumers who saw the Ranger’s price?? “Korean consumers were also good friends”, “Giving this price out means not selling it.?”, “Why are you selling it so expensive?”, “They’re going to stock up expensively and release a new model in their country.Criticism about the price was followed..

together Raptors in Vietnam are about 12Billion dong, Our money 6,000Less than 10,000 won, But in Korea 6,400It’s close to 10,000 won”, “I was hoping it would come out cheaper based on the US price, but it’s very expensiveThere was also an opinion that it was too expensive even compared to the overseas market price..

Rexton Sports and Colorado’s cost-effectiveness
Is becoming more prominent

As Ranger’s price is revealed, the price of Rexton Sports and Colorado is getting more attention.. Especially in the case of Rexton Sports You can buy a Ranger for the price of two Rexton Sports.The same reaction came out and proved that it is a cost-effective model..

The same goes for Colorado. Colorado, which added new designs and various cutting-edge specifications while passing through the facelift, saw a significant increase in sales through appropriate pricing.. Because of this Colorado, which is cheaper than the Ranger, is much betterThe same reaction came out as.

Other brands
You must learn how to attack

Consumers were inflated with high expectations as many new cars were reported to be released in the domestic market.. But the public price turned that expectation into disappointment.. Ford needs to learn the strategy that other imported car brands have used to target the domestic market..

In particular, in the case of Volkswagen, there was a controversy about the stock removal,, It cleared the controversy by showing the price that exactly overlaps with the domestic car., Rather, there was a huge contract that could not be sold because there was no. As there are still many new cars to be released in the future, I wonder what Ford will do.

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