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How satisfied are the readers of this article now with the car you are riding? How much are you willing to buy a new car from the car manufacturer you are using now? If you are willing, or if not, why? Today, I would like to talk about a brand that has risen to the “#1 Imports of Cars I Want to Buy Again”.

Depending on the level of satisfaction consumers feel when purchasing a car, the probability of consistently purchasing the brand may vary. Brands that boast a high repurchase rate can be said to have been recognized for their quality, performance, and brand value, and brands that do not will have to find points for improvement. Today AutoPost Issue Plus talks about imported cars that Korean fathers want to buy again. Let’s go one more step.

Written Joonyoung Park Editor

When you buy a car
It is largely divided into three categories.

When a car is purchased, it is largely divided into three categories. The first thing is that I like the car so much that I buy a car of the same brand again. The second is that the car is too rotted or unsatisfactory than I expected, so I immediately sold the car or promised I would never ride the branded car again.

The third and last one is the case that you just ride without any thoughts. In fact, the third can be seen as a universal pattern of most consumers.

Survey results of 1,200 imported car owners
The brand with the highest repurchase rate was’Volvo’

In the recent Hankyung Import Car Service Index (KICSI) evaluation, there is a data that surveyed 1,200 imported car drivers intent to repurchase by imported car brand, and the results were quite interesting. First of all, 7 out of 10 people, 68.8%, answered that they are willing to purchase the brand they are currently using when replacing a vehicle. Are imported car owners high satisfaction? Seeing that 70% of them have expressed their intention to repurchase the same brand, imported car manufacturers should be more eager to catch loyal customers.

Among them, the prominent manufacturer was Volvo, the main character of the day. A whopping 98% of car owners ride Volvo. Virtually all of them showed a willingness to repurchase. Does Volvo have a fatal charm that you can never get out of once you buy it? What is the reason Korean dads want to buy Volvo again?

To car manufacturers
The’repurchase rate’ is very important

First, let’s take a moment to talk about the repurchase rate. This is a very important part. Usually, many car owners who ride imported cars have a strong tendency to ride only those cars when they like one brand. Consumers who ride Mercedes don’t need everything, no matter how good the BMW performance is, and there are quite a few cases where the car is just a Mercedes. On the other hand, car owners who only ride BMWs often only ride BMWs for the day and night.

Imported car brands are more likely to settle at one manufacturer according to the consumer’s disposition because their brand image is a little more solid and more certain than domestic cars. From a manufacturer’s point of view, these loyal customers should be well captured. The manufacturer would be fatal if the consumers who bought 10 Mercedes were lost to BMW. That’s why manufacturers also enforce policies for existing customers. One such example is providing differentiated services such as discount on repurchase when owning a vehicle.

Volvo’s philosophy and
‘Safety’ representing the image
Worked properly

So, what is the reason for Volvo’s high repurchase rate? I just mentioned the brand image for a while, because Volvo has put the brand image and philosophy right in the Korean market. Readers, what word comes to mind first when you think of Volvo? Probably’safe’.

Safety is a Volvo philosophy. What Volvo always advocates is the philosophy that “safety can’t be an option.” This philosophy is represented by applying’Intelli Safe’, a state-of-the-art safety package, to all models sold in Korea. If you access the Volvo Korea homepage and enter the vehicle description page, you can easily see that the first of the highlights is’safety technology that protects against danger’.

Volvo’s safety is already
Proven through numerous cases

It is said that such safety marketing worked correctly with domestic consumers. One of the most important things Korean fathers consider to buy a family car is’safety’. Volvo’s safety has already been proven several times. One of the examples is that the Volvo XC90 of the announcer Park Ji-yoon and Choi Dong-seok, who took place in Busan last July, collided with a truck and the passengers were intact, so unintentionally proving safety.

Overseas, there are cases in which the driver remains fine even in a head-on collision with a large trailer. That’s why netizens often say, “Volvo boasts almost tank-level safety” as a joke. The high volvo repurchase rate is, In fact, it represents that Volvo owners are quite satisfied with this safety philosophy.

In addition, unlike other imported car manufacturers, a consistent price policy is also receiving favorable reviews. Unlike other brands whose promotions change drastically over time, Volvo can be purchased anywhere at the same price. Domestically If only the shortage problem is solved, it seems that it is a brand that will record more sales.

(Photo = Daum news capture)

Netizens by comment
Was referring to a specific manufacturer

However, when the news came, there was a netizen who asked, “What would be the number one car you don’t want to buy again?” What manufacturers do readers think of? If you look at the actual comment, you can see that the manufacturer that everyone is familiar with is mentioned.

Why did this reaction come out? In fact, when it comes to sales of new cars, I think, “Is this public opinion going to have an impact?” But there is a reason for everything. When you buy the car mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are three main categories, the second of which is to sell the car immediately because the car is too spoiled or unsatisfied, or vows that you will not buy the branded car again. Because of this.

Last year’s highest-level domestic market
Hyundai-Kia Motors achieves sales record
Defects and quality problems were also all-time high.

Hyundai-Kia Motors recorded unprecedented sales in the domestic market last year. Export sales decreased, but domestic sales increased despite the economic downturn. It was good so far, but the problem was that the various defects and quality problems that occurred in the new car also recorded a record level.

Of course, the defects and quality problems mentioned here are directly related to the safety of consumers. In the end, there are many consumers who buy a car, but if the satisfaction with the car they purchased is not so good, the probability that consumers will repurchase Hyundai-Kia in the future will inevitably decrease. This is because there will not be a consumer who wants to buy an unsafe car or a car with many problems.

Losing cows and fixing the cowshed
Hope you don’t show yourself

Although there is no alternative to Hyundai-Kia Motors right now, there are a lot of cheap imported cars nowadays, and the price gap with domestic cars is gradually narrowing, so it is necessary to watch excitingly what direction the market will flow in the future.

As one of the consumers who wants not to see Hyundai Motor Company’s small loss and repairing the barn, he hopes to become a substantial brand that can capture loyal customers. Volvo’s philosophy that safety is a top priority, and readers’ various opinions about the high repurchase rate of consumers, are welcome to leave as comments. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.

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