2021.02.05.  57,758 reads There will be a test drive of 35 million won Sorento, which is cheaper than Tucson!  Gearhead 78

2021.02.05. 57,758 reads There will be a test drive of 35 million won Sorento, which is cheaper than Tucson! Gearhead 78

I tested the 4th generation Kia Sorento. Sorento has been a midsize SUV that has been steadily loved in the Korean market for nearly 20 years since 2002. Although the status was lowered as Telluride’s younger brother in North America and Mojave’s younger brother in Korea, it is loved as a family SUV with 4 to 5 passengers, and Kia is always fiercely with Santa Fe, breaking the prejudice that it is always treated as a stand-out compared to Hyundai’s equivalent It has been competing, and the new model sells much better than Santa Fe. The 4th generation new model, released in March 2020, is said to have increased in size as the size increases, but if you choose well with the net exhaust specification, you can choose Sorento for less than 36 million won. It’s not seemingly empty and the options aren’t meager. Rather than the manufacturer’s official test ride, which is always introduced as a full option, I think it is worth introducing such a net specification with excellent cost performance. Considering the value and charm of Sorento, which is much cheaper than the Tucson full option and costs around 35 million won. The color of this tea, which looks like a luxurious dark brown in bright natural light and black in dark, is Essence Brown (BE2).

1. Appearance
Sorento has always emphasized a masculine design with thick lines, and so is the fourth generation. The mask, where the border between the grill and the headlamp is ambiguous, is slightly angled, giving a bold impression. The LED daylight, which is sculpted to meet the bottom of the headlamp and the corner of the grill, is tough and neat in shape. Although the color is dark, it doesn’t look good, but vents for each function are harmoniously arranged at the bottom of the bumper with three-dimensional curves. Among domestic cars, if you buy too low a trim, the headlamps, grilles, decorations, and wheels are too vintage, which degrades your desire to purchase.Sorento 4th generation LED headlamps/fog lights/daylights, 18-inch front wheel, The bumper black high-gloss decoration is also applied to all the lowest-class basic models that cost 29.8 million won, and the low specification has excellent’availability’. The only thing that will be strengthened by adding an option is a 20-inch wheel and an LED turn signal, but in fact, this standard specification is cool enough.

The size specifications of this car are all larger than the previous generation (UM) Sorento. It is 170mm smaller in length than the Palisade, but it gives a feeling that it looks much larger than the specifications. The side design was not particularly curved or tricky, but the decoration reminiscent of the grille extending from the headlamp was decorated in a shape that penetrated the front door from the front fender, and slightly bounced on the boundary line where the C pillar and the third row glass meet. I added a decorative look. It’s a gimmick that started with Proseed sold in Europe and recently started to be applied to Kia Motors, and it’s a small but extraordinary part in the 6-window style SUV’s 3rd row windows, which all seem obvious.

The LED tail lamp that is divided into two on the rear side shows its personality. Like this car, LED tail lamps and roof racks are applied from the second’prestige’ trim from the bottom, so there is no big difference from a car that bought a full option for nearly 47 million won. There is no trim level emblem, and only the English logo of Sorento, which has been arranged widely in the center alignment, is attached, so there is no risk of shrinking due to the emblem. Only the hybrid model or the all-wheel drive selection model will have a separate emblem added.

Sorento sculpted a wide and flat rear that could seem simple with three-dimensional curves, and hidden elements that would appear messy when exposed to the outside to make it look stylish. What I want to praise in particular is that the wiper is well hidden, and you can’t find a wiper that usually sticks to the middle under the rear window in this car. It’s because it’s cleverly hidden inside the rear spoiler. The Range Rover Velor also conceals the rear wiper this way, which looks much nicer and cleaner. This type of spoiler is said to have a narrower area than other SUVs with a wiper, but since the rear window is slightly lying down, water does not splash and condensate so there will be no inconvenience in securing visibility. My car’s Kia Soul has a rear window that stands close to 90 degrees, so even if it doesn’t rain, the water splashing from the floor forms drops like dew, and the rear window gets messy quickly.This car is at the angle of the window or like a spoiler at the bottom. Due to the design characteristics of the erected trunk lid, the rear window is unlikely to get dirty.

235/60R18 Continental Cross Contact genuine tires are used. The wheels with two-tone paint look great, and no matter how much they look, they don’t look like low-end wheels.

2. Interior
It’s a pretty well decorated interior that can’t be believed to be a car worth less than 36 million won. Compared to the Sorento full option, which is slightly less than KRW 47 million, many parts that should be covered with artificial leather are replaced with urethane, and artificial leather is used instead of the top nappa leather, and the quality of the material is somewhat inferior, but the fresh feeling of the saddle brown two-tone interior color It offers a sense of luxury beyond this expectation.

Leather steering wheel finished in two-tone color. There were some cars with bright leather handles, but there were many cases where the dirt got on the outside and became dirty with a difficult-to-recover migration. For this reason, Sorento’s two-tone steering wheel is made of black leather on the outside that is vulnerable to the touch, and bright leather on the inside that can only be touched lightly by a finger, reducing the worry of contamination and creating a bright and refreshing steering wheel that looks great. For luxury brand Genesis, you can choose a two-tone leather steering wheel by paying a tremendous amount of money over 3 million won and adding the top-level package option for the interior, but Sorento can choose such a nice two-tone steering wheel even if you choose a two-tone interior without additional fees. This is something I can’t really praise. The heating function is applied by default.

Analog dashboard with a 4.2-inch color LCD cluster secondary screen. These days, there are so many cars that use full LCD dashboards, so this configuration seems a little old, but considering that the car price will go up due to the high cost, these analogue dashboards are much better for real-life consumers. The center cluster is also applied as a full-color LCD, which collects the necessary information and displays it in three dimensions. In fact, even if only the cluster is good, there is no need for a full LCD dashboard.

10.25 inch UVO navigation screen. You can intuitively control media and navigation with the left/right touch buttons and dials, and display the desired information well at once by dividing the screen in a 2:1 ratio. UVO Navigation, which understands voice commands and updates UI design and functions regularly according to user feedback, is highly recommended for long-term retention.

The air conditioning controller and air vent are exceptionally large in size and area compared to the latest new cars. In particular, the center fascia air vent is a unique configuration that has two air vents for each left and right. When I first saw the new Sorento released in 2020, it was so clunky that I felt rejected, but when I was hit by the wind of the heater, I was very grateful for the two-pronged air vent that warms the upper body with the upper vent and warms the thigh with the lower vent.

The center console has an auxiliary storage space and wireless charging tray that can be neatly covered with a cover, a heated/ventilated seat switch attached with a toggle button at the corner of the center, an automatic transmission gear knob, and all controller buttons. The Sorento is equipped with a conventional shift-by-cable transmission as the electronic dial transmission is applied from the 3rd Noblesse trim. (I like electronic transmission, but) For those who don’t like electronic transmission depending on the person, Sorento, which has a separate gear lever option, seems to be a good idea. Despite being a sub-spec, there are no meaningless empty buttons around the center console. The disadvantage of black high-gloss material applied over a wide area is that it is susceptible to contamination.If you wipe it with a wet wipe because the dust has settled, the scale spreads brightly, causing a side effect that makes you more disliked. After wiping it with a wet tissue, dry it with something like a microfiber towel, and it will get clean quickly.

Other SUVs designed with a single electronic transmission have an extensive auxiliary storage space at the bottom of the center console, but this car has little auxiliary storage space around the center console due to the space through which the transmission cables pass. However, the auxiliary storage space is well dug in the center console itself, and the storage space inside the armrest is very large, so it is easy to use.

Sorento upper trim has a metal grain with a rhombic decoration, and a mood light is added to the lower trim, but instead of the mood light, a wood grain is added. These days, cars with wood grain are hard to find unless they are very expensive cars, but Sorento was surprisingly good to see wood grain in the lower trim. However, unlike the upper trim Sorento, where handles and door trims are finished with artificial leather, stiff urethane is applied to the lower trim, so the tactile sense of quality is slightly inferior. From the eye, it is luxurious due to its bright color, but if you touch it, you can feel the texture of the price.

The 2nd row of Sorento can be changed to an independent captain seat for 2 people. The captain’s seat has a wider gap between the seats, and the seat length/tilt and armrest angle can all be individually set. The second row legroom is very generous and comfortable for me, 182 cm tall. The passenger side can secure free space by pushing the passenger seat walk-in switch further forward. Convenience equipment is equipped with heated seats, two-row air conditioning, and two-row USB ports. Due to the structure of the captain seat, the cup holder is attached to the door trim side.

To move to the third row seat, press the quick button on the outer thigh side or the outer shoulder side, and the second row seat slides forward while bending forward. If you apply lightly with your hand, the second row sheet is pushed straight forward, and it is convenient to enter the third row sheet through the gap. The buttons are split in two places, so that when you have to push the chair with the second row door open, and when you need to push the front seat from the position of the third row passenger, the button is attached to the position where it is easy to press each button.

The pads engraved in the shape of a diamond pattern are not genuine aftermarket products.

The 3rd row seat is composed of 2 passengers, and convenient equipment such as a 3rd row exclusive air vent, USB port and auxiliary storage space are also attached faithfully. However, as the vehicle has a shorter overall length than the Palisade and the rear glass is slightly lying down, the sense of space for adult passengers with 3-row seats is a bit narrow.

With all three rows of seats upright, the trunk space is narrow. This car is purchased on the premise of a four-person ride, and it is thought that the use of this car can be expected to fit the size of folding three rows. The third row seats require manual operation of the strap lever, and the second row seats can be easily folded with the sinking button. Folding down the two-row sheets is automatic, but unfolding them is manual. In order to expect to be fully automatic even when unfolding, you have to go up to the level of the Genesis GV80, which is about twice as expensive as this car.

3. Performance/Driving Sense
The 4th generation Sorento consists of 1 diesel engine, 1 gasoline turbo engine, and 1 gasoline hybrid, and this car has a 4-cylinder 2.2 Smart Stream D diesel specification. It has the performance specifications of maximum output 202ps/3,800rpm, maximum torque 45.0kgf•m/1,750 ~ 2,750rpm. The transmission is only applicable as an 8-speed wet dual-clutch transmission. Compared to the previous 3rd generation Sorento (UM), the main specifications of the diesel engine have been upgraded to 2.2 liters, and the performance specifications are the same, but the transmission is upgraded from 6-speed AT to 8-speed DCT.

2.2 Diesel engines are the same engines as seen in Santa Fe and Palisade, so it’s hard to feel a different impression. It’s not incredibly fast, but it doesn’t mean it’s cramped, and it’s got a moderate lightness given its bulk. The noise/vibration between stops unique to a four-cylinder diesel engine is unavoidably generated, but those who have been riding a four-cylinder diesel SUV for a long time are still quite quiet and comfortable to ride with diesel these days? It is enough to give the feeling. The 8-speed DCT keeps it very low at 1,500rpm at 8-speed during 100km/h cruise, reducing noise and improving fuel economy. Every time I ride DCT cars, it was neat and nice because I didn’t feel any sense of noise or discomfort at low speed, which was always scary. On the one hand, when it comes to rapid acceleration, it reveals its value of existence with a quick downshift. The Veloster N also has a wet 8-speed DCT, but it seems that the transmission characteristics were tuned differently depending on the characteristics of the car. This car, which uses a unique shift-by-cable gear lever, does not have a separate paddle shift, and only the middle to upper specifications that use electronic dial transmissions have paddle shifts.

Easy-to-use drive mode selector by dialing operation

It also helps with comfort-oriented tires with a thick aspect ratio, but the basic ride comfort is smooth. There are also sporty SUVs that sometimes cause discomfort with too large inches of wheels and hard suspension. Sorento focuses on the comfortable driving feel required as a family SUV rather than pursuing a clumsy sportiness, and is also a good base for dynamic driving. Saved. Not only on flat straight pavements, but also on winding mountain roads, the level of behavior of this car is quite neat. When I went around the same course with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, there was a sense of fear that the car would turn around if it goes wrong, but this car shows a neat steering response even when I want to get off the beaten track sometimes, and it allows some rolls but is not anxious and predictable. It overcomes well with the level of lower body behavior. Even when I was in Palisade, I was surprised that the car was quite agile compared to its size, but the Sorento was a little bit smaller than the car, so it was easier and more fun to handle. We wonder how well the 281 hp gasoline 2.5T spec will run.

Due to the short driving conditions, we have not been able to measure the fuel efficiency of the cruising trip. The official fuel efficiency in Korea has also developed to a degree that the error from the actual fuel efficiency is very small, so we will first quote the figures from the official fuel economy. Based on the specification of Sorento 2.2 diesel 2WD 18-inch tire 6-seater, it is 12.9 in city center, 16.4 on highway, and 14.3km/L combined. When 4WD is selected, all fuel efficiency decreases by 0.4km/L, and the combined fuel efficiency is the same even compared to the 1.6T hybrid 2WD 19-inch specification, which is much more expensive (1.6T hybrid (15.1km/L) is the predominant city fuel economy) . Taken together, I think the 2.2 diesel is still an attractive option in terms of cost performance, assuming that it can only withstand noise/vibration. Hyundai Motor Group has declared that there is no new diesel engine for passengers after this, and it will also be highly complete as it is the last improved diesel engine.

4. Value for money
Sorento ironically has the lowest price for a 4-cylinder 2.5t specification with the highest output and displacement, followed by a 2.2 diesel, 1.6T hybrid, and a higher powertrain. We all recognize that hybrids are expensive because of the cost of motors and batteries, but diesel models are becoming more expensive than gasoline models as they are recently combined with expensive aftertreatment devices. Now, it’s a car that people with mileage that can be compensated for for fuel costs should beat the calculator well. In the second month of shipment, a diesel engine will be suitable for the owner of this car with a mileage that has already exceeded 5,000km. Personally, the 2.5T seems to be too much, so I think it would be good to have a normal four-cylinder 1.6~2.0 gasoline turbo specification that yields 12~13km/L combined fuel consumption even if the output is cut.

The Sorento 2.2 diesel starts at KRW 30.4 million as a base for the trendy diesel 2WD based on a 3.5% opening tax in February 2021, and goes up to KRW 47.70 million for the top diesel signature 4WD full option. However, it is also possible to configure it to be practical like this car. If you’re a big family SUV, you’d think three rows of seats, panoramic sunroof, ventilation/heated seats, and good navigation are the basics, but this car meets those specifications with net exhaust and doesn’t exceed 36 million won. The second grade, Prestige (32.8 million won), a panoramic sunroof, 10.25-inch UVO navigation, and a 6-person seat option, this car is 3,593 million won. With the high-end full option Sorento, the door trim is also finished in leather, and the atmosphere and high-tech specifications such as 20-inch wheels, nappa leather seats, mood lights, electronic dial transmission, around view, full LCD dashboard, and HUD are more advanced. However, from a practical point of view, just by applying the saddle brown two-tone interior without any additional charge makes the atmosphere quite neat, and the 18-inch wheels are nice enough to look at, and those who are not familiar with the advanced specifications and are not interested will feel enough satisfaction with this 35 million won Sorento alone. I will be able to. Since the Tucson (NX4) 1.6 diesel 4WD full option is close to 39 million won, this and that is an unreasonable option for me, and I think it would be good to buy a higher-end SUV that is larger and has ample displacement if the interior quality is well compromised. Although four-wheel drive is good, it is not of great benefit to those with a small proportion of unpaved roads, and considering the expensive price and fuel economy loss, it would be a more reasonable option to just drive with winter tires in winter. However, I personally prefer the Driving Assist option, and I recommend adding the Drive Wise option for 880,000 won here to benefit from the enhanced driving convenience of Smart Cruise Control. Even without Drive Wise, lane maintenance assistance (LKA) and front collision prevention assistance (FCW) are installed as standard, but if you use it as a family car, the smart cruise control makes your feet easier and more convenient for long-distance driving.

5. General review
The Sorento is a pivotal model that has enabled Kia Motors to establish itself as a good SUV maker. Excluding the K5, Kia’s passenger cars have always been pushed back compared to Hyundai’s equivalent models, but when it comes to SUVs, they competed in fierce competition, and the fourth-generation Sorento has much higher domestic sales than the Santa FeTM facelift specification, which took a special measure of platform replacement . With a tough and future-oriented clean design, improved comfort thanks to the second row of captain seats, and a new powertrain with a high degree of completion, it has been reborn as a classmate family SUV. With a reasonable price/trim policy, we are considering making it cheaper than our brother’s class SUV. When looking at the full option specifications only, there was no big difference in the price of a car smaller than the Palisade, so I was wondering if it would sell properly, but when I met a car with a reasonable option specification of less than 36 million won, I think I can see the secret of Sorento’s high popularity. This article concludes with a personal wish that Kia Motors, which is showing excellent results with urban SUVs, now also wants to challenge the realm of off-roader who knows how to ride rough roads properly.

Advantages: Tough and clean design, a fresh and luxurious interior based on two-tone interior, captain seat and panoramic sunroof that give extreme satisfaction to second-row passengers, enhanced powertrain and driving quality, and no shortage of options that do not exceed 36 million won Reasonable pricing policy

Disadvantages: The center fascia air vent design that looks good to use but looks crude, the interior texture and convenience option level that will be disappointing if you directly compare it with the full option specification (but if you do not compare it with others, there is no problem!), something ambiguous gasoline engine lineup (Too expensive hybrid, too high-power gasoline turbo.. composed only like this)

This review article was written as an individual reader’s vehicle support, and there was no monetary payment from the car manufacturer in connection with the writing.

Article/Photo: Avant-garde

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