2021.02.05.  4,689 read Genesis The New G70 Gasoline 3.3 Turbo Test Drive AutoDesigner 22

2021.02.05. 4,689 read Genesis The New G70 Gasoline 3.3 Turbo Test Drive AutoDesigner 22

* This content was created through Hyundai Motors-Genesis’ test drive support.

Genesis has been launching as an independent brand for about 5 years now, and is gradually building heritage and identity as a premium brand. The identity, which is currently being captured most clearly, seems to be the’design’ that has the greatest influence on the first impression. The G80, which was the beginning of the Genesis brand and was incorporated as the main model of the brand, was fully changed, the GV80 and GV70, which are the beginnings of a completely new car and SUV lineup, and the G90, the flagship, are being completed with a style that can be seen at a glance.

In addition, Genesis’ most entry sedan, the sports sedan, G70 is no exception. Face lifted ‘The New G70’ Again, the style that firmly contains Genesis’ unique identity has changed so much that it is comparable to full change. The first impression was unfamiliar, but I tried the new G70 with a 3.3 turbo rear-wheel model, which has now become more’Genesis’.

As mentioned from the beginning, the biggest change of The New G70 is in the dramatically changed exterior design. There were many opinions that the first impression was different and unfamiliar compared to the existing G70, but compared to the existing G70’s style, where the identity was ambiguous, the appearance of the new The New G70 is the Genesis lineup at a glance.The longer you look, the more unique and stronger It gives an impression.

Now, of course, we will continue to express Genesis. Quad lamp Including Crest grillThe style was unified with the G80 and G90 by changing it to a wider and sharper shape., G-matrix mesh patternApplied to create a sporty and splendid feeling. The bumper also actively expresses the air vents and curves that have increased in size, eliminating unnecessary garnishes and making use of the shape itself, while being sporty enough, it is a feeling that makes the presence of the grill and headlamps better.

Since it is a face lift model, the body line and proportions on the side are the same as before, but the air vent garnish design at the lower part of the front fender has been changed, the wheel design has also been redesigned, and the sports package has a dark sputtering wheel to create a darker and more charismatic atmosphere. It is regrettable that the Fender Air Vent is missing the chrome garnish, but it is expressed in two lines to contain the identity of Genesis.

From the back Rear lamp changed to quad typeAnd in the center of the trunk lid GENESIS lettering instead of wing emblemThe license plate was moved to the bumper and changed to the same configuration as other Genesis sedans. If the rear quad lamps were extended to the inside of the trunk lid, it would have a more natural and strong presence, but it seems that there would have been a limit to proceed without significantly changing the trunk mold, and if you keep looking at the short quad lamps, you will feel moderate tension. Giving seems to suit the G70 better.

Rear diffuser and large dual muffler tips are standard on the 3.3 turbo model, and on the 2.0 turbo by selecting the Sport packagedo. The larger size of the muffler tip looks a little too much, but it seems to be a good way to express it as a high-performance sedan.

Compared to the greatly changed exterior, the interior has almost the same configuration as the existing G70, such as the steering wheel design and electronic gear knob, but the wider 10.25 inch navigation display, By applying the infotainment system, Copper color is applied to the info system UI and the graphic of the 12.3-inch digital clusterAlthough it seems simple, he expressed the colors of Genesis more actively than before. The interior style and finishing materials were also satisfactory in the existing G70, so there is no big dissatisfaction with the new G70. The degree to which I would like the ambient light to be added.

As mentioned earlier, the 3D type 12.3-inch digital cluster has newly changed the graphics and colors for each driving mode in line with the G80, GV80, and GV70, and the rear monitor is also applied, so when changing lanes, blind spots can be clearly checked. Compared to the existing cluster graphic, which was a fairly bold style, it feels a bit conservative and classic.

In the infotainment system with the UI color changed and the screen expanded Genesis CarPay, ballet mode, car-to-home, built-in cam, voice recognition vehicle control, remote 360-degree view Etc. convenience equipment is added, Smartphone wireless charging systemSilver charging speed has been improved, allowing faster charging. However, unlike the recent trend, the room mirror is not changed to a bezel-less type, and the existing high-pass room mirror is applied as it is. There is no problem at all functionally, but it may be a bit disappointing in terms of aesthetics. Is there a structural interference or other problem?

My test drive is Sport Design Selection Interior in Obsidian Black/Sandstorm Gray Two Tone Quilting pattern applied by applying Nappa leather sheetThe quilting pattern is applied to the and door trim parts, and a bright sandstorm gray color is applied everywhere including the bottom of the crash pad and the center console, so it may be difficult to manage, but it feels bright and luxurious.

Since there is no change in the body size and interior structure, the interior space in the second row is the same as the existing G70. Although it is not a pleasant environment, it still has enough space for 4 adults, heated seats and air vents for second row passengers, and USB charging. Port and passenger seat walk-in devices are provided.

The trunk space is not very spacious, but it has enough space compared to other sedans in the same class, and it is possible to carry a large golf bag or a fairly long luggage with the possibility of folding the second row of seats 6:4.

The appearance has changed dramatically, but the powertrain maintains the configuration of the existing G70, but the 3.3 gasoline turbo model, which is a test-drive, has a slightly higher peak output as the exhaust system is changed. Maximum output 373 hp, maximum torque 52.0kgm.fThe 8-speed automatic transmission is applied to the engine that exhibits Since it is a slight difference in horsepower, it is difficult to notice the difference from the previous G70, but the G70 3.3 turbo models that were tested earlier were all AWD models, and this test drive is an RWD rear-wheel drive model, in winter when the temperature is low and the road surface is not very good. During a test drive, the difference between the AWD and rear wheel drive became a test drive.

I felt it before, but the G70’s 3.3 gasoline turbo engine, which has more than 370 horsepower, can say that the car is jumping and jumping out, and the feeling of acceleration transmitted to the driver is so strong that it is felt properly. It is obvious that the engine displacement is also more relaxed compared to the car class and the turbo is added, but according to the official specifications, it only takes 4.7 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100km/h.

However, in the winter when the temperature drops below freezing, and when the road surface is infinitely cold, the timing of the test drive was difficult because it was difficult to handle even with all-season tires instead of summer tires. Since the momentary torque is so strong, even if you accelerate from an uphill, the rear wheel starts to turn and the car shakes left and right, so the VDC and TCS hold the car to some extent, and from the moment it secures the grip, it hits it straight out. I don’t think there is anything short of calling it’. It’s a bit scary to press the accelerator pedal all the way.

Thanks to this, it is hard to change to the Sport Plus mode, which turns off TCS. Only those who are confident in driving should try driving on the circuit with Sport Plus mode. In addition, the AWD system has a dynamic AWD system that helps smooth the drift. It is not very useful on general roads, but if you are good at drifting, please use the drift paddock in the circuit to comply with the laws.

It is also an entry-level model and is the closest model to’sports’, so the ride comfort is quite hard among the Genesis sedan lineup. Of course, it doesn’t feel unpleasantly stiff or thumping, Electronically controlled suspensionIs applied, so if you put it in the comfort mode, you can ride quite comfortably in everyday life. Sound-insulating glass is also applied to the windshield and the side glass in the first row, so the quietness is considerable in normal times. Instead, if you change to the sport mode, the side bolsters on the driver’s seat tighten the body, and the suspension becomes hard enough to feel a little bouncing, enhancing the taste of running.

The Brembo brake was also felt by my standards with enough braking power and not awkward footing to match the performance of the car.

In order to increase the fun of driving New exhaust system with variable flapAlso plays a big part. Existing G70 exhaust sound was too quiet and quiet compared to vehicle performance, so exhaust tuning was essential for those who wanted sports driving.The variable flap was applied, stepping on the accelerator pedal, and opening the exhaust flap in accordance with the throttle opening. It gives a good 6-cylinder sound.

Action Cam’s microphone performance wasn’t very good, so it couldn’t capture the exhaust sound, but please refer to the video and compare it with the existing G70.

Through the in-vehicle speaker Active sound designIt was also applied, but personally, I prefer listening to the sound from the variable exhaust.

Since it is a vehicle with a high displacement and high power, it would be better not to put a significant meaning on fuel efficiency, but the fuel efficiency of driving 186km on the highway from Yongin Singal to Jeonju is 12.8km/L, and if it is a general highway driving environment, it is 12~13km/ based on the trip computer. With L fuel economy, it’s not too much of a burden. 3.3 Turbo rear wheel sports package (all season tires) has a certified combined fuel efficiency of 9.4km/L, city center 8.2km/L, highway 11.3km/L. When summer tires are applied, fuel economy slightly decreases.

Even if it is a sports sedan that shows dynamic performance, it should be comfortable in everyday life. Like other Genesis line-up vehicles, The New G70 has many driving assistance and safety features for drivers. It is not even assisted to change lanes, but it also supports car lanes. Highway driving assistanceIs applied so that the burden is not great even when driving long distances,

Front collision avoidance assistance and rear collision avoidance assistance, multiple collision avoidance systems, safety disembarkation warnings, rear passenger notifications, lane maintenance assistance, navigation smart cruise control that can recognize bicycles and vehicles facing the intersection Etc. apply.

Genesis The New G70 Gasoline 3.3 Turbo 2WD Sport Package This is the test drive. It was unfamiliar at first, but with a style that has a stronger presence by actively embodying the identity of Genesis, enhanced convenience specifications, a still dynamic driving performance, and a more audible exhaust sound, the charm of seeing and driving is more alive. I wonder if it didn’t. There are some places where the facelift model’s limitations remain, but the expectations for the next generation G70 seem to be even greater.

* Test drive vehicle specifications
Genesis G70 Gasoline 3.3 Turbo 2WD, exterior color carbon metal, interior color obsidian black/sandstorm gray,
Optional-Sports Package (19-inch all-season Michelin tires, dark sputtering wheels, electronically controlled suspension), Sports Design Selection, Popular Package, Comfort Package II, Driving Assistant Package
Vehicle price of 58.3 million won based on a test drive (572.32,535 million won based on 3.5% individual consumption tax)

Gasoline 2.0 turbo from 44.1 million won, diesel 2.2 from 45 million won, gasoline 3.3 turbo from 46.7 million won.

* This content was created through Hyundai Motors-Genesis’ test drive support.

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