2021.02.05.  4,566 read Will LPG be able to drive even if I put butane gas in my car?  SK Gas Eco LPG 10

2021.02.05. 4,566 read Will LPG be able to drive even if I put butane gas in my car? SK Gas Eco LPG 10

Have you ever seen an’LPG Vehicle Emergency Gas Charger’ that can be easily purchased on a domestic shopping site~? This product is literally an adapter that allows LPG vehicles to be charged with gas in case of an emergency. Let’s see if the general public can really use this charger to charge gas in LPG vehicles, and if possible, what the principle is.

LPG vehicle In case of emergency With butane gas Driving It is possible?

In conclusion, LPG cars can be recharged in an emergency with butane gas sold at supermarkets. In fact, in case of unexpected LPG exhaustion, there are many drivers who have emergency chargers in their cars and buy 3-4 butane gas directly from nearby convenience stores in case of emergency. According to the description of the LPG emergency charger that can be used in this way, when driving at a driving speed of 20 to 30 km/h, a can of 0.38 liters of butane gas can drive a distance of 3 km.

Butane gas By charge LPG vehicle Driving possible principle

The reason why LPG vehicles can be driven with butane gas, which can be easily purchased on the market, is because the main components of LPG are propane gas and butane gas. LPG consists of’methane’ with one carbon,’ethane’ with two,’propane’ with three, and’butane’ with four. Of these, the main components of LPG are mostly butane and propane, so it is possible to drive an LPG vehicle with only butane gas filling.

However, the butane gas charger should only be used in emergencies, and it is safer and more efficient to charge at a charging station in normal times. The reason is the proportion of butane gas.

Ratio of butane gas and propane gas in LPG

LPG sold at charging stations does not use butane gas alone due to the freezing point of the two gases, but is sold by mixing propane gas in an appropriate ratio. The freezing point of butane gas is -0.5°C, and the freezing point of propane gas is -42.1°C. If only butane gas is used in the cold winter, the gas may be frozen, so propane gas is used together.

Conversely, the reason why butane is used together without only propane gas is because of efficiency. Butane gas generates about 20% more heat than propane gas, so it is more suitable for engines that require good explosions. So, automotive LPG has a much higher proportion of butane. In addition, because of these temperature and efficiency issues, charging stations set different ratios of propane and butane depending on the season.

Points to note when using the LPG emergency charger

You can easily purchase an LPG emergency charger by searching for’LPG charger’ on the shopping site. Emergency chargers sold in the market range in price ranges from 100,000 won to 180,000 won, but the KC certification mark is what you must check when purchasing. The KC certification mark is a mark that is only displayed on products that have no abnormality when inspected by the Gas Safety Corporation one by one, so please check if there is this mark before purchasing.

We learned about the fact that LPG cars can be driven even with butane gas, which can be purchased at convenience stores, due to the main components of LPG. Carrying an emergency charger with you in case of the unexpected is a quick way, but it’s safer to use an insurance service to get to a nearby charging station, so use it only when it’s really urgent!

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