2021.02.05.  27,065 Read DS, DS 4 Full Change Revealed...  Large cars are not luxury cars!  Road test 78

2021.02.05. 27,065 Read DS, DS 4 Full Change Revealed… Large cars are not luxury cars! Road test 78

Last 3Il Stellatis’ premium brand DSend 2Generation DS 4Showed off. DS 4Is DSWas Citroen’s premium sub-brand 2010year C4Was first released as a luxury version of. 2015year DSLaunched as an independent brand 2016year DS 4Unveiled its facelift model.

As it is a full change model, it has undergone many changes.. DSHas established itself as a premium brand of Stellaantis, so it shows a luxurious look at a glance.. Math symbol sigma() The shaped headlamp stands out.. ‘DS matrix LED visionTraffic flow, Increases visibility in consideration of the weather, etc.. As well as left and right 33.5°It rotates to and illuminates according to the direction of the front wheel.. Daytime running lights that extend to the bottom of the bumper 98doggy LEDUse to add luxury.

The profile is smooth and sharp lines are in harmony.. I usually need to hide The flush-fitting door catch that comes out goes well with the character line.. 20The ratio between the inch wheel and the body is DS Brought from the concept car of the aero sports lounge to show a proud presence.

The back is the upper segment DS 7Resembles. The roof wraps around the rear glass, which is quite lying down, taking not only style but also aerodynamic efficiency.. Body curves and sharp edges DS Badged CEmphasize filler. DS 7You can also see a tail lamp that embodies the scales of a lizard shown in.

The interior has a clear identity. DS 7, DS 3Likewise, the seat has a design in the shape of a watch strap.. Centered 10Basic system can be operated with inch display. The air conditioning system dial is provided with a physical button to prevent distraction while driving.. Especially ‘DS Smart touchWow ‘DS E-ToggleCombined 5The system can be operated conveniently with the inch touch screen..

The performance line is DS 4Emphasize the dynamics of. Strip between taillamps, Grill, The windscreen border is painted black.. The interior is made of Alcantara, and the dashboard, Fully covered door and center console. The lower part of the steering wheel is finished in forged carbon..

DS 4Writes on various models of the Stellaantis group EMP2 I tweaked the platform a little. Increased body rigidity using heat-compressed parts and new composite materials.. From the beginning of development, it was prepared for electrification, and plug-in hybrid powertrain was incorporated without invasion of usability and space.. Body length and width, Each height 4,400×1,830×1,470Mmin OneThan generation 125Mm Long 20Mm Wide 55Mm low.

Plug-in hybrid powertrain is the highest output 180Series of horsepower 4Cylinder gasoline turbo engine and 110Horsepower electric motor e-EAT 8Paired with a single transmission. System total power 225Radiates magical power. Put the battery with increased energy density WLTP standard EVMode 50Can run longer. Besides 130horsepower, 180horsepower, 225Horsepower puretech gasoline engine 130Magical blueHDi I also prepared a diesel engine.

User convenience was also improved.. Newly developed ‘DS Extended head-up displayAdded augmented reality function. speed, Warning message, Navigation information, Windshield to media information 4m Made to follow the driver’s gaze from the front.

Active cruise control slows down in heavy traffic, stop, Help restart. With blind spot alarm 75m It communicates the risk factors of blind spots to the driver within range. Semi-automatic overtaking based on a camera located on the windshield, Change car, With traffic sign recognition ‘DS Drive assist 2.0′, The camera and sensors located throughout the body read the road surface and adjust the pressure of the damper respectively. ‘DS Active Scan SuspensionImproved driving comfort and ride comfort. Also ‘DS Night visionThe infrared camera on the silver grill provides maximum 200m It illuminates the situation where you fell away. The driver can see the camera in action through the digital instrument cluster..

DS 4Is already in Europe, South America, Africa, etc. DS Be on display at the store. You can experience all the features introduced earlier.. this year 4Will be on sale from the quarter.

By Lee Dong-yup, reporter
Picture DS

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