2021.02.05.  261,058 read Kia Motors Auto Post 147 of misfortune, which is bitterly discontinued after taking over

2021.02.05. 261,058 read Kia Motors Auto Post 147 of misfortune, which is bitterly discontinued after taking over

Kia Motors sells a variety of vehicles in the United States. It sells 12 models, including Niro, K5, Rio, Seltos, Sportage, Sorento, Stinger, Telluride, Cadenza, and K900. Last year, it sold 586,000 units. It decreased by 4.6% compared to the previous year.

Among them, two models with low sales are said to be discontinued in the United States. The vehicles to be discontinued are Kadenza (K7) and K900 (K9). Since its launch, it has not been able to escape the sluggish sales until now, and it has finally come to an end. Today’s AutoPost Issue Plus deals with Kadenzawa K900, discontinued in the US.

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2021 model not released
Only stock difference is on sale

Kia has stopped selling Cadenza and K900 in the US market this year. If you look at Kia Motors’ US homepage, the rest of the models are introducing 2021 models, but only Cadenza and K900 are introducing 2020 models.

Kia officials said that they are no longer producing new Kadenzawa K900s, and that only stock cars are currently being sold. With the discontinuation of the two models, the Kia sedan sold in the US was reduced to four types: Rio, Forte (K3), K5, and Stinger.

(Source = GoodcarBadcar)

The cause of discontinuation is
Sluggish sales

The reason Kadenzawa K900 was discontinued is because sales volume was sluggish. Kadenza began selling in the US in 2013 and the K900 in 2014.

However, sales were not very good. Cadenza sold 8,626 units in 2013, 9,267 units in 2014, 7,343 units in 2015, 4,738 units in 2016, 7,249 units in 2017, 4,507 units in 2018, 1,577 units in 2019, and 1,265 units in 2020. There has never been a year that sold more than 10,000 units.

(Source = GoodcarBadcar)

The K900 is even worse than the Cadenza. It sold 1,330 units in 2014, 2,524 units in 2015, 834 units in 2016, 455 units in 2017, 354 units in 2018, 392 units in 2019, and 305 units in 2020. Since 2016, it has not sold even a thousand units a year.

From launch to last year, Kadenza sold 44,572 units and K900 sold 6,194 units. It is similar to the domestic one-year sales volume. For reference, last year, the K7 sold 41,000 units and the K9 sold 7,831 units in Korea. On the other hand, Kadenza’s rival models, Toyota Avalon and Nissan Maxima, are selling tens of thousands of units each year, although their sales volume is lower than before. Isn’t this a loss of Cadenza’s competitiveness? There was also a story to say.

Sedan’s popularity in America
It is gradually decreasing.

In fact, sales of sedans for almost all brands, not just Kia, are gradually decreasing. The United States is one of the automobile powerhouses, but the road environment is surprisingly poor. Although the roads are well paved in downtown areas such as New York, there are quite a few unpaved roads outside the city center. Since the land of the United States is so large, it is difficult to pave all road networks even in the United States with high economic power.

In addition, people who do not live in the city often purchase daily necessities or groceries in bulk when shopping, and delivery costs are also expensive, so they have to bring their own car home. Therefore, pickup trucks and SUVs that are advantageous for driving on rough terrain and have a wide load capacity are inevitably popular.

Ford and Lincoln have announced their position to clean up sedans in the United States. Ford was discontinued, leaving only Fusion, and Lincoln discontinued MKZ and Continental, leaving no sedan. Chevrolet only left Malibu and Sonic sedans, while Cadillac discontinued the CT6, leaving only the CT4 and CT5.

Hunger also in the US
Becoming a SUV specialty brand

Kia will discontinue the Kadenzawa K900 to reduce its sedan lineup and increase the proportion of SUV sales to become an SUV brand. Kia SUVs currently on sale in the US are Soul, Seltos, Sportage, Niro, Sorento, and Telluride.

In the past year, Niro sold 17,434 units, Seltos sold 46,280 units, Sorento sold 74,677 units, Soul sold 71,772 units, and Telluride sold 75,119 units. Compared to similar American and Japanese cars, the sales volume is on the small side, but the sales volume is increased through continuous improvement of marketability and aggressive marketing. The eco-friendly car lineup consists only of SUVs, and eco-friendly cars to be released in the future will also be released as SUVs.

Virtually domestic
K7 and K9

Domestic large-sized cars are not using their strength overseas. Granger withdrew early in 2017, and Cadenza and the K900 were holding back in the US, but also withdrew due to sluggish sales. In other regions, except for the United States, sales volume is almost absent. In fact, it has fallen into domestic use. The only thing left is Genesis. However, it is unclear whether the G70, G80, or G90 will succeed in the United States, where the sedan’s position is getting smaller.

This year, the K7 will be fully changed to the third generation, and the K9 will go through a face lift. Although the marketability has improved significantly, it is expected that this will also be reduced to domestic use as there is no suitable place to sell. It is bitter that it was ambitious to go abroad and only tasted the bitter taste and was discontinued. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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