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2021/02/05 21:21 Super hairpin bend!Macron: The EU should not ally with the United States against China


French President Macron (pictured) stated that

French President Macron (pictured) stated that “the EU should not ally with the United States to deal with China” and was criticized as “it is right now but yesterday is wrong.” (AFP file photo)

2021/02/05 21:21

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]French President Emmanuel Macron called on the US to unite the European Union at least twice during the Trump administration. Unexpectedly, after the Biden administration came to power, Macron said, “The EU should not Alliance with the United States against China.”

According to a report by the US media Politico, Macron pointed out at the Washington think tank Atlantic Council on the 4th that the EU and the United States have a very high probability of detonating the “most serious conflict” when they join forces to deal with China. The result is “counterproductive.” With the establishment of a “common front” in Europe and America, cooperation with the CCP on climate issues may be reduced.

Macron is also worried that adopting a tough policy against China will lead to China’s increased provocative behavior in the South China Sea and other places. Macron frankly disagrees with China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific region and its treatment of human rights and values. He did not propose other ways to deal with it, but admitted that China is a “partner” in climate issues. In the 5G issue, Macron emphasized that he would not rely 100% on China, and relatively, he would not rely on the US.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, the outside world called Macron’s remarks “I feel that the present is true but the yesterday is not.” European media person Noah Barkin criticized on Twitter: “Macone has called on Sichuan at least twice before. Pu cooperated with Europe to deal with China. I think after Biden took office, Macron changed his mind.”

Theresa Fallon, director of the Center for Russian, European and Asian Studies (CREAS) and an expert on China issues, also tweeted ironically that when US President Biden declared that US foreign policy would be reset, French Macron and German Merkel One after another announced not to join the United States, obviously Biden also has “European problems.”

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