2021.02.05.  2,001 read The winter season when engine oil turns like milk!  What is the milky phenomenon?  Barum Maintenance 1

2021.02.05. 2,001 read The winter season when engine oil turns like milk! What is the milky phenomenon? Barum Maintenance 1

Hi. Barum Maintenance is a Hanam branch that saves money and car. In winter, when the temperature difference is high these days, problems can arise with various auto parts. One of them is the milky phenomenon in which engine oil turns like white milk. The milky phenomenon does not seriously affect the operation of the car, but if left untreated, it can turn into oil sludge and cause various problems. Why does this milky phenomenon occur in winter? Today at the Barum Maintenance Hanam branch, we will look at the milky phenomenon that occurs in winter.

Milky phenomenon in which engine oil turns white like milk

Why milky phenomenon occurs in cold winter

Moisture is naturally generated during the combustion process of the engine. If the engine is sufficiently heated, this moisture will evaporate and this is not a problem, but if the engine is turned off before the engine is sufficiently heated, the moisture will remain in the engine. The milky phenomenon is when this moisture meets the engine oil and the engine oil turns white. Milky occurs especially in winter. Even if it is not in winter, milky may occur at any time due to moisture in an environment with a large temperature difference.

Engine oil filter

If engine oil is left to turn white and milky

The milky effect does not immediately affect the automotive lubrication system. However, oil sludge, that is, gel (GEL)-shaped debris accumulates, which can cause problems in the basic role of engine oil, such as lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, and cleaning. In addition, if the milky phenomenon is left unattended, it may cause car noise or lower fuel economy. In addition, oil sludge circulates inside the engine, clogging the passages, obstructing the circulation of oil, and covering the oil filter and preventing oil impurities from being filtered out.

When compared to the human body, it can be said to be a phenomenon similar to the accumulation of waste products in blood vessels causing problems in the circulatory system.

Engine oil check

Oil sludge removal is like this

It is not easy to accurately judge whether the engine oil sludge is serious or not. Therefore, if you feel abnormalities in your vehicle differently from usual, it is recommended to visit a specialized workshop and have it inspected.

To remove engine oil sludge, it is good to clean the engine after disassembling it. Although this is the most obvious method, it comes at a cost. So, we usually solve the problem through engine flushing. It is often expressed as’the work to subtract from the engine’. This is a method of washing the engine oil circulation passage by injecting specialized chemicals. Please note that there are two types of engine flushing: a suction method that uses an inhaler to suck out engine oil and residue, and a method of injecting flushing oil to remove it after idling.

Car engine

The main cause of the milky phenomenon is a sudden temperature difference, so prevention is not easy. The milky phenomenon itself doesn’t have a big impact on vehicle operation right away. However, if this causes oil sludge to accumulate, it can lead to deterioration of engine performance and fuel economy. With the information I introduced today, I hope that all drivers who visit the Barum Maintenance Post can drive safely.

There are many places that are closed on Sundays and public holidays when looking for a workshop for car maintenance or repairs. The Barum Maintenance Hanam branch is open on Sundays and is open on holidays. I hope that everyone who visited today’s Barum Maintenance post always drive safely. New Year’s holiday in 2021 is just around the corner. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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